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Part of USS Damascus: M1: Just A Gentle Touch and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

3) Before we go…

USS Damascus - Conference Room
November 2400
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The Damascus crew was busy getting everything ready for their upcoming mission. Yet, at this current time, only the Captain and XO would know what would happen. Sazra and Silina were walking through the hallway, arriving back at the ship from the transport room and making their way to the turbolift. “Oh, this mission going to be a pain….” Sazra mutters, waiting for the turbolift to arrive, “There are so many flaws that could backfire upon us” 

Noticing the irritation of her Captain, Silina just gave her a nod in response, “The thing we need to keep in mind is the telepathic sensitive, which includes you also, Captain” The tubrolift arrived and opened its door as the two entered the lift “Conference Room” Silina spoke out.

“I know, that is one of the things that I don’t like. Starfleet knows that telepathies are sensitive to the Blood Dilithium. Yet they want us to go there led by a telepathic sensitive person?” Sazra couldn’t understand why Starfleet would do so. She rubbed her eyes as the whole case was giving her a headache already, “Perhaps our daring actions in the Typhon Frontier are now our undoing”

Smiling at that, “Well, you are known to be an overachiever, Captain” Silina threw out a tease as the door opened. Feeling that burning stare of Sazra she quickly made her way out of the lift and to the conference room.

They both arrived in the conference room, seeing the rest of the staff sitting there. Sazra was still shaking her head at the remarks that Silina had made. “Alright, let’s get this over with” Sazra walked to her seat and sat down as Silina took her side, and everyone looked at her “Well, we are going to get into the warrior’s den to investigate the roots of this event” She placed the PADD down.

“Meaning…” Adrián looked like he was fishing for more information and only received a cold glare from Sazra “What are we up against…”

“Malon Cooperative and potentially the hostile Devore Imperium. The grid that we are going to is dangerous close to these people. So Starfleet Command has given us the additional report to retreat if signs of danger,” Silina pointed out bluntly as she sat back in her chair, “So Lieutenant Shew, are we ready against such hostile forces?” 

Rami looked at the data shared a second ago and then looked at Silina, who asked him the question about the current situation: “In a space battle, we are not able to take on the fight with them. That is the fact of the matter. We are still a weak ship regarding combat. If they boarded us, we could handle ourselves for a certain amount of time, but we need backup eventually” Rami was realistic in the matter. When it came to combat, Damascus was heavily outmatched. He took a deep breath, ”What is so important that a ship outgunned is going to be sent to the enemy’s gates?” 

Silina looked at Sazra who was looking at the PADD information “Captain…” 

Taking a deep breath as Sazra looked at Rami “Starfleet Command is sending quite a bit of science vessels out there. So we are no exception. That gate out there is the real problem. When we are there, we are cut off for the given time from Starfleet in Alpha, and Beta Quadrant” Sazra looked outside, seeing the various ships “Additionally, Starfleet is worried that the anomaly has potential factors that it might hit home. If we can verify the cause, the root of this problem or event, we might learn how to prevent it from swallowing worlds.” 

“Swallowing worlds is not yet confirmed, Captain” T’Path suddenly spoke out, “But I do have to agree with the Captain’s statement. We must find out what is happening out there and the potential dangers it brings. I advise you to grab a sample and put it in a containment field level 3 to withhold its additional effects for further investigation.”

Giving the nod to T’Path, “I appreciate it, but I will only beam over such rock to my ship if we can guarantee the safety of those on the crew that are telepathic. I don’t want them to suffer under any conditions that the rock is given us. Doctor, what can we expect on that front?”  

Kossaal looked at the Captain and then at the others, “ Well it is quite fascinating what it does. So to sum it up from the reports of the USS Merevek. A telepathic person will experience a deep sense of foreboding, and the following symptoms intensify; paralyzing fear of all attempting to communicate with other people. Patients state to hear violent, disembodied voices that they only hear, and they are aggressive. Additionally, the person will experience aggressive outbursts and might attack fellow crew without remorse. But the final one is a bit vague. They start to show interest in sabotaging the ship’s system. Which doesn’t make much sense.”

Everyone was a bit quiet from the briefing on the effects. “Right, meaning that if our telepathic crew show any symptoms, they are to be put in their quarters under close surveillance,” Sazra said, seeing Silina looking at her and giving a brief nod to her in confirmation. “That would also mean that if I am affected by whatever this is, I am deemed unfit for duty. Commander Ruslanovna will take command of the ship, and I will confine myself until my symptoms are gone again.”  

A 3D image appears in the middle of the table as Silina takes the lead. The image would represent the asteroid field: “Grid 168 is close to the Malon Cooperative and Devore Imperium. Long-range scanners indicate that this grid has been severely influenced by the anomaly. Starfleet doesn’t want us to take the risk of going towards one of the given star systems there but go towards a random asteroid field that was impacted by the known anomaly. Our mission is to go in, keep our distance, investigate the anomaly and its effects on the asteroid and pull back to Markonian Outpost. No funny business. We get the data and get out of there,” Silina sounded quite serious.

Adrián was listening carefully to the debriefing as he looked then to Silina. “There is a sidenote to this all. We have no data on the anomaly’s effects on ships. I will focus on that to see if my engineering team can figure out that data. No worries, I will not advise anything dangerous that could put us in a tied spot,” He pointed out. 

“Good, Ensign K’Nala are you able to navigate through these fields of asteroids? It might be tricky, and if so no shame is given and Lieutenant T’Path can help you” Sazra looked at the Caitian, whom was looking curiously at the 3D image.

“I can fly thrrrough that field with ease, Captain” K’Nala eyes looked at her Captain, “I will plan additional escape routes to get safely out of therrre if needed.” 

Nodding to her, “Good, get your departments ready. The gate will open in five hours. We will travel with the rest of the fourth fleet towards Delta Quadrant. When arriving, we will set warp to our destination immediately. Security gets up to date on the given powers near our mission area, I rather am prepared than be surprised at what they might throw at us. Medical, learn as much as you can about the given symptoms and see if you can counter them or isolate them. Science will focus on getting the data from the grid we are investigating, and Engineering focus on the effects on our ship by this new anomaly. If you need help, do ask for it, we are not in a competition to see which department is better. Now let’s get ourselves that data, shall we?” Sazra ordered as she looked at everyone at the table. “Dismissed” With that said, everyone took their stuff and left the room to prepare for their new mission. 

Five hours later – Bridge

The crew at the bridge were getting ready for the signal to travel through the wormhole. “Starbase 38 is sent the latest information batch. Reports indicate the spreading of the blood dilithium to be going faster then expected. Devore presence has grown in various regions but our mission is still a go” Rami spoke.

When suddenly, some looked at the screen seeing the gate opened up “We have confirrrmation of gate opening, Captain” K’nala spoke looking at the data coming in. Ships started to move “We arrre thirrrd wave to go in, Captain” 

“Get ready for gate jump, everyone. This will be one big adventure for sure,” Sazra said with a grin, leaning back in her chair. When the second wave entered the gate, it was the turn of the third wave to enter, and various ships formed, including the Damascus

“Signal from Starbase 38. Confirm wormhole traffic,” Rami spoke as more ships exited the wormhole filled with dilithium “Well, those Ferengi are having a field day for sure…” Rami complained softly to himself. 

Silina looked at Rami with a smile, “They see profit, they shall grab it, Lieutenant. That is how their society is built, and if these sudden appearances of dilithium will help them profit then they shall take that given chance to get it” She winks at him, seeing him shrugs at the commander’s reaction.

Damascus moved forward into the gate with the other ships as a flash hit the bridge briefly as the ship got pulled through the wormhole to travel to the other side.

Ships started to exit the wormhole as the third wave arrived at the given destination, Delta Quadrant. Damascus arrived as one of the last of the wave. Ships jumped to warp to start their journey to get their riches, save people or find out what is going on with that blood colored and glowing dilithium. Damascus gets into position and jumps into the dark space with a flash.


  • Oof, I could feel the very real threat of the Grissom-class Damascus being sent into unknown danger while being under-gunned as a science ship, and not having a guarantee of back-up out there in the wilds of the Delta Quadrant. (Almost as foolish as sending a telepathic captain within range of blood dilithium ;) However, at the core, that's what Starfleet does. That's the mission. There's no point hunting out space mysteries without these scientists to understand it. Despite all that, the crew's excitement at travelling through the wormhole and into adventure was palpable!

    November 4, 2022
  • We've seen a lot of captains in BF wrestle with what to do with their telepathic crew, but not so many telepathic captains aware of the risks going into the DQ, and Sazra wrestling with this situation is complling. Of course Silina is there to lift some of the tension. The crew know the stakes and the dangers and the briefing room scene shows their different approaches: caution, confidence, excitement. Really showcases these personalities. And then it's too late to turn back, as you really build the sense of anticipation on the trip through the wormhole, then the emergence in the middle of absolute nowhere, the far side of the galaxy - and then Damascus is off into, indeed, darkness. Exciting!

    November 10, 2022
  • Sending in a science vessel into such dangerous waters sounds like there will be plenty for the Damascus crew to get their teeth stuck into. Sazra certainly is a confident captain, one who knows what her ship and crew can do and one that knows her limits too. That said, her eagerness to do the job and prove they can do it is evident by her desire to get in, get the work done and then head back to safe territory. Whether or not it will be easy for her remains to be seen!

    November 13, 2022
  • Going to be interesting to see a science vessel such as the Grissom-class being sent into such a dangerous place, especially so close to the Devore. I like how the Captain is concerned for the safety of her crew especially those that are telepathic especially since she is also. Let's hope that the crew of the Damascus can figure out what is going on and help solve this interesting mystery of the blood dilithium. Great job in setting the scene on entering the wormhole and coming out on the other side where all the dangers are.

    November 25, 2022