Profile Overview

Hito Tanaka

Human Male

Character Information


Engineering Rating
AGG member
USS Atlantis


Hito Tanaka is a Petty Officer, Third Class, in the Engineering department aboard the USS Atlantis. He is one of only two non-coms in the Atlantis Gaming Group and is incidentally good friends with the other, Chuck Handley, who introduced him to the concept of tabletop gaming. He plays the group’s cleric.

Tanaka is typically the instigator of trouble amongst the group of friends, though never to the point of getting into serious trouble. He is firmly of the belief that a best friend’s role isn’t to bail you out of the brig, but to be sitting next to you, smiling like an idiot and saying ‘That was fun!’. As such he is a loyal and steadfast companion, willing to do anything for his friends.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2399 - 2400 Engineering Rating USS Atlantis NCC-81424
2400 - Present Engineering Rating USS Atlantis NCC-90562