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Profile Overview

Gedan Demar

Trill (Joined) Cisgender Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Demar


Executive Officer
USS Galaxy


Bizzare circumstances, tragedy, and a healthy dose of personal issues have defined Geden Demar’s Starfleet career. From his first posting on the USS Thomas Edison to his most recent on the USS Parr, he had dealt with things most Starfleet officers wouldn’t even remotely think of ever encountering. While many would assume this would lead him to have a wealth of experience to further his career it is, in reality, the exact opposite. His experiences have left him scarred on a professional and personal level; he keeps himself detached from those around him on his postings and has an inability to think or act outside the box. Despite the vast array of counseling services Starfleet has available he remains stuck between the trauma of his past and his desire for duty. Starfleet has made it clear: the Amundsen is his last chance. If Captain Meyers can’t turn him into a decent executive officer then he faces two choices: early retirement or serving on some science outpost on a backwater planet.