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Task Force 72 – Report #2

January 23, 2024

Diplomacy is Life

“The greeting area has been set for the arrival, and the diplomatic team is completing their final checks.”  Captain Karrik confirmed the stage was set.  He returned to speaking with his operations chief.

Captain Geronimo Fontana stood on the command bridge of the USS K’Ehleyr.  He was thankful to have Kerrik and his crew along for this mission.  While he had taken several crash courses in Diplomatic Operations when he landed in 72 as XO, he was still learning.  Kerrick’s attention to detail was legendary and a point of pride in the Task Force.  Diplomacy was a way of life, and the USS K’Ehleyr was often the opening act when it came to following up with the points and places in the operating theatre.

Captain O’Gallagher stepped through the doors and onto the bridge.  Geronimo turned and extended his hand to the new XO for Task Force 72, “Welcome aboard the USS K’Ehleyr.  Good to have you with us.”

O’Gallagher shook Captain Fontana’s hand and said, “I’m pleased to meet you, Captain.” The new TFXO continued, “Let’s get to business immediately, shall we?”  

Fontana agreed and was quietly impressed with the man, straight to the point.  He led him to a conference room off the hallway to the bridge. He handed O’Gallagher a PADD,   “A former colony has been pushed and pressured by The True Way.  The history is complicated – they were originally a Cardassian Colony, but they broke free and joined with the Federation.  After a few years, they fell by the wayside of our attention, went on their own, and started interfacing with The True Way.”

”It’s a delicate matter, something the diplomatic attaché team should tread carefully at,” said O’Gallagher. After spending a few more minutes discussing the matter, they both realised the severity of the matter.

“It’s a delicate dance.  As easy as it looks on PADD, it’s a carefully choreographed dance.”  He admitted, “I’m still learning those later steps.  We’ve got an incredible diplomatic attache team…been spending a lot of time getting to know them. You’ll love ‘em.  Even Larry. He has a dry sense of humor.  Bone dry.  It takes you a few days to pick up on it…but you’ll get there eventually.”

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Now, let’s get on to the updates and news!

Task Force Updates

  • We welcomed our new Task Force Executive Officer, Commander Edward O’Gallagher!
  • We said goodbye to our former TFXO, Varen Wyll, as he transitioned to Task Force 47 as their XO.
  • We also waved farewell to Noun as they transitioned to the XO position in Task Force 86!
  • For the We Are The Borg Fleet Action, we had 112 total entries, 13 unique participants, and 8.6 entries per person!  Lots of great work done by our members here in 72 with a score of 808.75.  We took 4th place out of 5 overall as a Task Force
    • Avidan Myrddin (Avi) took 2nd place on Phase 1’s Historical Decryption, 2nd place on Phase 1’s Borg Technology Wordsearch!
    • Kosev Thiren (Starbuck) took 3rd place on Phase 1’s State Your Designation, 2nd place on Phase 3’s Looming Borg!
  • Our engineering team led by Jon M has been hard at work, bringing us to a place where we live in Bravo Fleet Management System Version 3.0!  We appreciate his amazing efforts and incredible talent in improving the system every day!  There is more to come, as our BFCO announced recently – all kinds of improvements and new features are still on the way! 

Fiction Updates

  • USS Dragonfly – A recent change in command has brought some drama to the command team as they prepare to begin the next mission of the Obena class starship!
  • USS Carlsbad –  A classic courtroom drama consumes the scene as the fight for truth and justice plays out with the family affair on the defense and the focused prosecution.  Ultimately, the trial comes to a close, and questions are answered.  What’s next for the crew of the Carlsbad?
  •  USS Sacramento –  The California class has made a splash in January with a story that’s just gotten started.  From the surprise return of a family member to a challenging climb into the heights, Sacramento’s adventure is just getting started! 
  • Mackenzie Squadron – The USS Mackenzie and the USS Daedalus are pursuing an old enemy from the Romulan empire – a separatist named Patra.  Together with the Orion Syndicate and the True Way there is a large threat looming that will take both ships of the squadron to solve.
  • USS Oakland – The new crew has just arrived, and the future looks bright for a new captain and mission!

Task Force Recognition




We’ve come out of the Fleet Action and have taken some time to rest and have a cup of tea or two to relax and unwind from the fun activities that filled the We Are the Borg Fleet Action.  There’s lots of news still to come with BFMS moving into the 3,0 stage and the recent map of what’s next for Bravo Fleet in 2024, from Fleet Assests to bigger and better plans for how we compete, write, and game.  It’s a great time to be a part of Bravo Fleet, and we’re proud of your awesome engagement with us in TF 72!

We look forward to reading with you, competing with you, and gaming with you this year!  Here’s to another excellent year in Task Force 72 and Bravo Fleet!