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Part of USS Jaxartes: Double-edge Knife

They left the door open

Delta Velorum
September 2400
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Everything went according to the plan as the Vishatha was on the other side of Delta Velorum to stay out of range of the Broken Wings ships. The team was split into two teams; one from the Free States was under the leadership of Cokitha, and the other was under the guidance of Silina. Cokitha’s team started the distraction from the ruins, making it seem like a coup was going on. The deception worked as troops were pulled away from the storage area as Silina strolled into the open, “Clear…” she whispered, holding a Romulan rifle and moving forward. 

The base was in chaos, with a lot of panic about the sudden attack, but enough space for Jaxartes team to move stealthily through the base. Some close calls were quickly solved with Rami quick and precision shots and Adrián quick moving the bodies out of sight. There was little sympathy towards these Broken Wings members from the crew after the stunned they pulled on their Captain. 

But the saying might be growing, what happens in IRF space stays in IRF space. There were too many factions in that space that would be concerned with Starfleet actions, and their being in civilian and yet armored clothing covered the fact that they were there as Starfleet Officers. Silina didn’t take any chances and took out those who threatened the operation. 

Whatever you are doing, make it quick…these Broken Wings are showing some great resolve to combat,” Came through into the earplug, Silina made her give the halt signal. “Cokitha, I appreciate your help, but pushing us won’t help the overall operation. We will get to the objective. Just hold the line” No reply came after Silina whispered it as she moved on.

Moving forward as the base started to sake, “What the hell is that woman doing out there….she does know that we are still here, right?” Adrián whispered frustratingly as he saw some cracks in the side wall, “We won’t make it out if she keeps blowing stuff up” 

“I know, but let’s focus on our duty, Lieutenant. How far until the prison section Shew?” Silina looked carefully around, seeing the scenery change to a different build.

Rami looked at the tricorder in his left hand and the rifle in his right hand, “It’s right around the corner, but we got visitors. Two of them. We need to quickly take them out if we don’t want to be spotted” With that, he placed the tricorder to the side, with Adrián moving to his side, holding the rifle up. “On my mark, you take a left. I take the right one” He counted down from three with his fingers as he suddenly rolled forward and took aim, followed by Adrian going around the corner, and they both in sync fired, taking out the two guards at the entrée point. 

The team moved even deeper into the prison area as they had their face now covered with thick cloth scarfs and ignored most of the other prisoners that saw it as if an outbreak was happening. “Trill life sign, weak but up ahead,” Rami announced as he opened the cell door that had their Captain. 

Silina quickly entered the cell and pulled her scarf down, walking quickly to the not moving body. As she pulled on the Trill to her back, she growled out of frustration, “I need some time. She is severely wounded” Silina looked back at Sazra, who looked very weak. Her left eye was covered with blood as it was dried up. Silina could see a lot of injuries, so she did her best to close up and get her stable, “I am here…I am here, Captain….sorry it took so long” 

Slowly, Sazra right eye opened up as she lifted her hand to let it go over Silina’s cheek, which was wet with tears. Sazra smiled, placed her hand behind Silina’s neck, and pulled her suddenly to her as their lips met. The sweet iron tasted, but while she noticed Silina being shocked by it, she allowed it to happen and kissed her back, placing her left hand over Sazra’s head. 

“We have to go….okay…I think you need a few more seconds” Adrián looked into the room and pulled his head back out, blushing. “The doc needs more time…” He nods to himself. “Rami get those prisoners out…let’s cause a fuss here”

Looking confused at Adrián, Rami wanted to look into the room but got pushed by Adrián to the new idea “Good idea, give me a second” He quickly moved to a console and started to tap onto it to get it decoded and into the right setting. 

It took a few seconds as Silina moved out while supporting Sazra out of the room, quickly getting support from Adrián. “Get us out of here Lieutenant” Silina ordered to Rami as he nodded, hitting a button as all cells opened up.

“REBELLION! FOR THE EMPIRE, FIGHT YOUR OPPRESSORS!” Rami yelled as prisoners started to yell and get out of their cells. “Let’s move to the extraction point” 

The team followed out as inside fighting started to erupt everywhere, “Move to the generators!” Silina orders seeing that the path was closed off with Broken Wings members getting into the fight and blocking the exit point of the cargo, “Cokitha, we have the package. We are moving to the generator’s extraction point, ” She communicated, shooting down a Romulan. 

Understood, Lieutenant, we are pushing them back. I will give them something to remember about the Free States by” 

The team moved through the chaos and towards the generators, where their exit point was waiting for them. But before they made it to the door, a phaser blast hit the side of Adrián, who collapsed to one knee, growling in pain. Sazra, now fully leaning onto Silina, looked over her shoulder seeing a few Romulans standing there “Leaving so soon, Starfleet? I never expected you, people, to go hand in hand with the crocks of the state,” Moldohk spoke, “Now be a good gal and give me back that woman. She has something, and I want that”

The situation was dire as the team was pinned, Adrian was in pain, Sazra was unable to move on her own, Silina was supporting Sazra as good as possible, and Rami was the only one that could potentially shoot but seeing that Moldohk had the quick draw on them, it was impossible to react proper “I can’t do that, she is after all my Captain and we Starfleet don’t leave anyone behind”

“Well sometimes a change is needed in attitude…” He rose his weapon as it suddenly gets shot out of his hand from another angle “Not today mister Moldohk, I don’t want to see my guest getting hurt” Cokitha spoke with her rifle up and two other Romulans joining her “Open fire!” Moldohk quickly jumped behind cover as both teams fired “Vishatha Beam the teams up now!” With that said the two teams get with a green flash out of the area only hearing a distant frustrated yell from Moldohk. “Get them to the sickbay and get us back to Federation space…cloak active now!” Cokitha orders.

With that said, the Vishatha gets cloaked as it jumps into warp away from the location.