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Spacedock-class • SB-23 • Fourth Fleet

Starbase 23, code-named Gateway Station, is a Spacedock-class space station located on the Federation border to the Romulan Republic and the Independent Romulan Factions. Positioned on the border in the late-2390s, it was designed to replace border infrastructure that dated back to before the Romulan supernova and the collapse of the Romulan Neutral Zone. Gateway Station is now the hub of Starfleet operations in the Midgard Sector, a region that stretches across the territory of the Federation and Republic, as well as the collapsed Neutral Zone and the former territories of the Star Empire of Rator. Its mission is to maintain stability in the area through humanitarian operations and diplomacy with local Romulan factions. It is also the base for scientific operations to explore territories once inaccessible to Starfleet due to treaties with the Romulan Star Empire through survey missions, negotiating access with local powers, and the sharing of scientific knowledge with regional stakeholders.

Gateway Station is the headquarters of Endeavour Squadron, whose primary mission is to further Starfleet’s ambitions in the Midgard Sector. The Rhode Island-class USS Tempest is permanently attached to Gateway, and used by her senior staff for missions off-station.

Endeavour Squadron

USS Endeavour | USS Ranger | USS Redemption | USS Swiftsure

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16 October 2023

Break the Chain - 14

Gateway Station: Break the Chain

‘You took down Qureshi’s curtains,’ was the first thing Lorraine Everard said when she entered the station commander’s office. As Rourke hesitated, unsure if he should defend himself or apologise, she broke into a beam. ‘Good. They were right ugly.’ ‘Captain.’ Rourke smiled, [...]

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Gateway Station: Break the Chain

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4 September 2023

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Gateway Station: Break the Chain

‘He’s practically a child -’ ‘His record speaks for itself.’ ‘His record says that he walked up through the field of dead man’s boots.’ ‘So did I.’ Valance hesitated at that. But not for long; her eyes met Rourke’s, and she realised what he was doing. ‘That’s not the same. [...]

25 August 2023

Break the Chain - 1

Gateway Station: Break the Chain

Captain’s log, Stardate 2401.4. We’re a week out from the disaster of Frontier Day, but work doesn’t stop on the actual frontier. The Scarix Facility is a large mining operation beyond the border, into the old Neutral Zone, and its director has asked for Starfleet’s help. They think [...]