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Profile Overview

Jazara Koran

Andorian Female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Koran


AssistantChief Operations Officer


Jazara Koran

Stardate 237703.14 (Age 24)

Andoria, Andorian System, Alpha Quadrant


Jazara Koran‘s path has been a symphony of technical triumphs and humbling lessons. Her starship expertise earned her recognition during a systems crisis on the USS Tasman, showcasing her problem-solving prowess. Yet, her overzealous tinkering once caused a power hiccup, a reminder of the importance of measured caution. The harrowing events of Frontier Day tested her courage and resilience, leaving scars of doubt that she tirelessly overcame. Through triumphs and setbacks, Jazara’s journey has crafted her into a resilient and capable officer with an unwavering commitment to her craft.



Jazara Koran is a spirited and inquisitive Andorian with an affinity for technology. Her determination to unravel the mysteries of machines is matched only by her willingness to learn from her mistakes. Eager to prove herself, Jazara’s enthusiasm occasionally leads to mishaps, but her humility and good-natured humor make her a beloved member of any team. The harrowing events of Frontier Day left her with a deeper appreciation for unity and a quiet strength forged through adversity.


Early Life (237703.14 – 239509.03)

Jazara Koran‘s journey began on the frosty plains of Andoria, where the chill wind whispered tales of exploration and adventure. Born to a family of engineers, her childhood was a balance between marveling at her parents’ tinkering and embracing the rugged landscapes of her home. With blue skin that reflected both the cold skies and her Andorian heritage, she grew up with a yearning to explore the stars beyond her world.

From a young age, Jazara displayed a natural curiosity for machines and technology, often taking apart household appliances just to see how they worked. She would spend hours studying the intricate mechanisms, occasionally causing a minor household disaster that only increased her parents’ amusement. It was during one of these escapades that she first voiced her dream of joining Starfleet, a notion her parents wholeheartedly supported.

Starfleet Academy (239509.03 – 239905.21)

Entering Starfleet Academy was a monumental step for Jazara, although her first years weren’t without their struggles. Academics, while fascinating, proved to be more challenging than she anticipated. She found herself juggling coursework, adapting to the diverse personalities of her fellow cadets, and learning that not every problem had a straightforward technological solution.

It was in her third year at the academy that she truly found her stride. A dedicated group of professors recognized her potential and took her under their wing. Jazara thrived in courses that focused on starship operations and systems management. She earned her reputation as a diligent student who was eager to learn but also unafraid to ask questions when something eluded her understanding.

Her time at the academy wasn’t all academic, though. Jazara developed close friendships with a diverse group of cadets who often found themselves embroiled in escapades that ranged from mild rule-bending to laughable mishaps. It was during these moments that her sense of humor and humility shone through, reminding her that she was far from infallible.

USS P’tea (239905.21 – 240103.05)

Upon graduation, Jazara received her first assignment aboard the USS P’tea. As an ensign in the operations division, she brought her technical acumen to the forefront, ensuring that systems hummed smoothly. However, her naivety sometimes clashed with the practical realities of starship life, leading to a few amusing incidents. She once mistook the replicator’s maintenance panel for an access point to the ship’s navigational array, causing temporary chaos in the ship’s food supply.

USS Tasman (240102.05 – 240104.13)

After spending nearly two years on the USS P’tea, she received a transfer to the USS Tasman. She had just started settling into her new assignment when the unfortunate events of the 250th Frontier Day took place.

Frontier Day had been an eagerly anticipated event for Jazara. She had been assigned to assist with coordinating fleet formations, and as the day approached, she felt a mixture of excitement and apprehension. However, as the Borg and Changeling conspiracy unfolded, Jazara found herself caught up in the chaos. She endured the terror of temporary assimilation, an experience that left her deeply rattled and shaken. The darkness of those hours cast a shadow over her confidence, serving as a stark reminder of the boundless uncertainties that space could bring.

Transfer to the USS Blythe (240104.13 – ongoing)

The USS Tasman suffered significant casualties at the hands of the assimilated. Out of the entire senior staff, only one member survived. This prompted Starfleet to redeploy the remaining crew, and after just two months of service on the Tasman, Jazara was reassigned to the USS Blythe.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2395 - 2399 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2399 - 2401 Operations Officer USS P'tea
2401 Operations Officer USS Tasman
2401 Acting Chief Operations Officer USS Blythe
2401 - Present Chief Operations Officer USS Io
Lieutenant Junior Grade