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Here we go, free from our shackles

USS Jaxartes - Bridge
December 2393
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Walking into the bridge, a certain calmness came down onto her. She took a deep breath and nodded to herself, confirming that nothing would happen. “Captain on the bridge,” Adrián said with a wink to Sazra, that stood there looking surprised by the announcement. It took her a second to realize that everyone was now looking at her, and she awkwardly smiled. “At ease….thanks, Ensign Valerio, but it is not required to say that.” 

“I know,” He replied with a grin on his face. “Just seeing your reaction speaks chapters” He laughs a bit, looking back at the console.

Sazra blushed, straights her jacket, walked to the middle of the bridge where her chair was, and sat down. “Well, if you are so up for jokes, status report” It has only been a few days since she got them out of the brig of security after the bar incident, and now they were doing a sit rep on the situation of their ship that was about to be launched.

“Aye, Captain” Adrián spoke with that same cheeky grin. “Deep Space 17 dock operations have concluded their inspection of the ship and gave a green light for launch” He slid his finger over the console interface. “The ship warp core is ready for the boot-up procedure.” 

As she saw the initial acknowledgment of rapport of dock operations at her panel, Sazra looked at Rami. “Adrián, start protocol. Rami give me a status on security and tactical systems” She could hear the humming sound of the warp core booting up and lights switching from auxiliary power to the warp core. “Doctor follow-up on medical supplies and readiness of medical bay” her eyes followed the activation of the bridge lights that were turning on or switching the power grid.

“Security systems are in the green, the tactical systems are operational, and weapons supplies are stocked. We are loaded with basic weaponry for personal protection” Rami follows up as the Doctor resumes talking. “Medical supplies are stocked in our cargo bay. The medical bay is operational, and we are all checked and fit for operational duties into the Typhon Frontier”.

“T’Path, please provide me the status report on remaining systems” Sazra’s eyes had stopped at the Vulcan who sat at the helm in front of her. She was the latest bridge member who would join the crew’s expertise as the science officer. Though Sazra was already a scientist herself, T’Path was going to be able to give her a second view of the results that were generated.

The Vulcan calmly looked over her shoulder, giving the nod to Sazra. “Navigational systems are operational, long-range sensors and other sensors systems are tested and are within proper parameters. Everything else is in the acceptable range, Captain” She looked back at the console and moved her finger over the console. “I have sent in a request of undocking protocol to the operational center of Deep Space 17.” 

The USS Jaxartes outside lights started to turn on one by one as the warp nacelles turned on with a dim blue glow, indicating that the power of the warp core was stable, and they were now no longer dependent on the power grid of Deep Space 17. “Yes!” Adrián said with a cheer and bolds his fist into the air, “Warp core activation completed, the ship is ready for launch Captain” He said with a proud tone, “Confirmation from navigational control, Captain. The computer system indicates we can travel now to our destination” T’Path spoke to confirm the activation as she resumed, “Deep Space Operations is hailing us”.

That was a relief to hear. Sazra could feel the tension leave her body. “On screen” She requested as the Commander of Deep Space 17 appeared on the screen in front of them. “Commander” Sazra respectfully acknowledge her.

“Ensign Praugol, congratulations are in order. You have successfully cleaned and repaired, and I can honestly say give life back to the Jaxartes. The former crew has extended their gratitude for your achievement of taking that extra step to bring this ship back to its former glory and wishes you the best on your new voyages. We, of Deep Space 17, have seen your crew work hours and with much dedication and love on this ship” He paused as he placed his hands behind his back and continued “So, with that being said, we accept your request for undocking and wish you best in your assignment out in the Typhon Frontier. Please stay within the proper parameters of your assignment as I have no ship to spare to pick you up” He winks at her and then claps his hands with some of the other officers following. “Once more, congratulations, Captain, and a safe voyage.”

Feeling a tear of joy rolling down her cheek, Sazra nods to the Commander as everyone on the bridge nods and smiles at each other “Thank you, Commander, for all the given support you and your crew have provided to our ship and sometimes demanding needs” She eyes at Rami who shrugs at that comment then looked back “We are grateful for everything you have done, and we shall be back with good results of our assignment” 

“That is good to hear, Ensign. Safe travels, Deep Space 17 out” The Commander stated one final time as he gave the nod to Sazra, then it changed back to the port view.

“Helm, take us out,” Sazra spoke the magical words as she relaxed into her chair, “Yes, sir” T’Path responded as Sazra could hear the ship getting released from the station grip and moving slowly into space. Slowly, the Jaxartes moved through a lighted path out into the open space. Sazra sat up in her chair and looked at the screen, seeing the stars more beautiful. “Plotting course to Typhon Frontier” T’Path spoke.

“Keep a constant check on the warp core, Ensign Valerio. We don’t want to hail for support from Deep Space 17 when we just left their docks” Sazra gave the order to him as he nodded to her. “Don’t worry. This kitten is purring just fine” Sazra shook her head slightly and wished she could understand his fascination with cats. What was so magical about a creature with zero respect for its owner and demanded food and attention on their terms? Sazra shrugs a bit, “T’path, let us explore some stars. Go”

With the magical words now spoken, the USS Jaxartes moves further away from Deep Space 17 and suddenly jumps with a blue shot of the warp cells into the darkness of space to warp. Their mission to explore the Typhon Frontier and contribute to science for the entire Federation started. 


  • I want to read the adventures of the Mariner, but I had to come back and see how the crew got started first! I really like the concept you started with, of fresh officers having to build up their own command from a derelict and bonding as a crew over it. I felt poor Sazra’s frustration when she first got her “new” ship, but the way she provided a cooler head and focused outlook over the course of the mission is a good foreshadowing of the captain she will become. I was also particularly tickled by Sazra’s confusion over the human fascination with cats; from her perspective, it really does seem odd! Anyway, cheers to the first steps of the future Mariner crew!

    June 14, 2023