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New Task Force Executive Officers

February 26, 2023

After our last update regarding our Operations Staff, we are happy to announce that we have three new Task Force Executive Officers joining Bravo Fleet Command today. First off, we want to thank everyone who applied. Picking the right three people for these three positions created an interesting discussion among the selection panel, however, we feel the choices we have made are the right ones for each task force. Our new Task Force Executive Officers are:

  • For Task Force 72 – Commander Ambrose Hill (aka Aaron)
  • For Task Force 86 – Commander Leland Maddox (aka tdfarris)
  • For Task Force 93 – Lieutenant Commander Aris Sun (aka abrasam)

Congratulations to you all. We look forward to welcoming them to Bravo Fleet Command and we are certain their task force members will give them a warm welcome to them all.