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USS Rubidoux (NCC-12109)

A one stop shop support ship. Science, Engineering, Medical, even just a supply run. We have even been know to handle diplomatic matters when the situations calls for it. The Rubidoux is here for all your heavy lifting needs.

USS Rubidoux

California-class • NCC-12109 • Task Force 72

The Rubidoux, her namesake being a mountain in the old earth state of California is perhaps apt, one of Starfleets rock-like assets in the sector . But from stranded freighters to major colony project support, from ship decontaminations to colony epidemic support, from the support of major research projects to the resupply of remote stations, to the support of ongoing diplomatic efforts. The Roo, as the ship has been affectionately known, is there for starfleet, from keeping things running to just straight up playing nice.

Lead by a captain whose actively selected this assignment, in the hopes of a calmer time for the moment. Supported by a bright, capable officer adapting to the role of XO.

Leading a mixed of crew, blending the new and eager with the experienced and knowledgeable.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 2842
Executive Officer
ID: 2842
Watch Officer (Beta Shift)
ID: 2842
Ops (Beta Shift)/Science Officer
ID: 2842
Helm (Beta Shift)/Enginering officer
ID: 2842
Chief Science Officer
ID: 2842
Medical Officer
ID: 2842

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19 June 2024

Climb Down and Watch your Step

USS Rubidoux: Beware that which Glitters

Chief Science Officer log Stardate:  78881.1   Due to an as yet unexplained spatial disturbance the Roo has found itself in an as yet unexplored sector of space. Close by to our entry point is a planetary body with unique properties. Preliminary scans indicate its surface to be entirely [...]

15 June 2024

Follow your Nose (FA)

USS Rubidoux: Beware that which Glitters

Seated in the command chair on the bridge of the Rubidoux, the first officer Commander Eviea Merrova cast her eyes over a request from engineering. The watch shift had been a quiet affair, with the things of most concern being the stability of the tractor beam, and the mission pod being transported [...]

13 June 2024

You win. Now, we drink!

USS Rubidoux: Prompts & Developments

Strolling through the extended docking tunnel. Eviea Merrova kept her gaze on the end of the tunnel, the receiving area, and the Starbase beyond. In part due to the near transparent construction of these bridges, combined with the fact she knew both how fragile it’s construction was and the [...]

10 June 2024

Reckless in a word (Indigo Final)

USS Rubidoux: Trials of Diplomacy

Up on the bridge Merrova was out of her chair and striding away from the forward operations station towards the auxiliary science station at the back of the bridge, gesturing to a slightly bewildered ensign. “Leave mission ops, get to science and get a detailed internal scan of sickbay going. [...]