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USS Damascus (Archive)

Task Force 86

The USS Damascus is a Grissom-class ship, one of the top-notch scientific vessels in service of Starfleet. Assigned to Task Force 17 of the Fourth Fleet, Damascus is assigned to travel into the unknown. The ship is under the firm command of Captain Praugol and Commander Ruslanovna. These two veterans have been thrown to the frontier on many points in their seven-year services on the USS Jaxartes. USS Damascus’s advanced long-range sensors will help enormously in their mapping voyages of the unknown.

Their primary goals:

– To explore the Typhon Frontier further
– To document and analyze new anomalous, star systems, planets, and species.
– To perform biological, astronomy, and stellar cartography surveys.


Mariner Science Vessel Division

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15 February 2023

11) Soul Diving - Part 2

USS Damascus: M2: Blood Dilithium Delux

The screams of agony, the waves of mental abuse, and losing focus. It all happened so quickly when the procedure was performed on Sazra. The symbiont was now in her and made an immediate connection to her state of mind. Slowly opening her eyes, Sazra noticed that she was in a large dark area. She [...]

13 February 2023

10) Soul Diving - Part 1

USS Damascus: M2: Blood Dilithium Delux

The beautiful, fully grown forest with clear blue skies. On the path, councilor Praugol walked up front, followed by Silina, a few security officers, Sazra, and Miki. They neared a large pond that gave the impression of pure serenity. It gave the group a second to embrace this peaceful nature. [...]

29 January 2023

9) Prisoner Transport

USS Damascus: M2: Blood Dilithium Delux

The bridge had a hectic operational duty to get the Damascus ready for launch. The doors of the turbolift opened as Council member Nedzill Praugol entered the bridge with her hands over each other in front of her. Her eyes looked around as they met up with Commander Ruslanovna. “Commander, I hope [...]

12 January 2023

8) The verdict

USS Damascus: M2: Blood Dilithium Delux

“All rise” A security officer spoke up as the judge entered the room.  Everyone stood up as Sazra stayed in her seat but followed with her eyes the judge walking to his chair and taking a seat. The man waved his hand as everyone took a seat. Cornelio looked at the room and took a deep [...]