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Part of USS Odyssey: Order To Chaos

USS Triton: Order To Choas

The Delta Quadrant is a dangerous place, but just how well such a diverse crew cope so far from home?

Mission Description

Though it is unfamiliar territory to her crew, Captain Rio Canção is returning to a region of space her parents once called home over a thousand years ago. For Captain Canção her years of experience as a Starfleet officer have prepared her to seek out new life and new civilisations, and with such a mixed crew behind her, she knows they’re ready to boldly go where one ship went before and to pick up the mantle they started over twenty-two years ago. However, when they are ordered to join other Starfleet ships, the opportunity to share this excitement with others brings a lot of joy to her, especially as the leader of her squadron is a former student of hers. Will she need to mentor him or has the student outpassed the teacher at long last?

About the Mission

USS Triton
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Start Date
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1 April 2023

Order To Chaos - 22

USS Triton: Order To Choas

Commander Thaustin pushed his curly strawberry-blonde hair back after rematerialising on the transporter platform and gave a boyish smirk to the transporter operator as a gesture of thanks. Then, he swaggered across the room towards the door and threw his uniform jacket over his shoulder. The doors [...]

5 March 2023

Order To Chaos - 17

USS Triton: Order To Choas

“Captain’s personal log, stardate seven-eight-zero-zero-three point seven. Though returning to the Delta Quadrant had always been something I wanted to do during my Starfleet career, I now starting to reconsider that aspiration. The Borg, one of our most lethal enemies who have brutally [...]

17 February 2023

Order To Chaos - 14 - Part II

USS Triton: Order To Choas

“We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile!” Resting her hands in her lap, Captain Rio Canção felt a cold chill go down her spine as she saw the visual of the Borg settlement on the broken planet before her. No sympathy for them entered her thoughts for those drones that [...]

14 January 2023

Order To Chaos - 9

USS Triton: Order To Choas

Standing and listening to the music played by the house band, Commander Belire Kazlaf sipped on her Risan mai-tai as she focused on the lyrics. Unable to work out where the music was from, she inclined her head to the left. Triton’s Second Officer and Chief Science Officer liked how soft and [...]