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Eos Station: Mission 0: Ready Set Go …

Eos Station opens for business, with a less than stellar bang.

Mission Description

As the refit construction finishes on Eos Station, Star Fleet works on compiling a crew. Appointing Captain Robert Abernathy as her Commanding Officer, the crew is ordered to the station to finalize her refit and settle into their new homes.  Little do they know that their new home is nowhere near completion, and Eos is far from operational.

About the Mission

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16 September 2022

So this is the man...

Eos Station: Mission 0: Ready Set Go ...

There was quite some interesting conversation she already had to witness, but this one was one that she looked kind of forward to. The man himself, the troublemaker in his prime, Commander Abernathy, had quite the read on her latest records, and rather than waiting for him, Arwa was going to make a [...]

11 September 2022

According to chemistry, alcohol is a solution

Eos Station: Mission 0: Ready Set Go ...

From near the back of the craft, Robert glanced up from his PADD. Sure there were better ways for the Commanding Officer to travel to his assignment, but this was the fastest. Or, so he told himself. Robert leaned back as far as he could in his chair; Eos wasn’t his first choice. Hell, Eos [...]

1 September 2022

Our inner fears

Eos Station: Mission 0: Ready Set Go ...

The dim lights of the council’s office were nothing more but a rusty feature of an old station. Some junior councilors were busy with their session, but Arwa was in her office, sitting in her chair, leaning backward. Not talking, not moving, but staring at the PADD, she was holding in her right [...]

1 September 2022

Earning the Drink

Eos Station: Mission 0: Ready Set Go ...

Longfellow had closed sickbay and had limped to his quarters.  His uniform was caked in dirt, dust, and whatever else he had managed to scrape off the floors, walls, beds – everything from one end to the other…and he still wasn’t finished.  He had found ten broken medical tricorders [...]