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Part of USS Saratoga: Behind Enemy Lines and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

4 – Behind Enemy Lines

Ciatar Nebula / USS Saratoga
March 2401
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Captain’s Log, Stardate 2401.3,


After the news broke of the return of the Lost Fleet, I had to make the tough call no one likes to make and that was to order all civilian populace off this ship as well as the Gagarin and the Knight. What I wouldn’t give to have Azrin here right now, he has always been my strength in times like these. After the events of the Delta Quadrant I’d don’t want to put their lives in danger facing an enemy we have faced once before twenty-five years ago.


The Squadron will be arriving at the Ciatar Nebula here soon, where we will meet up with the USS Constellation. Captain Taes had requested that we be their forward scout when entering the nebula. Since we are better equipped to combat Dominion patrols that might be using the nebula to hide. Intern informing them of the safest route to travel toward their destination.


From there we will then continue with our plan…our plan. I just hope we can pull this off for the sake of getting an advantage in this war.

Silence and tension filled the bridge as they were only a few minutes away from arriving near the entrance of the Ciatar Nebula. The reality of the situation had finally hit some of the officers as they began to wonder if they will make a difference, will they come out of this on the other side intact. Deza looked back at Chon’al for a moment as they both locked eyes on each other. He gave her a reassuring smile even though he wasn’t sure himself he had to stand strong for her and others on this crew.

A few moments later the three ships dropped out of warp, T’Prel stood up from her chair to look at the view screen seeing the purplish tinge to the Nebula. The doors to the ready room off the left side near the rear of the bridge opened up as Azras walked out to look at the view. “Report,” Azras ordered as she rounded onto the command chair before taking a seat as T’Prel moved over.

“We have arrived at the nebula the Constellation reports that they are ready and will follow our lead. Both the Knight and Gagarin report ready,” T’Prel said before Ritru looked up from her console.

“Sir, Commander Rayu is requesting to come on board with Commander Piyu Jaiett and has requested that Captain Derohl come onboard as well.” Ritru responded, “she states it’s urgent.” She added before waiting on a response from the captain.

Raising an eyebrow, “very well have them meet me in the conference room.” Azras said as she wondered what was so urgent that couldn’t be explained over the view screen. She left T’Prel in charge of the bridge while she made her way to the conference room. She stood at the window looking out while she waited, the view of the Constellation came into view as she saw the beauty of the Constitution III-class.

The doors opened to the conference room briefly to reveal Rayu Isha, Piyu Jaiett, and Tajir Derohl. “Please have a seat,” Azras said standing at the window for a few more minutes allowing them time to take their seats before she turned around making her way toward hers. “This better be good,” she replied before sitting.

“There is a problem with phase one of our plan,” Rayu began which got Azras’s attention.

“Go on,” she said.

“Well as you well know the orbital weapons platforms that are protecting the Lungurn Fleet Yards are Cardassian in design, the same ones that were used during the last war specifically in the First Battle of Chin’toka. The weapons platforms are virtually invisible to any weapons due to its regenerative deflector shielding.” Piyu began as he passed her the padd with all the information on it.

Azras took the padd and began to read it as he continued, “we do not know where their generator is at this moment. It could be either in the command and control center, though I believe that is not a possibility.” He replied as he took a breath.

“How do you think that is not a possibility?” Tajir spoke up looking at him.

“If I were the Breen, I would have it on one of the asteroid bases that are close by the weapons platforms. If anything were to happen to the systems within the command and control the weapons would still be operational.” Piyu replied looking at him.

“Makes sense,” Azras replied.

“I had contacted Commander Trol to see if she might know if they had some kind of shutdown code to deactivate them. She made contact with an old friend on Cardassia to find out, unfortunately, they do not but did suggest an option that might work at least temporarily.” Piyu said looking at the three in the room.

“What would that be exactly?” Tajir asked before Azras could.

“That we modify the warp signature of the Knight to fool the weapons platforms into thinking we are an ally to give us an advantage in finding that generator and exploiting it just like Starfleet did during the Dominion War,” Rayu spoke up this time looking at them. 

“The only thing is that it would just have to be us entering, the fighters would just get picked off. I suggest that they deploy but stay back in formation in front of the Gagarin and Saratoga.” Piyu added looking at them.

“What if that doesn’t work?” Azras spoke up after a few moments of silence.

“Then we will have a major problem in going any further with our mission objectives, if my instincts are correct they are lined up right before you enter the fleet yards.” Piyu said grimly, “I believe this plan will work.” Piyu said with confidence even though he truly wasn’t feeling it at the moment but didn’t want that to show.

Azras sat there for a moment thinking of what they were proposing, though it was at this time the only plan they had to even get past those weapons. Rubbing her hands over her face letting out a sigh, “very well let me know when you’re ready to proceed.” Azras finally replied as she looked at them.

“We should be ready in less than thirty minutes,” Piyu replied.

“Very well dismissed,” Azras said as the three of them exited the conference room leaving Azras sitting there. After the doors closed shut behind them she stood up and walked back over to the window, she began to look back out for a few more moments. She knew that not everything would go as planned, she just hoped that this plan would work. She knew Piyu was a gifted engineer, that was why she reassigned him over to the Knight.

After a few moments, she exited the conference room and back onto the bridge, “move us closer to the nebula.” Azras ordered looking at Deza who nodded before the ship slowly began to move closer to the nebula.

Turning to Commander Atur, “begin scanning the nebula for any enemy ships we can detect from here.” Azras ordered as the ship stopped at the desired coordinates, so far it hasn’t disturbed any hornet’s nest as nothing was coming out of the nebula at them.

“Aye sir,” Jeesa replied before she began her work which would take a while to complete.

Azras turned toward where Ritru was sitting, “send word to the Constellation to let them know we will be ready to enter the nebula shortly.” Azras ordered as Ritru just nodded in response. Azras slumped back in her chair with a sigh as officers began to work preparing to enter the nebula once the Knight was ready.

“Sir I completed my scans of the nebula,” Jeesa began to speak as she turned to face the captain from the science station. “So far I am not detecting any Dominion or Breen activity,” Jeesa said as she looked at her.

“Very good,” Azras replied as she straightened up in her chair.

Knight reports ready and is moving into position,” Ritru spoke up.

“Let them know to move in,” Azras ordered as Ritru nodded and a few moments later they saw the Edison-class ship begin to move in front of the squadron and into the nebula.

“Open a channel to the Gagarin,” Azras said.

“Channel open,” Ritru replied.

“Captain deploy the fighters and have them move in formation slightly in front of us once they are in place we will begin to move in,” Azras said as Tajir appeared on the screen.

“Aye sir, launching fighters now,” Tajir replied.

The communication ended as she saw the fighters being launched out of the Gagarin and began to get into formation. Once they were in place she took a deep breath as she nodded towards Deza to begin to move within the nebula. The two ships began to move with the Constellation close behind them.

Time seemed to slow down to almost a complete stop as they slowly traveled while giving some space between them and the Knight for them to do their job. Tensions began to build more so than before as they were about to enter enemy space, about to go into battle with an enemy they have faced once before. She would be lying to say she wasn’t nervous though she would never tell anyone as she had to remain that strong leader that her crew needs right now.

After a while, the Knight returned, “sir Commander Rayu is hailing us.” Ritru replied looking over from her console.

“On screen,” Azras said as a few moments later Rayu came on the viewscreen.

“Sir we have completed our initial scans of the nebula, we have not detected any presence of the Jem’Hadar ships. I also sent over the safest route to the Constellation.” Rayu said looking at the captain.

“Very good,” Azras replied. “Azras out,” she said before the viewscreen went back to the view of the nebula as the Knight had gone ahead again as the ships continued to move through the nebula.

“Sir, if I may make a suggestion,” Jeesa spoke up from her station.

“Depending on what the Knight reports back to what we find at Lungurn, I would suggest creating a way to block the enemy from sending any distress signals. I can work with engineering to create some communication probes that can be sent out to different areas.” She said looking at Azras.

Azras looked at her and thought for a moment, she figured that only a few patrol ships would be patrolling the Lungurn Fleet Yards. “Do it,” Azras said as she looked up at the Commander.

Jeesa nodded as she got up from her station and headed for the turbolift and headed down towards engineering. Azras sat there as a lump formed in her throat that she tried to swallow. They would slowly travel through the nebula until they had gotten to the exit which they would remain while Knight carried out phase one of their plan.

After a while, the Constellation breaks formation and begins to head in a separate direction. “Sir, Captain Taes sends her regards wishing us good hunting,” Ritru spoke up from her console breaking the silence. Azras nodded in acknowledgment and sends the same response. The bridge feel silent again as they reached their stopping point, now it was all up to the Knight.


  • I do enjoy seeing the squadron come together to formulate a plan and the way this seamless blended into the chapter was top notch. The opening extract from the Commanding Officer's log drew parallels to what we would normally see on screen and even in those few paragraphs you can feel the strain Azras is under. Im excited to see if this plan works and how the team goes about jamming communications. Im anxious to see the fighters in action, considering we don't normally get to see them doing their thing very often. A tense chapter full of unknowns. Let us hope the Knight is able to successfully carry out her mission. Another one knocked out of the park and really enjoying the direction this story is taking. Don't leave us hanging too long!

    May 18, 2023
  • What a wonderful chapter! I really liked the tension brought on by the orbital weapon platforms, those weapons were no joke during the Dominion war and it is awesome to see Saratoga squadron paying them the respect they’ve earned. The briefing was full of goodies, and I love how you’ve broken up the story across multiple different ships! A dating plan from the crew, can’t wait for the next chapter to see how it pays off!

    May 18, 2023
  • I'm liking this engineering mystery you're constructing between the regenerative deflector shielding and question of where its generator might be hiding. It's all gonna be riding on Piyu's expertise, it seems like (although it's making me nervous that he's presenting his plan with false confidence; I hope that doesn't cause him trouble later!) I loved your description of the squadron moving in formation with fighters too. This is like one of those DS9 Season 7 scenes in the Dominion War that we rarely get in Star Trek: so majestic! On behalf of Captain Taes, I must thank Fleet Captain Dex for shepherding the Constellation to safety through the nebula!

    May 19, 2023
  • I feel the tension slowly building up as the Saratoga and her squaddies prepare for the battle ahead. The danger of these orbital platforms is certainly there, and as we saw in DS9, they can be a real pain in the rear end to deal with. Let's hope the Knight is successful with its plan of action. I'm intrigued to see how well the three ships work in tandem to get the job done without too much damage and loss of life on their side. Here's Federation ingenuity prevailing on the eve of battle!

    May 21, 2023
  • And now we see the squadron begin to work together. This adds a lot of fun dimensions to Dex, as now she has far more responsibility than ever before - not just for all the lives of these ships, but the moving parts of the mission, made so much more complicated by this need to hunt to take down the generator. The tension is building nicely with the squadron deploying so heavily, fighters and all, to make it safely through Ciater. It's a reminder that while the nebula hides Starfleet, it can also hide enemies FROM them. It'll take all the squadron's wily skills to get through this one!

    May 21, 2023
  • A lot of moving parts, and lots of opportunities for things to go sideways. I hope the Knight's little trick works... this could end up being Azras’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

    May 22, 2023
  • And the rubber meets the road so to speak! There's a lot of moving parts but the squadron seems to be a good fit here. The plan is feeling a bit complex, so here's hoping that Piyu's part of it and his clever fix gets them through the first stage. Those platforms were a major plot point at Chin'toka so seeing them crop up again is neat. Now just to see if the disguise holds up long enough!

    June 3, 2023