NX-class • NX-08 • Fourth Fleet

In mid-2156, the Romulan War approaches its crescendo. Starfleet has scrambled to gather forces to defend humanity and been stretched almost to breaking point. When the officers expected to take command of the newly-commissioned Phoenix NX-08 are killed in action, no immediate replacement is apparent.

Into this opportunity steps Natalia Lopez, disgraced Starfleet captain with a reputation for brilliance that pays off almost as often as it doesn’t, who gathers a rag-tag band of misfits, wash-outs, and screw-ups with a flair for ingenuity. Traditional tactics aren’t winning the war. Traditional strategies aren’t rendering borders impenetrable. Traditional crews aren’t always seeing those at the edges of humanity; the fringe settlements, the cargo ships, the transient colonists. If they get it wrong, nobody will miss them. If they get it right, few will thank them.

Phoenix is an Enterprise-era war story with a crew of deeply flawed people at the dawn of humanity’s utopia. Where most Star Trek characters are products and adherents of the Federation’s highest principles, in this period these values have yet to take full form. But rather than a dark narrative of ‘do what needs to be done’ warfare justified by its pre-Federation era, Phoenix is about imperfect people growing into these ideals as they unknowingly fight for them, rather than mere survival alone.

This story is rated:

RPG Rating 2 2 2for content, which equates to roughly a 16+ rating

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15 April 2022

Bad Moon Rising - 10

Phoenix: Bad Moon Rising

‘Our foray only caught the attention of two scouts. At that point, Commander Khaldun and I realised we were not drawing enough, if any, enemy presence away from Gliese-47, and suspected the Romulans were up to something.’ Captain Nwadike’s voice was low and measured as he stood by the display [...]

14 April 2022

Bad Moon Rising - 9

Phoenix: Bad Moon Rising

It was early morning, and he was warm in his bed, comfortable in that state of semi-consciousness, all the world a cocoon of darkness and thought. Soon he would have to act, but for the moment he could rest, stay cosy, reflect, even if the alarm was about to go off. Then it went off, and Hawthorne [...]

12 April 2022

Bad Moon Rising - 8

Phoenix: Bad Moon Rising

‘This better work,’ Lopez heard West mumble as she passed his station on her way to the command chair four hours later. ‘It’ll work,’ said keen-eared Takahashi, with all the confidence she knew he couldn’t be feeling. ‘Tharan wouldn’t have agreed otherwise,’ chipped in Black from [...]

11 April 2022

Bad Moon Rising - 7

Phoenix: Bad Moon Rising

‘Tak!’ The office for Communications wasn’t very big, because neither was the department. But Takahashi had hoped he could come in here to get away from the others, and now he realised all he’d done was create a space where he could be cornered as Black burst in. ‘Come on, in, Helena. Sit [...]