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Part of Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

USS Damascus: M1: Just A Gentle Touch

The crew find themselves dragged into an unpredictable large event and is tasked to find out what has happened in the Delta Quadrant.

Mission Description

The former crew of the USS Jaxartes gets comfortable with their new and advantaged scientific ship, the USS Damascus. Sazra got her promotion to Captain due to the actions of her kidnapping and was awarded this fine new ship. Starfleet has confidence in Sazra’s skills to continue her journey into the unknown, despite what she had to endure so far at the Typhon Frontier. But an emergency broadcast is sent from her Task Force 17 CO to provide emergency aid in the Delta Quadrant.

Damascus travels with the next batch to the Delta Quadrant to investigate the sudden appearance of the Blood Dilithium. But they have no idea what is awaiting them at the other side of that gate.

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

23 November 2022

26) This is Damascus Reporting

USS Damascus: M1: Just A Gentle Touch

Bridge The warp engines were pushed to their limits and could hold out at warp 6 for their travel to Makonian Outpost. The travel time was shortened to 3.5 days, and it would arrive at the outpost very soon. Sazra entered the bridge and cracked her neck, looking around. “Status report on our [...]

22 November 2022

25) Unreasonable acts

USS Damascus: M1: Just A Gentle Touch

Bridge The Damascus regained speed back to warp 5 but could still not regain specific systems. The automatic report system to Starfleet would have been alerted most likely them is missing in action. However, the senior crew already considered the predicament they were in wouldn’t give Starfleet [...]

21 November 2022

24) The aftermatch

USS Damascus: M1: Just A Gentle Touch

The Devore ships had made their quick exit after a devastating defeat from the large Blood Crystalline Entity that came to the rescue of the Damascus. Meanwhile, the crew settled down and let the now-past event settle in. Damascus was still severely damaged after the events at the grid and now with [...]

20 November 2022

23) Chains Meant To Be Broken – Part 3

USS Damascus: M1: Just A Gentle Touch

Bridge The ship shook violently again as some of the Devore hit the hull while trying their best to avoid the large Blood Crystalline Entity attacks. But most of the attacks that were performed were stopped by the entity. The Devore acted in confusion. Why was this being protecting Starfleet? Why [...]