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Hecate Station(SB-212)

Hecate Station

Copernicus-class • SB-212 • Task Force 86

Starbase 212, dubbed Hecate Station, is a Copernicus-class space station located below the Betreka Nebula and near the Klingon Empire borders, in a large asteroid field of a destroyed planet stretching south. It serves primarily as a trade and diplomatic outpost, with a secondary task of being a border patrol hub. Starfleet long-term presence has brought stability and calm to the region and is seen as a central hub for miners to do their trading.

Hecate Outpost is seen as vital and strategic, as navigating the dense asteroid field is brutal and even deadly. Miners risk their lives to get their riches from the various clients visiting the outpost. However, the reason is somewhat deeper than that; after the rise and aggression of the Sovereignty of Kahless in 2388, Hecate station was built in the location to form a warning beacon for any potential sneak attacks into Federation space. Attempts by the Sovereignty to cross the dense asteroid field were met with death.

Starbase 212 has been active since 2388 and has seen various commanding officers slowly treat this station as a valued asset, a typical trade outpost nowadays. Many crew members state that living on Hecate Station is a hidden gem within Starfleet assets as it offers excitement and unknown exploration in the Betreka Nebula. It is also interesting to meet the many species that visit it and set up their shops.

Mariner Science Vessel Division

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