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Part of USS Odyssey: The End Of All Our Exploring

The Welcoming Party

Unknown Vessel, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 76036.991
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The moment the transporter cycle was complete, Commander Duncan raised his phaser rifle high and the light from the torch on its top shone through the black darkness that filled the ship’s bridge. His hot breath hit against the screen of his EVA suit as he and his team looked around at their settings.

“Move out.” He called over the intercom to them all. Like a tool of precision, the team moved out to secure the bridge of this unknown freighter. Moving forward slowly, Duncan made his way forward and opened a channel with the ship. “Duncan to Odyssey, we’ve arrived sir.”

“Excellent, Hazard Teams Beta, Delta, Gamma and Omega have arrived safely in their locations and are beginning their search.” Spoke Captain McCallister. “Any signs of life or who the ship belongs to?”

“None yet, sir.” Duncan answered coolly. They could barely see anything that would give them a clue yet.

One of the engineer specialists assigned to alpha team spoke up. “Sir there’s an active console over here!”

Moving at an almost snail’s pace, Duncan joined the Efrosian engineer who was scanning the console that showed a standard Federation LCARS display. “Ensign is it safe to use?”

Nodding to confirm, the engineer accessed the console with Duncan’s blessing and soon enough power throughout the entire ship came alive and every console switched on. The sound of the life support and environmental controls activating could be heard through their helmets speakers.

Odyssey to Alpha Team, we are detecting power coming online across the entire ship.” Spoke Commander Hunsen. “You should be able to breath the air shortly.”

“Acknowledged Odyssey.” Duncan replied, but he didn’t plan to take his helmet off just yet. As the ship came to life a hologram appeared in the centre of the bridge area. It’s appearance was neutral in expression, gender – in fact in all areas.

Activating his helmet’s camera sensors, Duncan spoke into the intercom. “Duncan to Odyssey, are you getting all of this?”

“Acknowledged Max, we can see clearly. Is that a hologram?” Captain McCallister asked.

“Aye sir, it is.” Duncan answered.

The captain’s voice was replaced by Commander Hunsen’s, “These freighters are equipped with an emergency holographic package that includes holograms that assist with medical, engineering, navigation, tactical, command and control as well as entertainment matters.” The Betazoid engineer explained. “But from what I can see Max, you’ve activated the default setting.”

“What do you mean the default setting Tremt?” Max asked as he studied the hologram, just like everyone else in his team.

Max was surprised that it wasn’t Tremt who answered but Lukiz Jen instead. “He means that hologram is the default template. Those packages normally require the captain of the ship to determine what they will look like. Most freighter captains use themselves.”

“I’m just checking the scans of that hologram now Max,” Hunsen added. “You won’t believe it but from what I can see this is the first time it has been activated.”

Before anyone could react, the freighter’s computer voice (a low but sultriest feminine tone) spoke. “Activating Emergency Holographic Crew Package, please stand clear for scans to be undertaken to determine visual appearance.”

Startled at that announcement, Duncan hadn’t had a chance to move before the computer scanned him with blue beams of light and then changed the hologram to appear like him. “Oh damn it.” He said.

“Oh damn it.” The computer repeated and copied his voice and then before long the hologram repeated the same phrase in the same way he had just said it.

Eyes wide open at the sight before him, the hologram then came to life. “Welcome, I am your Emergency Command & Control Hologram. Please state the designation of this craft and your name.”

A slight chuckle could be heard over the intercom and Captain McCallister’s voice could be heard next. “Seems you’ve made first contact there Max.” A pause followed and the captain commanded the counsellor to answer the hologram.

“I’m Commander Max Duncan of the Federation starship U-S-S Odyssey.” Duncan said greeting the holographic version of him that was stood in a black neck collared jumper, black trousers and boots.

“Greetings Commander Duncan, as you are a Starfleet officer am I to assume this vessel is under the direct control of Starfleet Command?” The hologram enquired politely.

“Not quite.” Duncan said, “Can you tell me how this ship got out here?”

Looking at the floor slightly, the hologram appeared to be searching the database as white lines appeared across its eyes. It then stopped. “There is no record on this ship’s database on how it came to be located at these coordinates.”

Rolling his eyes at the lack of getting anywhere, Duncan asked another question. “Where was the ship constructed?”

The hologram did the same again and checked the computer’s data at lightspeed. It then looked back at Duncan. “There is no record on this ship’s database of where it was built. The vessel has no set designation or commanding officer. Do you wish to establish yourself as its commanding officer Commander Max Duncan?”

“Max do it.”  McAllister commanded.

Regretting his choice to join the away team, Duncan spoke up. “Yes I do.”

“Command protocols have been transferred to Max Duncan; this ship is now under his command. Further data is required for starship operations to be assume.” The hologram stated.

“Clarify.” Duncan asked.

“The vessel has no set designation.” It repeated.

“Name it.” McCallister ordered.

Not known to be original in his creativity or naming ships, Duncan thought about it for a while. “This ship is known as the Troy.”

“The Troy, really?” spoke Doctor Sylvexs, almost mocking the choice.

Supporting Duncan was Commander Reyas who came to his defence over the intercom. “Troy, as in the city that Odysseus left and returned home from. Good choice Max.”

Ignoring the exchange, which he imagined was happening on the bridge of the Odyssey, Duncan focussed back on the hologram.

“Acknowledged. This ship is now known as the Troy. All ship systems are accessible to Captain Max Duncan of the Troy.” The hologram stated.

“Knew he was trying to go for a promotion.” Cambil amusingly commented on. The First Officer chuckled slightly at her own remarks before speaking further. “Max, have it open all systems to everyone. We may be able to find a few more pieces to the puzzle with full access.”

“Understood,” Duncan said and then he looked over to the hologram, “I want you to open access to all ship systems to any user.”

The hologram looked startled at that order. “Are you sure? Such a request could cause damage to the ship’s system. You can recede the request at a later stage though.”

“Do it.” Max said.

A second after completing the work, the hologram looked back at Duncan. “Request completed. Is there anything else you need?”

“Not for now.” Duncan answered.

The hologram then deactivated itself.

“Hold on Max, I’m heading over now with an engineering team.” Hunsen announced.

“Once the ship is fully secure by Hunsen and his people, we’ll dock it with the Odyssey and then resume our course to Deep Space Five.” McCallister stated. “We can work on the Troy on route.”

“Understood sir.” Max said. He looked around the ship and just wondered why a brand-new ship would be left in the middle of no-where.