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The doubts grows

USS Jaxartes - Bridge
May 2399
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The repairs were going smoothly. The atmosphere was recovering quickly with a natural boost with the help of the USS Jaxartes systems. Releasing a chemical that would meet the required needs of restoring it. However, a certain tension was growing on the Jaxartes as more scans indicated that there was more to this mission than met the eye. Sazra entered the bridge “Status report” as she took the chair from Silina, who respectfully stood up and took her to stand Sazra side. 

“The ship is performing within its desired scoop of operations. The planet’s atmosphere is recovering slowly and is on schedule. We are at a threshold that would make the atmosphere solo on repairing itself without our assistance. Lieutenant Valerio has done remarkable with the guidance of Lieutenant T’path. Overall, we are almost there to wrap this mission up” Silina looked at the screen and not so much at Sazra.

“Good, the quicker we are done here, the better,” Sazra had to admit, “Well done, everyone. We will have to report to Liberty about the stand on the mission. They are, in the end, the ones we report to” Sazra could hear the growls of disapproval. “Problems?” 

“The problem is that the one that most likely caused the incident with this world is the one giving orders,” Adrián pointed bluntly. “While we were busy traveling through all the weak spots of this world, we have scans indicating that the Liberty was in orbit of this world and most likely the cause of the weakness we are now repairing. By flying over these spots, we are masking the other trails, and if things go south, we are to be blamed for this whole mess” 

 Rami scratches behind his head, “Additionally, the people on the planet seem to be more on edge than a normal civilization is. Trying not to get detected is not that hard, but something has spooked them to believe that in their skies has happened” He looked at Sazra. “It is like something else was happening, and if that is so, we need to know what has happened here, Captain. The Liberty may have broken the prime directive”

Hearing the allegations, Sazra looked for a second at her side to Silina, who kept quiet and to herself mostly, then looked back at the others. “Look, I understand what you are all saying, but at the moment, we are here to provide our work towards this planet. When we are done, we are leaving the orbit and go back to our own business” Looking at Rami, “That is a very heavy accusation there, Lieutenant, you better get me some proof of that, or there is not much I can do about it” 

“Sir, the USS Liberty jumped out at the edge of the star system and hailed us” T’Path looked over her shoulder.

“Speak of the devil… On-screen,” Sazra orders as the bridge crew o the Liberty comes into view, and Vance looks back at her. “Captain Vance, I was just completing a status report with my crew here,” Sazra spoke.

“Lieutenant Praugol, I have not heard from you just yet and thought I jump by quickly to check up on you. What is the status of the repairs of this lonely planet? I must resume my duties quite quickly here, and this ordeal is holding me up” He smiled softly at them.

“Don’t” Sazra raised her hand at Silina, who wanted to say something. “We are almost complete with our operations here. The threshold is almost reached that the atmosphere will regenerate itself. I believe we can be done within the day” 

“You have four hours, Lieutenant, get it done, or I will find someone else to do it, Liberty out” The screen changed back to the planet view.

“That arrogant prick…..” Silina spoke out of frustration

Sazra stood up, her facial expression neutral, “Get that threshold done within four hours, folks…. I will be in my office” She walked off the bridge as the rest of the bridge crew looked confused at each other not knowing what just happened.