Part of Challenger: The Romulan War: The Battle of Krios Prime

The Battle of Krios – SIX

SGS-01 Kamala, Haydorian system
Nineteenth Session of Valtama, Third Season of the Regal Kaitaama Era
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“And you’re certain his scans are coming back normal?” Ben-Ami asked for a second time, caution and concern were evident in her tone.

Sitting in his lavish VIP guest quarters on the Kamala, Lieutenant Stewart nodded again as he replied to his superior. “I’ve been taking scans of him almost every four hours as you told me and each one is coming back normal. Every time he says he can sense the infant, I’ve scanned him but I’m not detecting anything different.” Stewart just sighed as he felt that his chat with Ben-Ami may have made him feel different, but it wasn’t different. He and Liam had been guests of the First Monarch and her husband for the last two and half days now. They had insisted on them remaining on the Kamala ever since Her Majesty had linked Liam with her unborn son. Though they could go anywhere, they had found not been able to do their actual jobs a testing time.

“We’re still learning about their physiology; make sure you keep on top of it.” Ben-Ami stated before quickly changing the subject. “How are you doing anyway, Niall?”

Appreciating the question, he wobbled his head before answering. “It’s fine. I’m fine. They’re treating us really well. I mean our quarters are twice the size of those we have on Challenger. We get our meals brought to our room too. It’s like living in a five star hotel.”

Ben-Ami chuckled at that. “So what’s the problem?”

Sighing, Stewart replied. “I’m starting to feel the attention we get is becoming a bit uncomfortable.”


“Well at first I was this great healer for Prince Kalluum and now I saved his wife, the future heir to the Kriosian throne and in between all of that Liam has got himself connected to this unborn prince which has then made us godparents. It’s not what I was expecting.” He shared. “Liam feels the same. In fact Prince Kalluum had him assisting him with his training as he prepares to take that Klingon general on.”

Chuckling at his ‘complaint’, Ben-Ami appreciated that her protégé may have not been prepared enough for the diplomatic work he was doing, “Unfortunately Niall, I understand where you’re coming from. When I was thrust into command earlier on in the year when we had to abandon the ship during the Carreon conflict, there was nothing more that I wanted to do then return to sickbay and work on treating injuries or even snotting noses.” She paused. “I’m not too keen on this entire venture with the Klingons either, but the captain thinks it’s worth a shot if it can change things with the war effort. My advice to you is to grin and bear it for now. Your efforts are making sure the Kriosians remain on our side. Just think, you and Liam are Earth’s first ambassador to Krios.”

“Understood ma’am.” Stewart said in a dejected tone.

“And enjoy the luxury for now. It’s not as if when you return home that you’ll get to live like royalty! I see you wearing some new robes and don’t think I’ve not noticed the change in your hairstyle. It suits you, Niall. Keep going. Challenger out.” Ben-Ami said before closing the channel.

Sighing heavily as he leant back in the chair, Stewart knew that his boss was right. He was no longer in his uniform, instead the royal valets had prepared clothing for both him and Liam while they remained on board. The styles were not something he would wear himself, especially during his off time. He’d prefer to wear a simple t-shirt and a pair of jogging bottoms, instead most of his clothing was made of some form of silk and it would appear that the fashion for most younger men was to wear tightly fitted clothing. He felt like they had taken clothes out of Prince Kalluum’s wardrobe and had adjusted them to fit onto him and Liam. Many of the tops they wore had no sleeves or showed a lot of their chests.

Walking into their quarters, topless and only wearing a pair of silky shorts as well as being out of breath was his husband. Without saying anything, Jenkins fell back onto their huge oval shaped bed. “Oh my god, I may be dead.” He said in between breaths.

Getting out of his chair, Stewart went over to where a small collection of glasses were and poured his husband a glass of water. As he handed him the beverage, he noticed how sweaty Jenkins was. “I take it the workout was intense?”

“Intense?” Jenkins said as he carried on getting his breath out of control. “It was something else. I’ve never worked so hard in my life. Not even MACO basic training was that challenging. The prince loves to work out but when I say work out I mean literally kill himself for it.” Jenkins gulped the entire contents of the glass down in one go. “Oh my god, I needed that.”

Though Jenkins was only a few years younger than him and out of the two of them was more athletically built, Stewart couldn’t get over how badly out-of-breath Jenkins was. “Exactly what did you do?”

“Not only did he spar with me, but we did what felt like a full on marathon and then weightlifting. Apparently before Kriosians go into battle against a sworn enemy, they liked to prepare their bodies for every pain they may encounter by doing so much exercise. My arms and legs are killing me.” Jenkins answered as he tried to show how much agony he was in after the high amount of exertion he had done. “I’ve never felt so much energy in me.”

Confused by that remark, Stewart took out his medical scanner and started to scan his husband. He detected what he should see in a human after an intense amount of exercise, he noticed a significantly higher level of adrenaline pumping through him as well as endorphins. His adrenal gland and hypothalamus were over stimulated, more than they should normally be. “Jeez Liam, no wonder you’re so pumped and out of breath. I’m surprised you’ve not gone to warp yourself?”

“What do you mean?” Jenkins asked as he looked at the scans that had been taken of him. “I take it that’s not normal?”

“No, it may be this link with Kriosians. We need to calm you down before you end up collapsing on me. We need to find a way to get rid of this rush of energy.” Stewart remarked. “Plus I love you but you stink! You need to get in that bath back there!” He indicated towards the private en-suite behind them.

“Well, I’ve got one idea on how we can deal with both of those issues.” Jenkins said seductively as he turned towards his husband, pushing the scanner out of his hands and immediately picking him up into his arms.

“I thought you said, your arms hurt.” Stewart said, wondering where Jenkins was going with this.

“I can carry you to the bathroom easily and then I intend on sharing that bath!” Jenkins said as he pulled his husband in for a kiss.

Stewart decided to go with it and kissed him back before letting go. “Nah, you stink man. I can’t kiss you or do anything else with you in this state.”

“Niall, don’t be a tease!” Jenkins insisted after his husband let go of him. He took him by his hand and pulled him towards the bathroom with him. “I promise not to stink if you get in this bath with me!”

Considering his choice for a moment, Stewart sighed and decided to go with it. In some way whatever was happening to Jenkins, he was sort of enjoying the over the top romantic gestures he was throwing his way. Quickly he chased after his husband and closed the door behind them to enjoy the delights of being a VIP on the Kamala.

Sunday, November 22nd, 2155
Challenger NX-03, Haydorian system

Quickly sipping on his bottle of water, Fleet Captain Lloyd Burton was gasping not just for the water but for air as well. He had just finished his last sparring round with his MACO leader and science officer. A last minute attempt to get some final practice in before he took on General Merik. Surprised that the Klingon had agreed to Kalluum’s request to expand the challenge, the Klingon leader had told them that his own first officer would join him in their hand-to-hand fight. However he had added further terms to their fight. If they won then Krios would surrender to the Empire and become loyal subjects and Burton would have to hand Challenger over as a trophy. If Burton and Kalluum won though, not only would Merik agree to take their evidence to the Klingon High Council but he would pull his forces away from Kriosian space while the High Council deliberated. Effectively it gave them a cease fire.  If both Burton and Kalluum were successful then it would make such a difference.

“You almost had me there, sir.” Trommler said in between breaths as he took out his black towel and patted the sweat off from his neck after he took off his boxing gloves.

Walker agreed as he helped the MACO leader take the safety helmet off from around his face. “I’m not so sure there Luis, you kept the captain moving on his toes.” The science chief remarked as he passed Trommler his own water bottle to have.

Burton sat down on the nearby bench and smirked at both men. “I appreciate you both with the help these last few days.”

Following his captain, Trommler took a seat near Burton as he continued to suck on the bottle. In between gulps, he spoke. “I still think you’re brave to want to take on two Klingons with His Royal Highness, sir.”

“Stupid comes to mind.” Burton replied and gave a coy look towards Walker who scoffed in a joking way. “That said, Kalluum seems to be in better shape than me.”

“The prince does appear to be a…” Walker paused as he tried to remember something. “Now what was it that Private Jenkins called him?”

“Beefy” Trommler stated. “He said the prince looked like a beefy grizzly bear.”

Intrigued but slightly confused by that statement, Burton looked to his MACO. “A beefy grizzly bear?” He repeated. “So what does that make me?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Trommler chuckled. “I’m not sure sir, but between you and the prince, I do think you’ll have a chance against the Klingons. I mean, I read some of their cultural database and before a fight they like to drink hefty amounts of something called blood wine. You may be able to out do them if they’re drunk enough!”

“Damn it, why didn’t I challenge them to a drinking game?” Burton said with a chuckle.

Both Walker and Trommler joined in with the laughter there.

“You may have lost that one, sir.” Walker said. “From what Luis told me earlier about his research, that blood wine makes vodka look like water.”

“Ah jeez, you’re making me feel good about myself fellas.” Burton said as he got up.

“Sorry sir,” Walker said. “You do have one thing to your advantage. The battlefield they’ve chosen is on a shoreline. Klingons like to wear heavier clothing, including boots so they may be slower in the sand where you and Kalluum need to remain light on your feet.”

Appreciating the last bit of advice, Burton thanked both men before heading towards the exit. He needed to take a shower as in one hour he would be taken on two sturdy, hopefully drunk Klingons with a beefy bear beside him. Rolling his eyes as he walked through the doorway, he wondered why the hell he agreed to any of this and why he didn’t just return to Earth with the rest of the fleet.

Meeting up with everyone for lunch was a welcome change, one that Martha Habiba had been looking forward to all day. For her it was relatively a quiet day. She had picked up an extra shift on the bridge, while Commander Walker helped the captain prepare for his upcoming battle. Walking into the mess hall, she approached where the service slots were and smiled to see their cook extraordinaire was loading up dishes.

“How are things going Montanna?” Habiba asked, catching the chef off guard.

Lawson turned around straight away after placing the food into the slot and closing it. Smiling at Habiba, she answered. “Martha, what great timing. I was just putting out today’s lunch.”

“Great, I’m starving.” The second science officer said as she grabbed a tray. “What’s on the menu today?”

“Beef lasagne.” Lawson answered. “That said, not many people have come to get anything to eat. I’m worried that everything is fretting over this fight the captain has to be involved with.”

“I get that.” Habiba said as she loaded her tray with cutlery. “I’ve spent the morning mapping out this system.”

“Anything nice to be aware of?” Lawson wondered.

“Besides the Minshara class world close to the Klingon Empire, nothing else exciting. That said the planet itself is going through some shifts in its weather. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of hundred years time, it’d be in some sort of ice age.” Habiba replied.

“Perfect for our Andorian allies then.” Lawson said just as the doors to the mess hall opened allowing for three others to enter.

“And just like that, my lunch dates are here.” Habiba smiled as she smirked over at the three women. They all walked over to join her. Lieutenant Malone, Doctor Payne and Ensign Hathaway.

Smiling at the scene, Lawson was pleased to see that Habiba was back out of her slump from earlier on in the year and was starting to make new friends. “Well then, I’ll leave you ladies to enjoy your food.”

“Hi Martha.” Malone said with a huge smile. “How’s your day been?”

“Busy with mapping this new star system. Yours?” Habiba answered as they started to load up their trays with food and drink.

Malone rubbed an eyelash before she answered. “Finishing off the repairs to the ship from the Klingon battle.”

Payne snorted at that point, “Tell me about it. I’ve ended up treating Ensign Reddick’s booboo he sustained during it.”

“A big booboo or a small one?” Hathaway quizzed. “And where?”

“I can’t tell you that, doctor-patient confidentiality.” Payne answered as she grabbed a bowl of fries. “Let’s just say it requires a bit of treatment and tender care.”

“Ha, tender care means she gets to see him topless.” Malone remarked with a chuckle.

“Damn Hillary, you get to see someone like Reddick without a top on and you’re not prepared to tell me where you’ve treated him?” Hathaway said with suggestive raising of her eyebrows.

Before Payne could answer, Habiba leapt to her defence. “I’m sorry ladies, but when did we jump back in time almost a century and half ago and become lustful for the men around us?”

All three laughed as they took a few more bits from the counter before heading to an empty table which had four chairs.

“I know what you’re saying,” Hathaway remarked as she took her chair. “Our ancestors would be turning in their graves if they knew we were subjecting men to being seen as just pieces of pure meat, but you can’t dismiss the fact Martha you’ve not looked!”

Habiba shook her head in disbelief. “I’m certain there’s a Starfleet protocol you’re breaking for suggesting it.”

“Oh come on Martha, you’re telling me there’s not someone on this ship you’ve not considered getting with?” Malone teased.

At that point Habiba went quiet as she was reminded about her relationship with Conrad and now that he was gone, she would never know what could have been. Thankfully Hathaway knew about it and spoke up instead.

“Jack was one hell of a guy.” She said, “He was cute and I know he adored you.”

Malone and Payne looked at one another then back to Habiba. Payne spoke up. “Oh Martha, you’re telling me you and Lieutenant Conrad were together? Why did you never say anything to us?”

“Yeah, honey, why did you not share that? I feel like an absolute idiot for coming out with that comment.” Malone said, extending her hand over to grab Habiba’s.

Appreciating the gesture, Habiba just smiled half-heartedly. “Jack and I were together for a short while and we broke it off before we rescued you guys. It was my fault and I should have done more to have kept him. I will miss him but I’m okay.” She looked at Hathaway, “and yes he was super cute.”

“So is Reddick.” Malone mentioned as she looked at Payne. “You gotta admit it Hillary, you’ve taken a peak!”

Suppressing her chuckle, Payne placed a hand over her mouth and shook her head. “I’m not saying anything.” She added before looking at Hathaway. “That said, what’s the latest between you and Sergeant Iyer?”

The second helm officer sighed. “I have no idea, one minute he seems interested and then the next our work seems to be getting in the way.”

“Ouch.” Malone said. The second engineer picked up her fork and started to push her salad around as she cut a slice out of her lasagne. “You should ask him out right if things are going to go somewhere?” She then proceeded to place what was on her fork into her mouth before picking up her napkin to dab her lips.

“Hmm.” Hathaway replied. “I’m not sure.”

“Are we actually going to sit here and talk about the men in our lives over lunch?” Habiba asked her fellow officers.

“Well talking about men in our lives,” Payne remarked. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much testosterone being thrown around in the gym lately. The captain, Commander Walker and Captain Trommler all in there in the early hours of the morning, working out. I can’t believe the captain is going through this.” She said that last sentence in a lower volume before pushing her meal on to her fork..

Hathaway finished what she was chewing on as she reached for her mug of coffee. “Oh, I can.” She replied. “From what I’ve heard on the bridge in the last few days, the Klingons love to show off their bravado in being tough, strong and mighty. The level of masculinity is ridiculous!”

“Are we lucky that Fleet Captain Burton is in command instead of his predecessor then?” Malone asked aloud. “From what I heard, Captain Karim was an impressive woman.”

“She was.” Habiba agreed as she cut up her food. “That said, she may have actually insisted on fighting General Merik herself.”

“I bet she would have kicked his ass as well.” Hathaway remarked. “Anyway, if the captain doesn’t beat the general then we’d be lucky to see Earth. I heard a rumour that he agreed to surrender Challenger over if he lost.”

“What?” Payne said, doubting such a thing. “Why would he do such a thing?”

“Who told you that?” Malone asked next.

Hathaway looked around the room, it was still relatively quiet and as she took another sip. “I oversaw an agreement that Tanisha was translating. I’m sure I saw it.”

“Then let’s hope the captain does win. I don’t fancy becoming a subject of the Klingon Empire.” Malone said.

“That’s a horrible thought to consider.” Habiba stated. “I’d be really surprised if the captain agreed to it. That doesn’t sound like something he’d do.”

“I’m not so sure about that.” Payne said. “Things, I’ve heard the good Ro-fa mumble and grumble about in sickbay in the last few days. All of this Klingon bravado as we mentioned earlier, I genuinely think the captain is adamant in bringing the Krisions and Klingons into the war effort on our side. I’m certain she thinks he will do whatever it takes.”

“Surely Starfleet won’t approve of that.” Malone stated.

Shaking her head, Hathaway agreed with her friend. “If my aunt has anything to say about it, but radio silence with Earth isn’t helping us either.”

The mention of her aunt, made the other three women pause. Habiba spoke up before anyone else said anything. “Before any of you say it, don’t. I know what you’re thinking about getting a message out to Fleet Admiral Hathaway about what is happening. I promise you now, it won’t help us and it may bring in the unwelcome attention of the Romulans if they find out where we are.”

“Plus my aunt may actually welcome Burton’s out of the box thinking.” Hathaway advised. She sighed. “As we said, let’s hope the captain is victorious.”

Northern Hemisphere, Haydorian Prime

Though their battlefield was in the northern part of Haydorian, Burton was surprised to find out that the Klingons had picked one of the small tropical islands close to the equator to have their duel. Arriving down in one of their shuttlepods, Burton had exited after Captain Trommler and several of his MACOs had made sure the area was clear.

Stepping out with Ben-Ami beside him, the doctor looked at him as the temperature hit them. “I suppose there’s still nothing I can say to change your mind over this?” She pondered aloud.

Shaking his head, he declined her offer before whipping out his communicator after noticing the arrival of the shuttle from the Kamala. “Burton to Challenger.”

“Go ahead, sir.” answered Rodham.

“Alex, we’ve arrived safely as have our friends from the Kamala.” Burton spoke. “Remember what I said, if things go south then beam everyone up and get the ship out of here.”

“I don’t like it, sir but I get the idea.” Rodham replied. “Good luck sir.”

“Thanks Number One.” Burton ended the call by closing the communicator up.

Prince Kalluum had departed from his craft after his own people had secured the site too. He was followed out by Stewart, who was not wearing his uniform, but a number of impressive regal robes similar to his Kriosian host.

“Your Highness,” Burton said as he greeted the tall, muscular man. Wanting to avoid smirking at the crown prince, Burton  attempted to squash the comment that Private Rafferty had made about Kalluum being a beefy grizzly bear. However it was in the back of his mind as they shook hands. “Are you ready?”

“As always.” Kalluum said as she tore off his shirt and raised the destroyed garment in the air which caused his own people to cheer for him.

Burton, surprised at that movement, looked at Stewart. At first he was speechless, instead Stewart spoke. “Don’t worry sir, if you want to rip your own uniform off, then I’ll be happy to cheer for you.” He paused. “If you want me to?”

Burton glared at him and instead went on to just unzip his jumpsuit, tie the arms around his waist and then undid his collar followed by taking his undershirt off, just showing his vest. Once he was done, Stewart gave out a cheer and woop. This was echoed by Captain Trommler and the other MACOs.

“Calm yourselves down.” Burton said aloud. As he finished talking before him and Kalluum a set of Klingon transporter beams appeared out of nowhere. A group of Klingons now stood before them. General Merik in the centre.

“Fleet Captain Burton! Prince Kalluum! It is time for you to face the gates of Sto-vo-kor!” Merik shouted.

Gazing at one another, Burton and Kalluum returned their fixation on the Klingon. “And I hope our agreement is honoured?” Burton bellowed back.

“It is!” Merik called back. He turned to the Klingon who was beside him. “Meet Commander Korg, my first officer. We will bring you to your end!”

Korg, like Merik, has been affected by the augment virus. He was tall and had a thick black goatee. One of his eyes was covered by a patch. He snarled at his opponents. Neither of them flinched at him.

“Enough talk, let us fight!” Kalluum declared, as he hit his chest with both hands.

The fight then began.

Merik and Korg ran down the beach, both warriors were wearing their heavy armour as both Burton and Kalluum had guessed. Starting his run towards them, the two allies approached the huge Klingons and without thinking Burton threw the first punch right into Korg’s right cheek. Kalluum on the other hand had kicked Merik high into his chest. The Klingon general stumbled backwards while his accomplice quickly turned back on Burton by hitting him in the stomach with both hands clenched together. Winded, Burton fell backwards onto his back. Getting quickly off his feet, Burton dodged another hit from Korg and was able to inflict another blow with a swift kick to his groin before he was able to get up on his feet. Instantly the Klingon roared in pain, giving Burton the chance to carry on with the attack. Meanwhile Kalluum had both his fists up as he and Merik punched their way through their fight. Dodging and ducking to avoid a few hits, Merik was able to land a powerful jibe in Kallum’s mouth, forcing the prince to step backwards and automatically spit out blood. Merik, thinking he had scored a direct hit, wasn’t expecting what hit him next. Out of nowhere Burton appeared to have flown through the sky and slide tackle him to the ground, knocking the general to the floor. It gave Kalluum the chance to recover and get his focus back to the fight. Korg was back on his feet as he approached Burton, the anger was now soaring through his veins and eyes. Not giving him the chance to do anything, Burton scrambled to his feet and using the back of his right elbow smacked it into the side of Korg’s face. Something cracked the moment Burton’s elbow had hit him and within a second Korg’s face turned in an almost slow-motion fashion from the direct hit. Falling down like a massive tree, Korg was out of the fight. Burton stood there for a second, panting to get his breath back as he watched his success. Turning around he caught the attention of Merik, who seemed to shout out some loud noise or word in Klingonese. Instantly he turned his attention back to Kalluum and using his left shoulder knocked the prince to the floor before running towards Burton. Unable to get out of the way, Burton was grabbed around the waist and pushed to the floor by the large Klingon. Instantly the Klingon general had his hands clawed around Burton’s neck and was choking him to death. Trying desperately to push the Klingon oaf off of him, Burton was struggling to breath. Using the back of one of his hands, while the other remained fixed around his neck, Merik started to pummell Burton’s face. His gloved knuckles had spikes so he started to scratch and cut Burton’s face with every hit. Hit after hit, punch after punch, Burton was starting to choke on his own blood and was in so much agony he knew this was the end. He had failed, he took one more breath and saw Merik sneering over him. His arms went loose and as he blinked one more time he missed seeing Prince Kalluum charging across the beach and tackle Merik off from him. Screaming as he did, Kalluum had kicked Merik where he landed. The sand and dust went up and blinded Merik, giving the Kriosian the chance to knock him down. Burton rolled to his side, coughing more blood onto the sand grains below him. He could feel the itchiness of the ground around him, slowly he pushed himself up and got up from the ground. Knowing he needed to be standing to prove they had won, he walked up to where Kalluum was fighting the general. One hand was doing the punch and in a similar fashion to how Merik had been with Burton, Kalluum was constantly punching him in the face.

“Give in.” Kalluum demanded.

“mevyap petaQ!” Merik shouted as he coughed somewhat.

Burton helped Kalluum get back to his feet, both men were covered in cuts and bruises. Burton then stepped forward and offered a hand towards Merik. “You fought well, general.”

“Not well enough.” Merik complained as he rubbed his chin and swatted Burton’s helping hand. He pushed himself up and looked over to where Korg still laid. “If this had been on my bridge, then you’d both would have had the honour taking command from me.”

“No thanks.” Burton said in between breaths. “Have we proven ourselves enough now for you to do what we agreed to?”

Merik looked at both men, his eyes squinting as he looked them up and down before he smirked and just nodded a few times gently. “We have an accord, captain.” He then pulled out his communicator and before he could speak he started to cough more. He then collapsed on the floor. Looking down at Merik, Burton noticed that all of a sudden the Klingon general’s skin started to glow somewhat. The glow then disappeared and was left by what looked like Merik’s skin slightly ageing. The Klingon general looked at them just as Ben-Ami arrived on the scene. Merik’s crew then rushed over to him.

“What’s happening?” Ben-Ami offered. “I’m a doctor, let me help you.” She started to scan him but Merik shouted at her.

“It’s the nehret, a virus that is like old age.” Merik stated in between coughs. Standing up straighter now, he looked as if he got his energy back just in time for his fellow warriors to pick up his unconscious first officer.  Using his communicator again, he spoke into it. “jol yIchu’!” The general, his first officer and his officers were covered by a red transporter beam and disappeared from the beach, leaving Burton and Kalluum to look at one another. Burton smirked as did Kalluum. Both men hugged one another as Ben-Ami turned to look at them both while Stewart raced over with Trommler and the rest of their crews.

“Well done captain.” Ben-Ami said as she started to scan him. “You’ve earned yourself several days in sickbay.”

“It’s worth it.” Burton said as Trommler placed the captain’s left arm over his shoulder and around his neck, Private Rafferty did the same on the other side as they carried him towards Shuttlepod One.

“Let’s get him back to the ship.” Trommler ordered.

Stewart was helping Prince Kalluum return to his craft with some of his people. Kalluum, who was not as injured as Burton, smirked at Stewart as he watched the MACOs help the Starfleet captain get into the smaller ship. He turned to Stewart and kept his grin. “My wife was right to seek your people out. If today is any indicator, then our alliance will be a strong one for generations.”

“Let’s hope so.” Stewart responded after still not believing what he had just witnessed. He was certain he had seen Kalluum do something with his empathic abilities against the Klingon general. It was the same thing he had witnessed his wife do to Jenkins when she wanted to use him to help save her unborn child. He knew he’d need to report this to his captain as soon as possible, but for now he had to carry on with the diplomatic mission he and his husband were on. He had to keep nice with the Kriosians.

For now.


  • Yet again masterfully done! I am enjoying the different POV's in this story and the fact that I still have no idea what the end game of this plot is makes it all the better! The different interaction with different species and conversations is perfect! Thanks for leaving me on the edge of my seat.

    April 8, 2022