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Part of USS Odyssey: Order To Chaos

Order To Chaos – 20

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000), System VDQ-505, Gradin Belt, Delta Quadrant
Stardate: 78004.8
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He was feeling relaxed: shoes off, undone shirt, and lying on the sofa. Reading his latest assignment, Alfie McCallister was in his own little world while listening to music from his earpods. Without a care in the world, the young cadet was mesmerised by the words before him. Learning about Starfleet history had become one area of his studies that he was enjoying the most. Commander Westerham had given the entire cadet unit a new assignment, and that was based around the Borg. It was relevant to what the squadron was currently involved with. Engrossed with his reading, Alfie hadn’t heard the doors open, allowing his father to enter.

“Hey, Alf!” 

The young cadet didn’t hear him.

Fleet Captain McCallister stopped in his tracks from heading towards the stairs and stopped to look at his son, all sprawled out on the sofa with his back to him. “ALFIE! He shouted. 

Alfie heard that. He jumped up and turned his head to see his dad. “Hi, dad!” He answered as he pulled his earpods out. “Sorry, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I can see that,” McCallister said. “What are you listening to?”

Feeling a bit nervous to answer that, Alfie changed the subject. “How’s your day gone with the ex-Borg?” He asked as he waved the PADD in his hands, showing the subject of his reading. 

“It’s been busy, but okay,” McCallister replied, ignoring his son’s behaviour. “I’ve promised to meet with their leaders with some of the other senior staff for their first meal. Do you want to join?”

“Umm,” Alfie considered the idea for a moment. “Nah, if you don’t mind. Jordan was going to come over here, and we were going to burn the midnight oil with this assignment from Commander Westerham. Is it okay if Jordan crashes here tonight?”

“Yeah, that’s fine; just make sure you don’t make too much mess or annoy your brothers,” McCallister replied. “Talking of which, where are they?”

“Henri and William are at soccer practice tonight, and Theo is working with his bandmates on their music,” Alfie answered. “Are you sure it’s safe to meet with these ex-Borg, dad?”

Confused by the sudden change in Alfie’s subject again, McCallister paused. “Yes, it’s totally safe. They’ve had their Borg implants removed. So why do you keep changing the subject?”

“I don’t.” protested Alfie. 

“You do.”

“I don’t.”

“You do, and stop arguing with me. What’s going on, Alf?” McCallister questioned him as he stepped forward towards his son. “Is something going on that I need to know?”

Alfie paused before he handed his earpods over to his dad. “You need to listen to this.”

Taking the small devices, he put them in his ear, and McCallister waited for his son to activate them. They then played, and he immediately heard a song he knew instantly. It was one of Karyn’s favourites, and he recognised the singer’s voice within a few seconds. He pulled the earpods out. “That’s Theo!”

Alfie nodded. “His band have been recording the songs they perform in The Auditorium and are becoming quite popular among the cadets and other junior officers on the ship.”

Surprised to hear that, McCallister smiled with a sense of pride. “That’s amazing; why hasn’t he told me himself?”

“You’ve been busy, dad.” 

Hearing that was like a quantum torpedo hitting his heart at transwarp speeds. McCallister realised how right his son was. “I knew his music was going from strength to strength, especially with all of the events they have played at – I just didn’t know he was considering making a professional career from it.”

“They’re trying to put together a swing-bang vibe for their next set on Friday night,” Alfie shared.

“Then I’ll be there,” McCallister assured before he started to make his way back up towards the stairs. “In the meantime, don’t you have work to finish?”

 Alfie smirked before heading back to what he was doing before. 

“Now that’s a beautiful vision to come home to,” Commander Carter Westerham said as he entered the private confines of his bedroom. Before him was his wife sitting at her dressing table, putting an earring on. Then, looking up from her mirror, she could see his reflection behind her as she finished putting on the long piece of jewellery. 

Smirking at him, Commander Corella Banfield finished getting herself ready by placing the last earring on the opposite ear. “Hey, handsome! How’s your day been?”

“Pretty good, actually,” Westerham answered as he dumped himself onto the edge of their shared king-size bed. “Our cadets are really starting to respond well to the on-the-job training.”

“That’s good to hear,” Banfield said as she picked up a perfume bottle and sprayed herself with it. 

“So where are you off to for tonight all glammed up?” Westerham asked as he pulled his boots off. “I thought we were going to have a meal tonight with our son and daughter?”

Banfield chuckled. “They cancelled plans on us because, apparently, their unit leader set them a reading assignment.” 

Westerham paused as he realised that fact was true, and he had done it. “Damn, I forgot that.” He looked at his wife’s reflection as she finished touching up her hair. “So, have you got some date?”

“Something like that. Jealous?” She winked at him. “Don’t worry; the captain is hosting an informal but classy gathering of some of the senior staff with the ex-Borg we’ve saved. Mainly those who were in Starfleet before.”

“Any reason why?” Westerham checked.

“It was Craigen and Louwanna’s idea, honestly,” She replied. “They were hoping that an informal gathering with fewer security guards may help them transition easier and feel more comfortable around us.”

“That makes sense,” Westerham said. “So, I’m home alone for dinner tonight?”

“I’m afraid so,” Banfield stated as she stood up and did a small twirl for her husband. “Do I look okay?”

“You look stunning.”

Banfield was wearing a simple but elegant black shoulderless dress. She smirked at her husband and kissed him on the cheek before saying her goodbyes to make her way towards the dinner.

“Jisaraa, are you sure about this?” Tomaz called out from his room one more time. The Barzan officer was checking his appearance out in the holographic mirror.

The Orion security officer replied back from the living room. “Seriously, Tomaz, it’s fine.” 

Taking one more check, especially with his hair, Tomaz sighed with relief as he moved from his bedroom and down the stairs towards where Jisaraa was sitting with his son, S’Tefe. “I do appreciate this, I really do.” He said as he pulled on his cuffs to straighten his shirt out. “Normally, I’d ask Alfie and Jordan, but apparently, they have some reading assignment due tomorrow they have to cram for.”

“I really don’t mind,” Jisaraa replied. “And I like hanging out with S’Tefe.”

S’Tefe then looked up. “Wow, dad, you look handsome.”

“Thanks, little fella,” Tomaz replied. “Now you be good with Jisaraa, and when she says it’s time for bedtime, you do as you are told. Are we clear?”

The young Romulan boy rolled his eyes. “Yes.” He said, emphasising the end sound, showing his annoyance at his father telling him something he knew already. “But can we have ice cream?”

“Yeah, can we?” Jisaraa asked in a similar tone, and a huge grin appeared.

“As long as he is in bed before I get home and isn’t jumping off the bulkheads, then sure.” Tomaz agreed just as the door chime went off. 

S’Tefe celebrated by shouting out the word ‘yes’ and elongating it.

“Come in,” Tomaz said, shaking his head at his son’s excitement about eating ice cream. 

The doors opened to reveal Craigen Flemen, and he smiled immediately at S’Tefe.

“Uncle Craigey!” The boy said as he ran over and jumped into his arms.

“S’Tefe! How are you, bud?” He asked.

“All the better for seeing you!” S’Tefe replied before looking down at the Lumerian man. “You’ve got the same clothes on as daddy!”

Flemen checked what he was wearing and looked at Tomaz. “So we do.”

Both men we wearing a black shirt and navy blue trousers with black shoes. 

“You need to change, Tomaz. We can’t both go in wearing the same thing.” Flemen insisted.

Tomaz sighed when he noticed that they were matching, and it didn’t help with Jisaraa giggling behind them. “Craigen, we’re going to be late if I go change, and I’m not changing.”

“You know we will be mocked for this,” Flemen stated.

“Craigen, you both look handsome together. Go find yourselves some lovely romantic cybernetic interests together!” Jisaraa teased.

Flemen and Tomaz glared at her, which caused her to laugh more and S’Tefe. They both left grumbling.

“Are you sure this is okay?” Marova checked her outfit with Keli one more time as they entered The Lion Gate.

The Coridanite security and tactical chief just nodded at the pilot as they made their way in. “You look fine,” She added. 

Instantly they were welcomed by Tierra, the ship’s chief engineer. “Ladies, you look stunning, as always.” 

Keli gave Marova an ‘I told you so’ look before thanking the Deltan woman and complimenting her on what she was wearing too. “So, where’s the captain and our guests?” 

Tierra passed a couple of drinks to her colleagues as she replied. “He’s coming in with them with Commander Duncan and Chief Court.”

“And remind me again, what are we meant to be doing with them?” Marova asked before she took a sip from her drink.

“The idea is to mingle, lieutenant,” Counsellor Horin said as she approached the group. “I appreciate you all turning up.”

“It gets me out of a shift on the bridge, counsellor; I’m happy to be here,” Keli answered. 

“And it got me out of a warp core diagnostic,” Tierra added. “How are you and Baby H doing?”

Horin looked down at the sizable bump that was growing. “Well, thanks. Though I’m finding it harder to get from my quarters to my office or the bridge. Any chance you can install a personal site-to-site transporter for me, Tierra?”

Tierra chuckled. “I’ll see what I can get my engineers to do in the morning.”

“Thanks,” Horin answered just as the doors to the crew lounge opened, allowing for Lieutenant Commanders Tomaz and Flemen to arrive. Horin chuckled at seeing them both and what they were wearing. “Oh my goodness, you both look adorable and cute,” Horin stated. “Was this planned?” She asked, indicating the matching outfits.

Flemen snarled a bit as he looked at Tomaz. “No, counsellor, it wasn’t.” 

“You both look handsome,” Doctor Slyvexs said as she walked across the room with Commander Banfield beside her. “Let’s just hope our guests appreciate the effort.”

A few hours into the evening, the large group had finished their meal and were either sat or stood among the room’s various sofas, tables, and chairs. 

Three of Eleven, or Commander Reuben Gray, stood with the captain and doctor. He no longer showed any sign of being a Borg drone. His brown hair was combed backwards, and once he had an eyepiece, this was replaced with an ocular implant that appeared as natural as his other eye. Slyvexs had restored his appearance based on Starfleet records, where he had a short stubbly beard. Though he had a few scars on his face (as well as other parts of his body), he looked more human than Borg. 

“I cannot thank you and your doctor enough for helping us, captain,” Gray stated.

“You’re welcome,” McCallister said as he raised his glass of champagne. 

Slyvexs smiled at the nice comment directed at her and her team. “In a few days, your entire group will be restored to their former selves and those remaining scars,” She pointed to some on his face, “will be gone.”

“As I said, we appreciate it.” He looked around the room at the others from his group, all talking with the other members of McCallister’s senior staff. “It’s nice to be on a Federation ship again.”

“You are all welcome to remain with us. Though I understand that some of your group are from here in the Delta Quadrant,” McCallister said. “We will do all we can to help you adjust to your new lives.”

“I know you’ve separated us across your squadron to use all of your medical facilities, but when we can, I would like to speak to everyone together,” Gray said softly.

“Of course,” McCallister agreed. “And if you wish to return to Starfleet, any of you, then again, I’ll be happy to see what we can do.”

Gray sighed. “I’m not sure if Starfleet would want to have a former drone who is thirty years out of date come back into the fold.”

“You were the chief engineer and held the rank of commander; I’m confident they would let you return if you wanted to,” Slyvexs said positively.

Smiling and nodding at her, Gray remained calm. “I’m still impressed at how quickly you removed the Borg technology from us.”

“Starfleet has had much experience liberating drones in the past thirty years,” Slyvexs answered. 

Nodding, the former drone showed he was impressed by his expression. “It seems Starfleet has drastically changed in the last thirty years.”

McCallister winced at that comment. “Changed with the times, but the principles are still there at the core of it all. They’ve been battered and bruised by a few big issues, but hopefully, nothing that will make the Federation crumble anytime soon.”

“So, captain, what’s next for you and your ships?” Gray wondered.

“We’ll stay here for a little longer,” McCallister answered. “One of the ships in the squadron is investigating what looks like the crashed remains of a Borg escape vehicle.”

“The Queen’s Cell?” Gray asked.

Playing it cool, McCallister kept himself composed as he answered. “We don’t know yet.”

“If you plan on retrieving anything, let me know. I’m sure we can help.” Gray stated.

“Thank you,” McCallister said.

Gray excused himself as he went off to speak to one of the other former drones. The captain looked at his doctor.

“Don’t worry, captain, you don’t need to be a Betazoid to read your thoughts,” Slyvexs said quietly before taking a larger sip from her drink. “I have the same worry about them knowing about the Queen’s Cell.”

“Well, let’s see how they behave,” McCallister replied before his first officer joined them with his husband. “Gentlemen, everything okay?”

Duncan nodded. “Tonight seems to have gone well.”

“I do feel for them,” Court said. “Do you think Starfleet will let them back in?”

“Who knows,” McCallister remarked. “We’ll see how the next few days go.”

Duncan noticed that McCallister was preoccupied with something else. “Something wrong, James?” He asked quietly.

“I’m not sure, Number One, but when I mentioned Horatio’s discovery, our guest seemed more ‘off’,” McCallister answered.

“He was definitely affected by its revelation,” Slyvexs added.

“Then should we keep an eye on him and the others and proceed as planned?” Duncan guessed.

McCallister nodded as he watched their guests continue to talk to the others. He tapped his combadge. “McCallister to bridge.”

“Go ahead, captain,” answered Lieutenant Commander Jen.

“Lukiz, get me in touch with the other captains in the squadron on a secured channel and redirect it to the private office opposite the Lion Gate,” McCallister ordered. 

If something was going to happen, he needed eyes everywhere and a net wide enough to catch it.