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Profile Overview

Adrián Valerio

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Valerio


Chief Engineering Officer
USS Mariner


Adrián Valerio




Adrián is an easy-going person that loves to take on a challenge; most of the time, he is with his head elsewhere while repairing something. But when he is doing his engineering duties, he does it well. Adrián tends to be a loose canon when it comes to talking. However, he loves to talk about dramatic series he follows on the network and doesn’t shy away from talking about it. On duty, he is a focused problem solver and direct officer.


He is 78 kg in weight and is about 1.82 meters in height. Adrián has a scar on his left arm and wishes to keep it out of sight as it never felt as healthy. He has a short, trimmed black beard and black hair.


Adrián leans more on an introverted character, with observance and thinking personality traits. Adrián is quite enigmatic and always in for a private talk, yet tends to get distracted very easily. He might come over as a rude individual that loves to joke around, but on duty, he is pretty serious and gives direct answers to specific problems. He is the kind of person that gives you the problem, states the solution, and offers a better alternative as a side dish.


Earlier Live

Born on Earth in the country designated as Peru. Adrián was raised to be a thinker and let his hands do the work for him. His father was a retired Starfleet Engineer. He loved to watch his father work on any machinery. Later on, he continued his love for tinkering and decided to take the path of an actual Engineer.

Starfleet Career

Adrián was one of the bright minds within the academy and one of the students who got into trouble for not paying attention in his classes. In his lifetime, he became friends with Sazra, who managed to pick him up at a bar fight in Starfleet Academy. They both eventually joined the USS Jaxartes, an older model of a Raven-class ship that flew towards Typhoon to perform investigation and research. But his adventures were merely starting.

The rebuild of the USS Jaxartes was a big job by itself, which Adrián was part of, and he gave the ship the required love to get it ready for its journey. In 2393 Adrián was part of the away team that went to the Hu’rastish that required aid after being trapped in a violent nebula. He got their systems working again and helped them escape a dangerous situation. This led to the first contact of the Valley of the Heart people, which embraced the Federation’s kindness. Adrián was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for his actions in this regard.

In 2399, Adrián would be challenged with the morals of the prime directive as the Jaxartes tried to meet the needs of the USS Liberty. It was thanks to Adrián hard work that the crew managed to fix the pre-warp planet that the USS Liberty had damaged. He supported the follow-up actions of Captain Praugol to confront Captain Vance about his crimes. He later was in charge of the damage repair on the USS Jaxartes after the fight with the USS Liberty.

In 2400 the USS Jaxartes got involved in an escort mission of an RFS science vessel. Adrián gave extensive assistance in repairing their former outpost but was defenseless when he had to abandon his Captain at that station when she ordered him to retreat. Adrián, later on, got involved with the rescue of Captain Praugol. He was also responsible for releasing other prisoners at the Broken Wing facility.

In 2400, he was reassigned to the USS Damascus as the Chief Engineering Officer and accepted the Second Officer position.

Within the time period of 2400-2401, Adrián was involved with the Damascus crew at the Blood Dilithium operations in Delta Quadrant. He was one of the key command elements in the mission that was given to them. Adrián had the constant pressure to keep the Damascus in one piece after the ambush, interaction with the Blood Crystalline Entity, and the aftermath of it all. However, Adrián was not involved in the court case against Captain Praugol, who later was declared innocent and became Captain Kobahl.

The Lost Fleet of the Dominion had returned and wreaked havoc among the galaxy. Adrián joined the transfer to the USS Mariner to travel back to Gamma Quadrant to request aid. Adrián tried to get more involved with his crew and tried to direct them in the right direction only receiving a bunch of rumors of how he was withholding information from the crew. Later, he had a personnel fight out with Ensign Cho in the failed mutiny attempt. He learned of the theory that potential changelings are acting on their plans in the Alpha Quadrant from the Dominion representatives. Only to be dragged into a new problem, the communication systems were sabotaged and damaged severely. He managed to repair the ship’s systems just on time and remained responsible for the operational status of the ship until arriving at Starbase 86. At Starbase 86 he was arrested with the command team for not following regulations. However, Fourth Fleet Command redacted that order, and Adrián received a promotion to Commander for his honorable actions at the skirmish of Ciatar Nebula and the Battle of Farpoint.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2390 - 2391 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2391 - 2392 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2392 - 2393 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2393 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy at Mellstoxx III
Cadet Senior Grade
2393 - 2394 Engineer Officer USS Jaxartes
2394 - 2396 Engineer Officer USS Jaxartes
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2396 - 2399 Engineering Officer USS Jaxartes
2399 - 2400 Engineering Officer USS Jaxartes
Lieutenant Commander
2400 - 2401 Chief Engineering Officer/Second Officer USS Damascus
Lieutenant Commander
2401 Chief Engineering Officer/Second Officer USS Mariner
Lieutenant Commander
2401 - Present Chief Engineering Officer USS Mariner