Profile Overview

Kiaran Patel

Human Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Patel


Executive Officer


Kiaran Patel

May 5th 2363

New Angeles, Terra Luna, Sol System


Commander Kiaran Patel, a disciplined enigma born on Terra Luna, carries his strict adherence to rules and protocols like armor. His upbringing in a bustling household of ten shaped his unyielding focus, pushing him to excel in the academies.

Kiaran’s ascent through the ranks was marked by his precision and commitment to order, serving on multiple starships. However, his journey took a turn when tragedy propelled him into the role of Executive Officer, a position he believed he deserved. This belief, coupled with his rule-bound approach, both distinguished and isolated him. As First Officer aboard the USS Blythe, Kiaran faces the crossroads of his career, learning that leadership demands more than strict protocols and that adaptation and empathy are essential tools for unity in the cosmos.



Kiaran Patel‘s personality is characterized by an unyielding devotion to rules and protocols. He’s meticulous, disciplined, and methodical in his approach to both professional and personal matters. Kiaran values structure and order above all else, often striving to maintain a strict adherence to established procedures. His commitment to regulations is unwavering, which has earned him a reputation as a stickler for rules.

However, beneath this strict exterior, Kiaran carries a strong sense of duty and responsibility. He believes in upholding the ideals of Starfleet and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety and success of his crew and missions. While his dedication to rules can sometimes lead to tension and challenges in interpersonal dynamics, Kiaran’s intentions are rooted in a genuine desire to maintain order and uphold the values of his organization.


Early Life (2363 – 2381)

Born on May 5th, 2363, in the vibrant city of New Angeles on Terra Luna within the Sol System, Kiaran Patel’s childhood was colored by the presence of seven siblings, creating a lively household brimming with activity. Amidst the bustling chaos, Kiaran developed a disciplined and focused demeanor, likely in response to the need for structure amidst the lively environment.

Starfleet Academy & Early Career (2381 – 2384)

Kiaran entered Starfleet Academy with a reputation as an exceptional cadet, not for academic brilliance but for his unwavering dedication to adhering to rules and protocols. While his grades didn’t always shine, his meticulousness and determination to uphold Starfleet’s standards set him apart. His strong commitment to discipline garnered him attention from instructors and peers alike, even if it sometimes made him appear as a stickler.

Choosing the security track upon graduation, Kiaran’s early assignments showcased his rigid adherence to regulations. However, this also led to friction among his fellow crewmates. Some admired his dedication to order, while others found his approach overly inflexible, often affecting team dynamics. Kiaran’s reputation as someone who reported any rule deviations earned him a mix of admiration and annoyance.

As he progressed through the security division, Kiaran served on both the USS Gallant and the USS Orion, ultimately ascending to the position of Chief Tactical Officer. While his commitment to protocols remained unwavering, his time aboard the USS Orion exposed him to the complexities of interstellar diplomacy, teaching him the value of discretion and judgment in defusing tense situations.

Time as First Officer (2395 – 2401)

The trajectory of Kiaran’s career was altered by an unexpected tragedy on the USS Orion. When the ship’s Executive Officer tragically died in an accident, Kiaran was unexpectedly promoted to second-in-command. This elevation brought unforeseen challenges, requiring him to step beyond the tactical realm. He transitioned to the USS Brooklyn, where he took on the role of Executive Officer, testing his leadership in new dimensions.

While initially viewed as a crowning achievement, Kiaran’s tenure on the USS Brooklyn turned out to be a period of friction and isolation. His rigid rule-following demeanor often clashed with fellow senior staff, even causing conflicts with the captain on occasion.

USS Blythe (2401 – current)

Ultimately, Kiaran’s transfer to the USS Blythe as First Officer offered him a new chance for growth. Only after departing the USS Brooklyn did Kiaran discover that his former commanding officers had requested his transfer, prompting him to reevaluate his approach. As he stepped into his new role, Kiaran recognized the importance of adaptability and empathy in leadership, lessons learned from experiences that, until then, had remained just beyond his perception.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2381 - 2385 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2385 - 2388 Security Officer USS Gallant
2388 - 2389 Security Officer USS Gallant
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2389 - 2392 Assistant Chief Tactical Officer USS Orion
2392 - 2395 Chief Tactical Officer USS Orion
Lieutenant Commander
2395 - 2397 Executive Officer USS Orion
2395 - 2401 Executive Officer USS Brooklyn
2401 Executive Officer USS Blythe
2401 - Present Executive Officer USS Io