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Something fishy

USS Jaxartes - Conference Room
May 2399
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Everyone was already present in the conference room as Sazra and Silina walked into the room, “Well, what is today’s mission?” Rami spoke out bluntly, “We are wondering what a ship like the Liberty wants from us, a small raven” 

“Who are you calling, small?!” Adrián bites back. “This ship has seen quite a bit of action than she wants to admit” Looking back at the Captain who sat down, “But it does bring out the question of why are we here?”

“To fix the mess of the Second Fleet, without breaking the prime direct Chief” Silina took a seat herself. “But that was a wonderful talk, right, Captain” She was still annoyed at how Sazra didn’t back her up when the Captain Vance made those remarks about her behavior.

Sazra waved her hand. “Please, I am not going to do this argument again, Lieutenant” Sazra waved the problem away for now, “We are tasked to go to the planet of Yinides. Due to a recon mission with one of the Second Fleet ships, the atmosphere of the planet got damaged and seeing the state of development that the planet is in with its pre-warp civilization, they wish to have a smaller ship to go in and fix it”Everyone looked at each other as Adrián shrugged, “Well, that will be tricky. The scans that Liberty gave us state that this planet is not in the phase of satellites, but they have pretty advanced radar stations on the surface. We need to stay out of their range or make sure we will not be detected to not violate our prime directive” 

“The damage is more than just one area. Whatever hit, that atmosphere is rapidly declining, and time is against us in this matter. Captain” T’Path made the observation.

 “Which comes back to my gut feeling that this whole situation is a cover-up of a mission that went south quickly,” Silina pointed out, annoyed. “The Captain ship is already quite some time here, and he didn’t put any effort to start the repairs himself. Does that not strike you all as something odd?” 

“That does seem quite odd, but maybe the Captain had some good reasons for it. The prime directive is a good reason enough to do nothing,” Rami pointed out, even as it troubled him that something might be up.

Sazra raised her hands, “Stop…” seeing that everyone looked at her, “It is not our job in this situation to second guess another Starfleet ship their motives to not interfere with the given task. We are here now, and as Lieutenant T’Path spoke, we got to focus on the task. Fixing Yinides atmosphere. T’Path gets us close enough to work on the troubled areas. Rami keep long sensors focused on the Yinides surface. If they detect us, I want to know. Adrián work with T’Path to further coordinate the damaged areas and seal them. Silina oversees the operations, and I still got some work left in my office from Starfleet. Dismissed” 

Everyone acknowledged the briefing and stood up from their respective chairs to begin their tasks leaving the room “Silina” Sazra spoke, waving her to come back as she leaned in her chair. “Please don’t ever again question my judgment before the crew” 

Silina shrugs. “I wouldn’t have to if you protected your crew from the misdeeds of others, Captain” placing a harsh tone on the last word and leaning on the table. 

“You know as much as I do, quite a bit for my crew and protect them as well as possible. But I must respect the chain of command, even if Captain Vance was an ass. So next time act like the first officer and have my back rather than thinking about your own” Sazra said calmly yet sassy back. “In the end, we need to have each other’s back and if you jump into a fire without good reason, then don’t think I will blindly follow you”

That shocked Silina, and she pushed herself off the table and gave a firm nod, “I apologize for my behavior, Captain. Can I be dismissed” hitting that formal tone.

Sazra knew this was not spoken out yet, but she simply nodded to that “Dismissed Lieutenant,” Seeing Silina leave the room. The crew was already in a tense operating area, and Sazra could see that Silina rebellious behavior was not going to help out in the mission, “I better keep an eye on her”