Galaxy-class • NCC-70637 • Task Force 72

For nearly 50 years, Galaxy Class vessels have represented the Federation. The mere sight of her shadow inspires hope for those in need and fear in those that stand against her. A product of an era now long past, many view Galaxy as an excess; a waste of resources for a vessel that represents an era of naiveté. To her crew she serves as a reminder of what Starfleet has allowed to slip away and the hope of a better tomorrow; a reminder that at our heart we are explorers who seek out the unknown with an unparalleled passion.

Fresh off of her mid cycle heavy refit, the USS Galaxy has been given the task of pushing farther into deep space; a new five year mission to serve as a reminder of what Starfleet truly is.

The former crew of the USS Amundsen stands ready to once again go boldly where none have gone before.

Crew Manifest