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Profile Overview

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Henry Longfellow

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Longfellow


Chief Medical
USS Dragonfly


Henry Eustace Longfellow


Opheim, MT


Henry Longfellow is a doctor/physician.  He is 40 years old.  He previously worked as a doctor in the Montana Physician Network and decided to explore the Starfleet Medical track.


Henry is 6’1 and wiry.  He walks fast, moves quickly, and isn’t one to stand around.  He wears glasses due to his allergies to most treatments for vision issues.


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Kind but cantankerous.  Gentle but abrupt.  Thoughtful but annoyed.


Early Life (2360-2382)

Henry Longfellow was born to Otto and Jenimae Longfellow in Opheim, MT, on 06.1.2360.  A small town just ten miles from the Canadian border it features a bustling transport hub for the surrounding region; in danger of becoming a ghost town in the late 2000s, it won a contract with Boeing to take over the runways from the old Airforce base and begin testing experimental flight operations.  Over the years, the station grew with time and technology to what it is now.  Henry graduated from Ophiem School at 18 and went to medical school to pursue his dreams of healing others.  He graduated and was accepted to residency in Glasgow, MT, in 2382.

Doctor (2382-2398)

He quickly became a star doctor in Glasgow and met Thea Paulson, a nurse on his trauma floor.  They married within a year.  Henry finished his residency   In 2386, he completed his residency and was accepted to Great Falls Clinic Hospital, where he was placed in charge of their emergency department.  Thea followed him and became a nurse in intensive care.  The ER department was awarded Best ER in Montana annually from 2387 to 2390.  In 2390, he transferred to Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital in Bozman, MT, becoming Chief of Emergency Medicine.  He served with distinction until 2398 when Henry decided to change careers and apply for Starfleet.  Thea was part of this desire as she wanted to seek out space and explore beyond Earth.  She followed him in applying.  They were both accepted in 2398.

Starfleet Academy (2398)

At 37, he attended Starfleet Academy and graduated in two years due to his previous education and experience.  He graduated in 2400.  His wife followed a similar path and was assigned to a medical frigate.

Starbase Bravo

He was assigned as a physician to Starbase Bravo.  In June 2400, Thea died after contracting a manufactured virus targeting Romulan refugees during the “Sundered Wings” mission.  Henry is devastated and considered applying elsewhere.

Starbase Eos

His application was accepted, and he was assigned to Eos in August of 2400 as Chief Medical Officer.

USS Mackenzie

He was assigned to the Excelsior II class starship as Assistant Chief Medical Officer on 02.03.2401.

USS Dragonfly (9.15.2401-Present)

In a surprise move, the crew of the Makenzie is reassigned to the USS Dragonfly.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
9.2401 - Present Chief Medical Officer USS Dragonfly
2401 Chief Medical Officer USS Mackenzie
2401 Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Mackenzie
2400 - 2401 Chief Medical Officer Starbase Eos
2400 Staff Physician Starbase Bravo
2400 Physician Starbase Bravo
Lieutenant Junior Grade