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Part of USS Jaxartes: Start-Up Problems

Almost…just when does it stop?

Deep Space 17 - Promenade
December 2393
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The sound of clinking bottles against each other was heard as a group cheered to themselves, taking a sip of their well-deserved celebration. The cafe was quite crowded and had the reputation of being full most of the time. “I don’t know how you pulled this off, Adrián, but this place is amazing!” Sazra said, taking another sip of her drink and looking around, approving the Betazoids music that played in the background. 

He smiled. “I do have my connections, my lady. Plus, this is a well-earned relaxation for us all. We worked months on the Jaxartes, and honestly, when I first saw the condition of it, I thought Starfleet legit hated you” Adrián spoke, taking a sip of his drink. 

“The ship was a disaster, but we made it our private paradise!” Silina pointed out, happy with the outcome. “Now we can go out there and do your dream project, Captain” She lifted her bottle to Sazra and winked at her. “Looking forward to working with you on this new endeavor” They all cheered and took another sip of their beers.

Rami smiled at them. “You all have done great work, the Jax is worthy of a crew, and I am glad that I could pitch in” The others smiled at that.

“Are you sure about that Rami? So you have given our fresh Captain more paperwork with your repeating one offense to another?” Adrián grinned, giving that tease to Rami as he shook his head, taking another sip of the drinks.

“Now, now boys, we are in the clear. Nothing will hold us back from going out there and making our Starfleet contribution towards science and exploration.” Sazra smiled, “Whatever problems come past us, I shall deal with it. Onwards for the Jaxartes”

“Jax?” A voice came from their side as some men laughed softly when a Petty Officer shook his head. “That hunk of junk is not even going to get out of docks” Looking at his fellow team members, “The Jax is a flying disaster, and anyone that wants to fly in that thing has to have a death wish” He smirks at the idea and looked back at the four sitting there “Well it does have a fitting crew.” The others laugh at that “A rule breaking Security Officer, a cheapshot Engineer, a sleazy doctor, and a …” Looking up and down at Sazra “Worthless Science Officer that thinks she is a Captain” The others laugh even more.

With that last remark, Rami wanted to stand up and teach them a lesson as Sazra held him back by pushing on his shoulder with her hand shaking her head. “You boys got nothing else to do than being stuck on the lower decks where dreams are melted into the pipes you fix” Adrián spoke, shaking his head, seeing the disapproving look of Sazra and shrugs, taking a sip of his drink.

“Well, better have a job than be the lowest graded officer in the academy” The enlist pointed out.

“Well, he has been in the academy and actually has passed it. I think Starfleet has a keen eye to reject the trash at the gates,” Silina pointed out to the enlisted. “Stick with what you are good at, or in your case, stick with the job that we don’t have time for” The doctor took a drink on that as Adrián smirked. 

The enlist pushed himself onto his feet and moved to the doctor’s personal space, who didn’t react. “Oh, big words, heh doc? Oh, come on, show me what you can do” He looked at his mates and grinned “I bet you sleaze your way up the chain to get that pip on your neck.”

Sazra held with that reaction her other hand on that of Silina but couldn’t hold Adrián back as before she knew it, an elbow flew into the face of the enlisted, who fell backward onto the ground. “Sorry, there is a limit. You just don’t cross” He spoke as the other enlisted got up after seeing their mate on the ground. The man on the ground checked his nose as it was bleeding and furiously yelled “GET THEM!” Rami broke free from Sazra’s hand and gave a left fist to the person that wanted to jump Adrián, making him fly over the table.

Taking a deep breath, she saw her crew getting into the fight, and before she knew it, Sazra was also dragged into the fight. This was not going to end well for her. The fight in total took about 7 minutes, and then the security barge into the bar to take them to the brig for creating unwanted chaos. Sazra was sitting in the brig with a blue eye as one got her with a fist. Leaning against the wall looking up “We have not even launched….what more can go wrong.”