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The USS Jaxartes is assigned to travel towards the Typhon Frontiers to start the exploration. And scientifically discovery Commanded by Ensign Praugol, a bright scientist from Starfleet Academy, they are bound to travel near the borders of this vast unexplored space.

USS Jaxartes (Archive)

Task Force 86

It is  2393, and the young but bright Ensign Praugol receives her first assignment on the USS Jaxartes, a respectfully Raven-class vessel. The Jaxartes mission is to start the exploration process near the Typhon Frontiers. Still, it is not allowed to travel further into the Typhon due to inexperienced personnel on the ship and the fragile intergalactic relation between the Romulans and the Federation.

Ensign Praugol accepts these terms set by Starfleet Command as it is her long-life wish to get closer to understanding the unknown frontier named Typhon. She will take a small crew with her and make her way on an adventure that will turn her world upside-down.

Mariner Science Vessel Division

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18 October 2022


USS Jaxartes: The Small Do Matter

The Jaxartes were in the high warp, trying to get as fast as they could toward Deep Space 17. The vibe was quite tense on the bridge. They just witnessed a Starfleet Captain willing to take that extra step to cover up their mistakes or even crimes. “I still don’t have any response. It seems [...]

15 October 2022

There is a rainbow behind every storm

USS Jaxartes: Double-edge Knife

The rescue at Delta Velorum, with the help and assistance of the FSW Vishatha was a pretty daring and yet existing endeavor. The travel back to Federation space went without any problem, as the Broken Wings were in such chaos that they didn’t follow the Vishatha. Sazra had received minimal [...]

15 October 2022

They left the door open

USS Jaxartes: Double-edge Knife

Everything went according to the plan as the Vishatha was on the other side of Delta Velorum to stay out of range of the Broken Wings ships. The team was split into two teams; one from the Free States was under the leadership of Cokitha, and the other was under the guidance of Silina. [...]

13 October 2022


USS Jaxartes: The Small Do Matter

The Jaxartes were almost done with the operations in orbit of this planet that got victim by some unknown cause. Thought the crew of the Jaxartes was skeptical that it may have been the USS Liberty that caused the destructive motion to the atmosphere. They just couldn’t pinpoint what it was [...]