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Profile Overview

Gabrielle Camargo apb Marianna Di Martino

Gabrielle Camargo

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Camargo


Chief Science Officer
USS Atlantis


Gabrielle Camargo

January 11, 2374

Delta Vega


Young for her rank, Gabrielle Camargo was selected as Chief Science Officer for the USS Atlantis in a complete surprise to herself, straight from a junior science officer on her previous command. Knowledgeable and skilled within her field, she’s easily derailed by circumstances outside her control, but is learning to deal with such situations. She is most at home within a circle of her peers in a science lab then on the ship’s bridge, but over the last few years has adapted to the change in her responsibilities and dedicated herself to rising to the circumstances she finds herself in.


The illusion of Gabrielle’s height is primarily a result of her lithe build, falling well within the norms for human women from Delta Vega. Her Mediterranean descent is evident in her natural skintone and hair colouration, tending to a natural tan and dark brown respectively. Gabrielle maintains a respectable deportment about herself at all times, even when relaxing.

Gabrielle Camargo apb Marianna Di Martino


At first Gabrielle may come off as a shy or reserved individual, opting to keep quiet. But as her familiarity with people grows she becomes more willing to speak up. This behaviour is one she is actively attempting to work against since her promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander so as to better lead not just her department, where there are a variety of large and boisterous personalities, but to step up into any leadership positions that might become available to her aboard the Atlantis.


Born January 11, 2374, in the Valle de Uvas region on Delta Vega, Gabrielle Camargo’s early life was notable peaceful and arguably quaint – a near poster for the idyllic utopias of the Federation’s core worlds. Her self-discovery of the sciences and pursuit of them was encouraged at a young age by her parents, even to the point of moving to the city of Carmen in order to gain access to better schools for their daughter.

During her highschool years Gabrielle was encouraged by a career counsellor to consider applying either for a multitude of off-world universities that would be able to sufficiently challenge her, or to apply for Starfleet Academy where someone so gifted in reasoning and intellectual pursuit, but with an inability to settle on any given science would be well received. Opting for the later choice, she departed Delta Vega for Starfleet Academy, entering in the 2391 intake and entering into the Sciences cirriculum.

Over the next four years, Gabrielle studied a variety of subjects but ultimately opted to major in Geosciences with a minor in Astrophysics. Her shyness and her excitiablity for studying new theories or entire fields of work, at the hinderance of what she should have been studying, did result in her not exactly achieving as well as she could have, graduating only just above the middle of her class. With a short break between study and her first deployment, a now Ensign Camargo soon found herself deployed as a junior science officer aboard the USS Rustic in 2395.

Promoted early for her work aboard the Rustic in late 2396, Gabrielle took a transfer to the USS Marbeck and a chance to further refine her study and knowledge of astrophysics, working under a Lieutenant Commander Samson Mortimer. A few years of non-descrip study of astrophysical phenomena followed as the Marbeck, an older California-class starship, conducted a series of followup investigations on previously studied anomalies.

Upon the transfer of a number of staff away from the Marbeck in 2398, Gabrielle was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in order to fill out the ship’s science department as well as to reward her for years of diligent and exhaustive research. Gabrielle’s diligence and capabilities, which her commanding officer considered wasted on a mere California-class starship, was the reason why in 2399 when a then Commander Theodoras was searching for a cheif science officer for the Argonaut-class USS Atlantis, that a now Commander Mortimer put Gabrielle’s name forth for the position.

Joining in the ship’s deployment to the Delta Quadrant, Gabrielle’s orders were ultimately resonsible for a series of actions that rendered the ship an artifact that the Federation Archeological Council deemed of supreme interest, resulting in Starfleet decommissioning the vessel. With Atlantis gone, she was surprised when she was given her next assignment – her previous position of Chief Science Officer aboard the brand new USS Atlantis, Sovereign-class.

After a few months of internal debates and power games amongst the senior science officers, all of which Gabrielle navigated with skill by soothing academic egos, or in a few cases pitting them against each other, her seniority and position aboard ship were finally settled when she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in early 2401.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2395 - 2396 Junior Science Officer - Geosciences USS Rustic
2396 - 2398 Junior Science Officer - Astrophysics USS Marbeck
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2398 - 2399 Science Officer - Geosciences USS Marbeck
2399 - 2400 Chief Science Officer USS Atlantis NCC-81424
2400 - 2401 Chief Science Officer USS Atlantis NCC-90562
2401 - Present Chief Science Officer USS Atlantis NCC-90562
Lieutenant Commander