Profile Overview

Eileen Piper

Human Cisgender Female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Piper


Chief Flight Operations Officer


Eileen Piper

Stardate 237402.23 (Age 27)

USS Youngman, Setlik System, Alpha Quadrant


Eileen Piper‘s illustrious Starfleet career embodies a journey of resilience and achievement. Rising from a young enthusiast with dreams of space exploration, she swiftly progressed through Starfleet Academy, driven by her exceptional piloting skills and unwavering determination. Mentored by Lieutenant Munoz on the USS Tasman, Eileen’s capabilities shone, earning her promotions and respect among her peers.

Her pivotal moment came during a Borg encounter that tested her courage and quick thinking, leaving her scarred but unbroken. With a heart strengthened by adversity, Eileen embraced counseling, overcoming her trauma and gaining a new assignment as Chief Flight Operations Officer on the USS Blythe. Her path stands as a testament to personal growth, dedication, and the indomitable spirit of a true Starfleet officer.



Eileen Piper is a resilient and daring individual with a heart full of determination. Her early exposure to the sacrifices of Starfleet officers during the Dominion War shaped her into a fiercely dedicated and compassionate leader. Eileen’s natural piloting prowess is complemented by her quick thinking under pressure, making her an asset in any crisis. Despite her traumatic encounter with The Borg, she carries an unwavering commitment to exploration and discovery. Eileen’s journey from an eager cadet to a Lieutenant Junior Grade is a testament to her unyielding spirit and her capacity to find hope even in the darkest of moments.


Early Life (2374 – 2392)

Eileen Piper was born onboard the USS Youngman in the year 2374, during the tumultuous period of the Dominion War. Her parents were both Starfleet officers, serving on separate vessels during the conflict. Growing up with stories of war, Eileen developed an early appreciation for the sacrifices and dedication required of those in Starfleet.

When the Dominion War ended in 2375, Eileen’s parents both resigned their commissions, and she was able to grow up in a small village in a region that used to be known as Canada. Her parents started a restaurant where they worked during the day, but every evening they fueled their little girl’s imagination with stories about their experiences serving in Starfleet. Ultimately the stories they shared would solidify her decision to follow in their footsteps.

From a young age, Eileen displayed a keen interest in piloting and space exploration. She spent hours in simulators, honing her skills and dreaming of unknown worlds. At school she excelled in her studies, focusing on physics and engineering.

Starfleet Academy (2392 – 2396)

At the age of 18, Eileen applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted. Her above-average piloting skills and passion for exploration quickly caught the attention of her instructors. During her time at the Academy, she formed close friendships with fellow cadets and began to develop a reputation for fearlessness and determination.

Upon her graduation from Starfleet Academy, Eileen Piper was assigned to the USS Tasman, a vessel known for its involvement in the exploration and testing of new warp technologies. As a freshly commissioned Ensign, Eileen’s eagerness to prove herself was palpable. She reported for duty with a strong determination to make a difference and live up to the legacy of her parents’ service during the Dominion War.

USS Tasman (2396 – 2401)

Climbing the ranks

Her initial assignments on the Tasman were humble yet vital: flight simulations, shuttle maintenance, and assisting with various bridge operations. Under the mentorship of Lieutenant Munoz, the Chief Flight Operations Officer, Eileen found herself learning invaluable lessons beyond what the Academy had taught her. Munoz recognized Eileen’s potential and took her under his wing, guiding her with a mix of firmness and encouragement.

As weeks turned into months, Eileen’s skill and dedication became evident to the entire crew. Her innate talent for piloting was paired with an unwavering commitment to her fellow crew members. Eileen’s friendly demeanor and approachable nature made her a favorite among her peers, while her ability to think on her feet and remain calm under pressure earned her the respect of her superiors.

Lieutenant Munoz recognized Eileen’s growth and formally took her on as a protégé. He exposed her to more complex flight operations, allowed her to shadow him during strategic planning meetings, and even encouraged her to lead training sessions for junior pilots. Eileen’s transition from a novice Ensign to a capable officer began to take shape under Munoz’s guidance.

In her off-duty hours, Eileen delved into historical records, studying the exploits of renowned Starfleet captains and their missions of exploration. She found inspiration in their stories and resolved to live up to their legacy by one day leading her own missions of discovery.

Her dedication to self-improvement and her growing reputation as a competent officer did not go unnoticed. The higher-ups aboard the USS Tasman recognized Eileen’s potential and, after nearly two years of service as an Ensign, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. It was a proud moment for both Eileen and Lieutenant Munoz, who had watched her develop from a green but determined ensign to a proficient officer.

250th Frontier Day Horror (April 12th 2401)

As the crew of the USS Tasman prepared for the 250th anniversary celebration of Starfleet’s pioneer warp 5 capable vessel, Eileen’s anticipation was palpable. She had been Assistant-Chief Flight Operations Officer for a while at that point, a testament to her hard work and the guidance of her mentor. She looked forward to the celebration as a moment of personal triumph and a chance to showcase her dedication to Starfleet’s mission of exploration and cooperation.

Little did she know that this celebration meant to honor the achievements of the past, would soon become a test of her courage and resilience. The event that would forever change her life occurred when the celebration turned into a nightmarish encounter with The Borg. Eileen’s bravery and quick thinking helped her escape the clutches of assimilation, but at a heavy cost, the death of her Lieutenant Munoz.

Post Tasman (2401 – ongoing)

Haunted by the traumatic experience, Eileen returned to duty guided by heavy counseling. Unfortunately, the USS Tasman suffered significant casualties at the hands of the assimilated, out of the entire senior staff, only one member survived. This prompted Starfleet to redeploy the remaining crew. This led Eileen, still haunted by the terrible events, to be reassigned. Her resilience and determination from the past shined through her record and earned her the position of Chief Flight Operations Officer on the USS Blythe in 2401.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2392 - 2396 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2396 - 2398 Flight Operations Officer USS Tasman
2398 - 2399 Flight Operations Officer USS Tasman
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - 2401 Assistant-Chief Flight Operations Officer USS Tasman
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 Chief Flight Operations Officer USS Blythe
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 - Present Chief Flight Operations Officer USS Io
Lieutenant Junior Grade