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Luna-class • NCC-80105 • Task Force 17


Namesake: The Myth of Io

In the annals of Greek mythology, the tale of Io shines as a beacon of resilience and transformation. Io, a revered priestess, captivated the heart of Zeus. To shield her from the jealous wrath of his wife Hera, Zeus transformed Io into a radiant white heifer. Yet, Hera’s suspicions led her to imprison Io under the watchful eyes of Argus, the giant with a hundred eyes.



After the 250th Frontier Day, a catastrophic disaster rocked Starfleet, decimating a large portion of its fleet, dedicated crew, and dignity. The following months were rife with pain, paranoia, and mistrust. Yet, through it all, the crew of the USS Io stood resilient.
Now, more vigilant than ever, they charge forward, boldly going where no one has gone before.


Introduction to the Crew|Episode 1|Episode 2



Interlude|Episode 3

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19 June 2024

Wrong Turn - 3

USS Io: Episode 3: Wrong Turn

“Franz, have we received any communique yet?” Silas’ voice, tinged with a note of impatience, cut through the low hum of the bridge. “No, sir, not a word,” Franz replied, his fingers tapping the console rhythmically, as if he was trying to force a response. Silas’ lips curved into a [...]

17 June 2024

Wrong Turn - 2

USS Io: Episode 3: Wrong Turn

As the USS Io eased out of warp, Silas experienced the familiar sensation of transition—the stars streaking past on the viewscreen abruptly snapping into stationary points of light. He sensed a subtle tug at his senses, a ghostly reminder of the inertial dampeners compensating for the abrupt [...]

17 June 2024

Wrong Turn - 1

USS Io: Episode 3: Wrong Turn

CAPTAIN’S LOG, Stardate 240105.02: We are now a few days into our four-year exploratory mission to the Gamma Quadrant. As we continue to familiarize ourselves with the USS Io and welcome the newest members of our crew, we have chosen a measured approach while still within Federation space. As [...]

1 June 2024

I O U - 2

USS Io: Interlude: I O U

"Delta-three! Here it finally is, this station is a maze sometimes," Jazara's voice echoed down the corridor, her steps quickening with excitement as they approached the briefing room.Eileen's lips curved into a soft smile at Jazara's enthusiasm. The journey to this moment had been long, and the [...]