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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Saratoga: Behind Enemy Lines

The Saratoga and her Squadron are being sent into Breen Space to disrupt an old Breen Fleet Yards.

Mission Description

An old Breen fleet yard has been handed over to the Dominion and is now fully supporting their ships with repairs and maintenance. The USS Saratoga, USS Gagarin, and the USS Knight have been sent to disrupt the operations of the Lungurn Fleet Yards that are located behind enemy lines.

‘Behind Enemy Lines’ is a mission for Saratoga Squadron, these stories occur across the multiple commands and ships. The complete story order, with their associated command and links, are as follow:

Chapter 1: (Saratoga)
Chapter 2: (Gagarin)
Chapter 3: (Knight)
Chapter 4: (Saratoga)
Chapter 5: (Knight)
Chapter 6: (Saratoga)
Chapter 7: (Gagarin)
Chapter 8: (Gagarin)
Chapter 9: (Saratoga)
Chapter 10: (Saratoga)

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date
End Date

17 June 2023

10 - Behind Enemy Lines

USS Saratoga: Behind Enemy Lines

Azras sat in her ready room thinking about everything that had taken place, they had been successful in their mission and dealt a heavy blow to both Dominion and Breen forces at Lungurn Fleet Yards. They would have had a hard time repairing their ships without those fleet yards which gave Azras [...]

11 June 2023

9 - Behind Enemy Lines

USS Saratoga: Behind Enemy Lines

The darkness of the stars that were shown in space at that moment soon changed as it lit up as the explosion of the last Jem’Hadar ship was seen right in front of their ship. Azras Dex sat in her chair, blood dripping from her forehead after being tossed around from the ongoing fight. She [...]

28 May 2023

6 - Behind Enemy Lines

USS Saratoga: Behind Enemy Lines

Reality started to kick in as the squadron sat at the nebula’s edge, uncertain about what lay ahead of them. Even with a well-thought-out plan things could still go sideways which was evident by what Commander Rayu Isha had sent the Saratoga a few moments ago. Azras had begun to pace in front of [...]

18 May 2023

4 - Behind Enemy Lines

USS Saratoga: Behind Enemy Lines

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2401.3,   After the news broke of the return of the Lost Fleet, I had to make the tough call no one likes to make and that was to order all civilian populace off this ship as well as the Gagarin and the Knight. What I wouldn’t give to have Azrin here right now, he [...]