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Goodbye Tears

USS Odyssey NCC-80000, Hellian Expanse, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 76020.6
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Captain’s log stardate seven six oh two oh point six. I have submitted our report on the loss of the Holt to Starfleet Command Headquarters and informed them of the Gorn’s involvement. Thankfully there’s been no further repercussions from the misunderstanding with them. Counsellor Duncan has prepared a memorial for the crew of the Holt and Captain Hawkins.

In the main crew lounge it felt like a majority of the crew had turned up to pay their respects. Stood in the central pit on the lower floor of the lounge (also known as the auditorium by some of the crew), Captain McCallister was surrounded by his sons and wife as they looked to the bar where Duncan was stood in front of it in the centre. Knowing that their chief counsellor and diplomatic officer had originally asked not to speak about the recent loss of his father, the famous fleet admiral, it had been a welcome surprise when he had offered to organise and lead the memorial service.

Clearing his throat, with a drink in his hand, Duncan started and his voice echoed around the room as the computer picked it and transmitted across the intercom system. “I’m not aware if any of us knew many of our fallen comrades from the Holt, but what I do know is that like so many who have sacrificed their lives for this uniform did so honourable and courageously.” Pausing so he could look at a good number of his audience, Duncan continued to speak. “When we all signed up to join Starfleet, none of us knew what dangers lurked around the next corner but we knew that it would never be easy. What we do day in and day out isn’t a pleasure cruise for any of us. It doesn’t matter what position we hold; we all contribute to that effort. If the Holt crew is like this crew, then I am certain they all knew that, every day when they put on their uniforms.”

There was complete silence in the room as everyone starred and listened in depth to what the counsellor was saying. “In fact I am certain they knew it, as so many of us here knew their captain well. Captain Zack Hawkins was an amazing man. When he was our first officer, he took his time to get to know us all. I know his daily visits to various departments became legendary as so many department heads thought he was doing an inspection, but what he was really doing was making sure we, as a crew, were okay and understood that the work we did was worthwhile. When he left to take command of the Holt, I can remember he insisted that Commander Cambil carry on that tradition, of which she has.” At that point he raised his glass towards the Bajoran executive officer and there were a few cheers and claps for that. “She has honoured him well and was a worthy successor, but I think it’s time we all carry that burden. This ship has been in service for over a decade now, we are a fine crew and I like to think one of the best in Starfleet. So we need to make sure we look after one another, check-in with one another. When Captain Hawkins agreed to become Captain McCallister’s first officer so many years ago, they boldly took on a challenge of integrating two well established crews from two separate ships and put them together on one. But I know for a fact that none of us look at ourselves as a former member of either of those ships, we are one unit, one family. So let us honour the memory of our fallen former first officer and continue to move forward together doing what he always said to us: we are making a difference with everything we do.”

The entire lounge then erupted into cheers and applaud. Joining in with the celebration, McCallister knew that Duncan had said everything right and had chosen a great way to preserve Hawkins’ legacy. Knowing he had to say something to the crew, McCallister eased himself through the crowd and joined Duncan by the bar. The crew all quiet down and the captain took a glass from the side off from a tray (that was ready to be handed out to everyone) and raised it. “To Captain Hawkins and the crew of the Holt, may they rest in peace knowing they served the Federation well!” He said and the entire crew copied his actions and raised their glasses too.

McCallister clinked his glass with Duncan’s then took a sip from it. He immediately realised it was Aldebaran whiskey, Zack’s favourite and what they had drank on the evening after the ship was launched. Smiling at Duncan, the captain praised him for what he had said. “Thank you Max, those were great words to honour Zack and his crew.” Leaning in, he hugged the younger man who he had been mentoring for some time now. “Your father would be proud to.” He whispered.

“Thank you sir.” Duncan said quietly back.

The rest of the senior staff all walked over to them and joined them by taking a glass of the green whiskey. Again they all raised a glass to their fallen comrade and cheered when their beverages all clinked against one another.

Looking towards his wife, McCallister smiled for the first time in days. He couldn’t of been any prouder to be the captain of the Odyssey and to be raising his family among this fine collection of people.

  • James Preston McCallister

    Squadron Commander

  • Max Duncan-Court

    Commanding Officer

  • Tremt Hunsen

    Executive Officer

  • Tobias Duncan-Court

    Chief Administrative & Training Officer
    Senior Officer of the Watch

  • Slyvexs

    Captain of Medicine

  • Cambil Bexa

    USS Themis
    Commanding Officer
    Deputy Squadron Commander
    Former First Officer

  • T'Rani

    USS Themis
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Second Officer
    Former Chief Flight Control Officer

  • Cline Lenjir

    USS Themis
    Chief Security & Tactical Officer
    Third Officer
    Former Chief Security & Tactical Officer

  • Lukiz Jen

    USS Triton
    First Officer
    Former Chief Operations Officer

  • Karyn Reyas

    USS Bellerophon
    Commanding Officer
    Former Lead Training Officer
    Cadet Unit