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Profile Overview

Deza Airje

Bajoran Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Deza


Chief Flight Control Officer
Second Officer
USS Saratoga


Deza Airje

January 24, 2365 (age 35)

Rakantha Province, Bajor


Lieutenant Commander Deza Airje is the current Chief Flight Control Officer and Second Officer onboard the USS Saratoga.



Early Life (2365 – 2383)

Deza Airje was on Bajor in the Rakantha Province in 2365 to her mother Deza Ilri and father Deza Dosi during the occupation. The first few years were a challenge, they were always on the move as her parents were trying to protect her. Right before the end of the occupation, a Cardassian found them hiding in an underground cave as he approached to apprehend them, Dosi began to fight with the Cardassian while Airje and her mother escaped. Unfortunately, he was killed while protecting his family’s escape.

After the occupation, they returned to Rakantha Province to their home they had left shortly after Airje was born to start a new life. Airje was a bright young child who had a dream of going into the stars and becoming a pilot of a starship. She excelled in school, though she tended to keep to herself most of the time choosing not to hang out with anyone. When she was eight years old she and her mother had the chance to visit DS9, though during her visit the Dominion attacked and took over which was the beginning of the Dominion War. Airje and her mother were able to escape back to Bajor.

Airje would continue her studies, she had made a friend who would be very dear to her, his name was Kamyi Izdis they did everything together. After learning that he was living in an orphanage as his parents were both killed during the occupation, Airje begged her mom to adopt him and give him a home. After much convincing Izdis became her brother and she couldn’t have been happier, he would eventually change his name to Deza Izdis. They had similar goals though he was more into the engineering side of things, when they were both twelve years old Bajor had joined the Federation they knew that their goals would be achievable. They both asked their mom about joining Starfleet Academy once they come of age, which she fully supported.

Starfleet Academy (2383 – 2387)

USS Raven (2387 – 2390)

USS Aurora (2390 – 2394)

USS Relentless (2394 – 2399)

USS Vesta (2399 – 2400)

USS Saratoga (2400 – Pres)

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2383 - 2384 Cadet - Flight Control Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2384 - 2385 Cadet - Flight Control Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2385 - 2386 Cadet - Flight Control Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2386 - 2387 Cadet - Flight Control Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2387 - 2390 Shuttle Pilot USS Raven
2390 - 2394 Flight Control Officer USS Aurora
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2394 - 2399 Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer USS Relentless
2399 - 2400 Chief Flight Control Officer / Second Officer USS Vesta
Lieutenant Commander
2400 - Present Chief Flight Control Officer / Second Officer USS Saratoga
Lieutenant Commander