Profile Overview


Klingon Male

Character Information


Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Pathfinder




Gov'taj, son of Jodmang




A proud Klingon warrior, Gov’taj has served the KDF for many years on missions on and beyond imperial frontiers, hunting dissidents and insurgents in the empire’s many post-war disruptions. This has inspired him as a scholar of Klingon history, studying so as to counter and confront extremists among his people not only physically, but in their ideas and interpretations of Klingon culture that justify what he sees as their dishonour. It also brought him often into contact with Starfleet, and Gov’taj has served on many joint missions and exchange programs, as well as studied in the Federation. It is in this spirit of continued cooperation that he has been commissioned as a lieutenant in Starfleet. While the Pathfinder may seem an odd choice for such a Klingon officer, with its mission of scientific exploration, she also operates near Klingon space. Rather than just acting as a security officer, Gov’taj is anticipated to bring his strong cultural understanding to support Pathfinder’s operations of historical research.