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Game Rules

Eos Station operates on a 2-1-2 rating as per

Language: swearing is permitted, with some limitations.
Sex: mild sexual innuendo and references are permitted. 
Violence: violence is permitted, with some limitations.
Gold rule: when in doubt, ask!


1. Members are expected to follow the rules of the RPG and fleet, both in and out of character. Please keep in mind that Eos Station is intended to be a place for fun and enjoyment first and foremost.

2. Important Note: as discord is our game’s primary source of OOC communication and socialization, members are expected to join the game’s discord channel. If you need help accessing the server, please email the Game Manager (

3. Characters are not permitted from the list below:

  • Non-Humanoid Races (big rock creatures, Tribbles, etc.)
  • Q, Iconians, Dowd
  • Androids
  • Borg in the Collective
  • Shapeshifters
  • Jem-Hadar still in the Dominion
  • Vorta still in the Dominion
  • Suliban
  • Species 8472
  • Augments/Angosians/Genetically engineered individuals (in Starfleet/Marine positions only)
  • Races from non-Star Trek continuities

4. While we do allow for creativity, custom races are not permitted. We find custom races very challenging, and most people struggle with getting them to fit in.

5. All players must respect the individual members of the RPG, both in-game and out of character. While we encourage realistic interactions, harassment or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

6. The Management Staff must approve major subplots to ensure that the suggested subplots do not interfere with the current/planned mission.

7. Eos Station is an active game that expects two posts per player per month and hopes to maintain between eight and ten players. This will give us approximately 16 to 20 posts a month. These will be a mixture of solo and joint posts throughout three missions per year.