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Evaluation Duo

Sick Bay
August 13 2400
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With her arrival at Eos Station, it was only respectful and logical to go towards the sick bay and get an evaluation on her medical dossier so that the Chief Medical was up to date on her condition, even though she had none. Though she admitted that Dr. Longfellow was an interesting person who had served medical for years, he had to endure some complex changes that were brought upon him.

Walking into the sick bay, she looked around as a nurse walked toward her. “Care to state your medical status?” The Vulcan spoke as Arwa smiled at her. “Here to see Dr. Longfellow for medical evaluation of Lieutenant el-Imam. I just arrived” The Vulcan nodded and moved to get him. “Please wait”

Longfellow tapped at the station at the biobed. Then stabbed at it with his finger. Then slammed it with the palm of his hand. The screen flickered, then died…, and then turned back on again in a reboot loop. It took a minute before the screen displayed the logo of Starfleet and welcomed input from a user. He sighed. It was day two of his sickbay clean-up process, and while the day had gotten started a few hours earlier, it wasn’t over, and neither were the needs of the ancient sickbay and archaic systems he was trying to force into working.

“Dr. Longfellow?”  His newly assigned Vulcan nurse moved into his peripheral vision.

He turned and accepted one of the few working PADDs from her, “A Lieutenant el-Imam…chief counselor.”  He looked around and settled on the one working bed in the room so far, “Have her come to bed five, Ensign Von.”  The officer nodded.

Von returned to Arwa “Dr. Longfellow will see you now, please make your way to bed five” 

Looking back at the woman, she nodded. “Thank you, Ensign,” She replied and walked towards the beds noticing the flickering displays on some of the beds and blinking her eyes a few times before stopping at the assigned bed where she was supposed to go. “Doctor,” She stated. 

Longfellow glanced up and gestured to the bed, “Sit on up, Lieutenant. Welcome to Eos station…or what’s left of it.”  He accepted a tricorder from Von and had to motivate the unit to work.

Hopping onto the bed, she heard a crack that made her look concerned at the doctor. “I swear I am on a diet” She joked a bit. “Thank you for the welcome. Welcome to yourself as well. If your dossier says it correctly, you are also new arrival, no?”

Henry ran the tricorder over her, “The beds are barely holding together…this one was the only one to pass the weight stress test.”  He glanced at the results, “So it’s not you, I assure you.  We’ve been putting this place through its paces.”  He handed the bulky device to Von to copy the results onto the PADD in her hands.  He returned his attention to the new head counselor as he began the physical examination, “You seem to be at least well informed, Lieutenant.”

“Well, I do tend to have a lot of fly time going through the files of my fellow senior officers, I am still going through the bulk of dossier of everyone on this base, and some are ….missing as in no one ever did them” Arwa shrugs at that as she lets the doctor continue his medical job.

A chuckle, “Counseling is hit or miss on some assignments.  Sometimes it’s a professional sitting in the chair…other times it’s a slouch who does the minimum.”  He accepted the PADD from Von as he recorded his findings, “I suppose the question is…which one are you?”

“It is kinda what I am here for, dear Doctor, one doing my medical check and two to see what your mental condition is. I …” Looking at the Vulcan who was occupied, “Tend to have read your dossier, and you had quite the experience before you came here. Is this place salvation or your place to progress your mourning period?” Making a flexing movement as the doctor requested.

Longfellow felt his heart speed up a little, and he nodded to Von to step away.  He completed his reading of her muscles and set the PADD down on the bed, and gave her a long look, “You don’t waste time getting to work, do you, Lieutenant el-Imam.”  He contemplated his next words and arrived on, “I’m not sure this place is anyone’s salvation…and I’m sure you’re aware of how long mourning someone close to you can take.”  He considered her a moment longer before finishing with, “I am willing to discuss my situation in the comforts of your office…not in mine.”

It was easier for him to open up than expected. Still, seeing that the area was entirely occupied by other personnel, respecting their privacy was in her patient’s best interest. “Understandable. I am still waiting for our Chief Engineer to come by my office to do a safety check. As you might have noticed, the base is out of date” Patching the bed softly as dust came off, it made her wipe her hand off her uniform. 

Henry chuckled at that, “They say there’s no school like the old school but in this case…I’d rather have some modern technology.”  He tapped at his PADD, “Everything looks good, Lieutenant el-Imam.  Far as my aging equipment can tell, you are cleared for duty.  Welcome aboard Eos Station.”

With that said, she hopped off the bed as it finally gave in and cracks down. Arwa looked back at it “Oh, I‘m sorry, doctor….” Arwa shrugs as she scratch behind her head “Welcome to you too, doc I guess we see each other soon?”

Longfellow gave a slight shrug, “It’s just another item to add to the engineering list.  We’ll see each other again for sure.”  He watched as she left.  Von stared at the bed and then back to him, a placid look of Vulcan annoyance on her face.  Henry handed her the PADD, “Let’s keep the list going, ensign.”  They both returned to work.