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Sazra Kobahl

Trill (Joined) Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Kobahl


Commanding officer
USS Mariner


Sazra Kobahl




Sazra Kobahl is a curious woman who loves to dive into books and read anything related to new scientific breakthroughs within the Federation. She has a thing for paper books. In her experience, nothing beats paper between your fingers while turning the page. People would know her to be adventurous and have difficulty saying no to exciting new assignments. Sazra has been raised to respect and be loyal to the chain of command but learned to think before acting because not every order can be 100% correct.

Due to her force joined rituel during the Blood Dilithium Delux mission, she has accepted the new host of Donam Kobahl and has accepted the new surname.


Sazra tends to have short hair; it is much more comfortable when exploring unknown worlds that tend to be warm or extremely hot. Her hair color is red, her eye color is green, and her Trill trait marking is visible from the side that goes down her hairline to her shoulders. She has a weight of 68 kg and a height of 1.73 meters. She has a scar behind her left leg from a childhood injury.

Not directly visible, but Sazra left eye is partly mechanical due to her time of torture at a Broken Wing prison.


Sazra can be curious, adventurous, and wish to know it all. Her focus is on the exploration of science and discovering new anomalies. She has learned to follow orders without losing her common sense. Sazra dares to ask if something is unclear to her.


Early Life (2370-2388)

Sazra Praugol is born in 2370 on Trill, the second child of Caagar and Nedzill Praugol. She arrived in the starting turmoil of what soon be the Dominion War. Caagar was called upon action by the Federation in 2373, the moment that the Dominion declared war by attacking Deep Space 9. It was the last time Sazra, now only 3, would see her father as he died later in the war. Nedzill was a vital government employee for the Trill and thus could not join her husband in the Federation call to action.

Over the years, Sazra was able to learn, explore and grow in her personality throughout her youth, and it was no surprise that she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps as a scientist for the Federation. Her mother was troubled by that idea as she had already lost her spouse through the service of the Federation. But eventually was reminded by Sazra of the words of her husband; “Thus explore the unknown, discovering the undiscovered and make it known,” that she read in one of his journals.

Starfleet Academy (2388-2392)

The education offered on Trill primarily focused on science and medical advantages. It only endorsed Sazra’s interest in science even more, as she had the material of significant scientific findings from her people and the Federation. Sazra was pretty sure that Natural Science was her path within the Academy. Her favorite classes would consist of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Mineralogy, Planetology, and her all-time favorite Stellar Cartography.

Her teachers and fellow students would define her as a cheerful girl open to any social interactions. But her wits and motivation to improve made her able to help some of the other students who had a hard time with the material. As a result, her student life was pretty uneventful, though the dreadful news and development of the affairs in the Klingon Empire was for her an exciting story to follow.

Scientific Assignment & Early Career (2392-2393)

The graduation was coming closer, and her Scientific paper was set. Still, she requested to do it at Starbase Bravo as the field would give her more factual information about the events happening in interstellar space. With her paper approved, she received her pip of Ensign, and due to the results of her paper, she gained support to take command of the USS Jaxartes to travel to Typhon Frontier to continue her exploration. 

After a rocky start to rebuilding the USS Jaxartes, Sazra and her crew set out to the Typhon Frontier to explore a violet nebula. There they responded to an SOS from the ship Hu’rastish that required aid. After some tricky moves, the USS Jaxartes managed to get the ship to safety and helped them with any medical and engineering problems. Sazra used her knowledge of first contact protocol and succeeded in making contact with the Valley of the Heart, who live deep in the violent nebula. This gave Sazra the recommendation to be promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Upholding The Code of Conduct (2393-2399)

For some years after her encounter with the Valley of the Heart, the USS Jaxartes made the process of mapping out the nebula and the Typhon Frontier. Even though it was only a tiny portion, it was valued by Starfleet Command, and Sazra was given a field promotion to full Lieutenant in 2395. However, in 2399 the USS Jaxartes sailed into trouble water when meeting with the USS Liberty. Captain Vance ordered Sazra to help with a sudden breakdown at the atmosphere of a pre-warp planet. Vance put pressure upon Sazra to perform her duties as ordered.

The crew of the Jaxartes found out that more was going on than meets the eye. Sazra ignored these observations but secretly sent all the findings to Starfleet Command and was ordered to keep quiet about it. The crew began to find more signs of the prime directive being broken, and it all leads back to the USS Liberty.

Eventually, Captain Vance was confronted by the Jaxartes crew, and against Captain Vance’s expectations, Sazra agreed with the findings of her crew. She confirmed that Captain Vance and the crew of the USS Liberty were in direct violation of the prime directive and code of conduct. Captain Vance refused to step down and wanted to get rid of the evidence once and for all. Jaxartes managed to escape the star system but was pursued by Liberty. When the Jaxartes were shot out of warp, the final moments of the confrontation were met. Yet the USS Discovery, USS Alberta, and USS Hanoi arrived just in time to give protection to the Jaxartes and arrest Captain Vance. The USS Jaxartes got dragged back to Deep Space 17 by the USS Alberta.

The sacrifice and ascension (2399-2400)

The Jaxartes resumed their duties at the front line of the Typhon Frontier until Sazra was ordered by Task Force 17 to do an escort mission into the old territory of Romulan space. The RFS science vessel requires an escort through Federation space to an unknown location at the edge of the Typhon Frontier. Sazra saw the mission as a mundane assignment but had no choice but to accept it.

Arriving at the location, the crew of Jaxartes was asked to help to boot up the station. Sazra was transported to the station with her engineer, Adrián, to begin repairs. However, a ship of the IRF appeared and managed to disable the IRF ship and force the Jaxartes to retreat. Sazra was captured by the IRF and transported back to their space because she learned a substantial location.

USS Sarek came to aid the Jaxartes as they assisted the damaged RFS vessels. The USS Jaxartes set the hunt in on the IRF vessel. However, it was stopped at the borders. After discussing the matter with the USS Sarek, the FSW Vishatha, under the command of Commander Cokitha, arrived and agreed to take the crew of the Jaxartes in for the rescue in IRF space.

Meanwhile, Sazra was tortured to gain the information she got from the outpost. But she never broke a second to their captives any information. The Vishatha begins their rescue mission to create a distraction while the Jaxartes crew infiltrates the Broken Wing base to rescue their Captain. When Silina finally found Sazra, the first thing that Sazra did was kiss her on the lips, as her time in prison made her realize what was important to her. Silina accepted the kiss. The team was successfully extracted, and Vishatha brought them back to their ship on the Federation borders.

Sazra recovered from the events and gained a mechanical eye after it sustained severe damage during her time in prison. Sazra was promoted to Captain and reassigned to the USS Damascus as its new Commanding Officer.

Blood Dilithium and Aftermath (2400 -2401)

Only a few weeks into her new command of the USS Damascus, the Fourth Fleet gets hit by a crisis that drags all available forces of all classes to the Delta Quadrant, Damascus was no exception. Sazra received the order to travel to Delta Quadrant, where there was a sudden expansion rush from Dilithium throughout the belt. But this specific Dilithium was not so much classified as normal. It was red and had a severe impact on those who were telepathic and were driven mad. So Sazra took her own risks into account and accepted the parameters of it to have her command team safeguard her sanity in the mission being telepathic sensitive. But she did order the telepathic of the crew to stay behind for this mission that would bring the Damascus to the lion’s den.

Far up north from the gate, Damascus was flying to a strong anomaly that would hold the key information on the condition of the Blood Dilithium. Sazra had to debrief her crew that they were facing the elements of space but also an aggressive expansion campaign of the Devore Imperium. Upon arriving at their location, Sazra had to face the music immediately with the strong presence of the Blood Dilithium as the asteroid field was dense with it.

Sazra managed to guide the ship through the field, and scientific readings were already pouring into the ship database. But they were distracted by an SOS signal from a cargo vessel, blind by duty. Sazra ordered to intercept and guide through the field. Upon arriving, they were hit by a hidden explosive device that damaged the Damascus, letting it crash into the side of the asteroid. Only to be revealed that a Devore Imperium ship was conducting a large experience and that Starfleet was a willing participant. It was soon to be seen that a Blood Crystalline Entity was under control and attacked the Damascus and the cargo vessel.

After many confrontations, Sazra was exposed on more than one occasion to the Blood Dilithium and started to be unreliable in her command abilities. She was released from her duties and placed in her quarters. Only to be returned quickly after, as she was needed for her connection to the Entity. Sazra had an intimate moment with Silina, finally showing her affection to her first officer. Within the connection of the being, Sazra manages to release the chains upon the Entity and release its fury onto the Devore ship that was destroyed in action. The crew had managed to save the cargo vessel crew and return limping to Alpha Quadrant.

But something went with them to Alpha Quadrant, as Sazra started to act weird. She was eventually arrested for the committed bombing at the fleet shipyard and trialed for it. Out investigation, however, tends to conclude that she was taken by a Brenari spirit holding into the Blood Dilithium. She was freed after being joined by the symbiote Kobahl and cleared for duty after a few weeks of rest. Though she could not return to the USS Damascus, she was reassigned to the USS Mariner for more in-depth exploration missions, even though she felt punished for actions she couldn’t prevent.

The Lost Fleet (2401)

Until the Lost Fleet had returned, the Dominion raged through Alpha and Beta Quadrant again. Starfleet Fourth Fleet Command needed someone quick on their feet and able to negotiate with foreign powers. They ordered Captain Kobahl and the USS Mariner through the Bajoran wormhole to contact the Dominion and ask for their aid. Sazra gives partial information to her crew on the mission for their safety. But eventually, she had to give them their real purpose, unknown, and not realizing what was happening on her ship regarding the tension she focused on the mission at hand. At the borders of the Dominion, she pleaded with the Dominion for their help in the Lost Fleet war that was unleashed upon Deneb. The Dominion agreed to help them, and with some convincing helm of Lieutenant Palema, Sazra managed to convince them to send over a team of representatives.

After the Mariner received the representatives and Sazra walked them to their rooms, the news brought to her attention that a hostile takeover was occurring on the Mariner. She was forced to act upon the mutiny on her ship. Even though it was quickly back under her control of her, the emotional damage was done, and her crew was now more unsure about the whole mission. Sazra gave her reasoning for what she had done and received a few resignations at the end of the mission for her actions, but in the end, her crew supported her. The command team chose to continue their lies against Starfleet as they were resisting any assistance to Fourth Fleet in the Lost Fleet problem and focused on finishing their mission.

While the news broke down by the representatives of the Dominion that a few gods went rogue at the end of the Dominion War, the communication systems were damaged. Sazra gave the order to push on and finish this mission whatever the cost to deliver the representatives at Ciatar Nebula. Upon arriving Sazra bought as much time for Commander Valerio as she could. Still, it was eventually USS Serenity, USS Valhalla, and USS Andromeda that jumped into the mids of their suicidal run against the Dominion battle group. When hope was almost lost, the communication system was repaired, and Sazra managed to let the battle group cease fire. The representatives transported over to let the battle group jump away leaving them behind.

A quick repair was conducted as the Mariner received the call to arms from the Fourth Fleet and joined the fleet at the Battle of Farpoint, after arriving home at Starbase 86 and transferring the wounded, dead, and mutineers. Sazra and her command team get arrested for not following regulations, fabricating orders, and for lying against Starfleet outpost. For a brief moment, Sazra loses her Captain rank and command of Mariner, only to be redacted by Fourt Fleet Command which filed a protest against the order.

The Voices I Hear (2401)

After a few weeks of being tied in docks, Sazra is back in her command and launches the next mission to go back to Delta Quadrant to start in-depth explorations.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - 2389 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2389 - 2390 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2390 - 2391 Natural Sciences Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2391 - 2392 Natural Sciences Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2392 - 2393 Commanding Officer/Lead Scientist USS Jaxartes
2393 - 2395 Commanding Officer USS Jaxartes
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2395 - 2397 Commanding Officer USS Jaxartes
2397 - 2399 Commanding Officer USS Jaxartes
Lieutenant Commander
2399 - 2400 Commanding Officer USS Jaxartes
2400 - 2401 Commanding Officer USS Damascus
2401 - Present Commanding Officer USS Mariner