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Part of USS Triton: Order To Choas and USS Odyssey: Order To Chaos

Order To Chaos – 5

USS Triton (NCC-80106), Starbase 38, Barzan System, Alpha Quadrant
Stardate: 77977.7
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With her knees raised up against the curved glass desk and a mug of raktaijino in one hand, Captain Rio Canção was sitting almost in the dark in her ready room with several candles lit around the sides. Reading the latest updates from Starfleet regarding the Delta Quadrant. Canção was an El-Aurian woman with long frizzy almost fiery red hair. She served in Starfleet for almost a hundred years, and the Triton was her fourth command. A scientist at heart, and an archaeologist by trade, Canção was well respected by many in Starfleet. Though she had been given the opportunity to take a seat with the admiralty, every time a promotion offer had been presented, she had politely declined. Favouring to remain a captain, she had been able to ensure her career was wide as much as it was deep. Commanding the Triton for the past decade, she had admitted to one or two admirals that the Triton’s diverse crew had been one of the best postings she had experienced. Having a mixture of humanoid and non-humanoid crewmembers had proven to Starfleet that their choice to carry on the tradition they had started with the class in the late seventies was the right choice. 

Canção’s ready room was like many other designs, there was a sofa under the slanting bay windows (curved in an S-style), a food replicator, and a huge space with her desk and three armchairs in front of it. Behind her desk, she had small shelves built into the bulkhead with various books and other ornaments that were special to her. Most of them priceless artefacts from various digs she had been involved in.    

Her door chime went off, and instead of looking up towards it, she kept her focus on the holographic imagery before her. “Yes, come in,” She instructed. 

The door to the bridge parted, allowing her visitor to enter. “Good evening ma’am,” He spoke in a deep masculine voice as he squinted his eyes at the change in the level of lights.

Moving her concentration from the reports to her guest, who was standing to her left, she looked over and smiled at the arrival of her first officer. Commander Thaustin. A tall, slender young man who was a Xindi-Primate, he had only served in this position for the past three years after she had promoted him to executive officer. His curly strawberry-blonde hair was mainly slicked back, but he had a sort of quiff that swept across to one side. His sky-like blue eyes complimented the dimples he had on both cheeks, just below his ridges. In recent weeks, he had grown a bit of stubble to avoid others confusing him for some of the junior officers, which flattered his strong jawline. Though she had many first officers in the past, Canção had developed a strong relationship with Thaustin. His youthful charm and dedication to his work made him an excellent officer. His mischievous and cheeky side only helped him in his previous role as a diplomatic officer. Rising through the ranks quickly and successfully, he was extremely capable and knew how to hold the respect of those he led. She knew in a few years, Starfleet would be interested in offering him his own command. Though he was on the fast track of command, she knew that he had expressed his desire to settle down at some point and have a family. When he had that planned, she did not know. 

“Thaustin, I thought you were taking today off and hiking with Ethav and Jayshon on the holodeck?” Canção inquired.

Shaking his head, Thaustin walked across the room with a PADD in his hands. “I was until I received this report while climbing Mount Everest.”

Taking the PADD from him, Canção activated it by entering her security clearance and reading the top few lines in the report’s summary. “You’ve got to be kidding me?” She asked, looking back at him.

“I’m afraid not, ma’am,” Thaustin replied. “Our maintenance overhaul is being moved up ahead of schedule. They want to conduct the baryon sweep sooner.”

Sighing heavily, Canção passed the PADD back to him after giving her approval. “Make it happen, but make sure the crew know sooner rather than later.” 

“Will do, ma’am, also while we are off the ship, Captain Cambil has offered to host us on the Themis,” Thaustin stated. 

“Well, that sounds lovely, especially with Starbase Thirty-Eight being so busy at the moment,” Canção said with a genuine smile. “Tell her we would be grateful for her hospitality.”

“Consider it done,” Thaustin said as he nodded. “Do you need anything else, ma’am?”

She told him no. “Thank you, commander, but I think at some point it would be good for you and me to go over some of these latest reports from the Delta Quadrant together.”

He nodded in agreement, “Being a former diplomatic officer, I’ve already started my research, but knowing where about Starfleet wants to start us off would be helpful.”

She chuckled. “Still doing your homework, Thaustin?”

“I had an excellent teacher at the academy,” He winked before excusing himself from the captain’s presence. 

Canção chuckled as he left. Yes, he did have an excellent teacher. She had taught him over fourteen years ago and saw the promise in him that she saw today.  


  • At the heart of every starship, there is a compelling relationship between the Captain and her Number One. You've deftly painted a clear picture of where both of these characters are starting out. I love the choice to built off a LITERAL teacher-student dynamic. It has such potential for power imbalances and conflict and growth. The Triton is off to a good start. I can't wait to see more of this vastly diverse crew.

    December 28, 2022
  • Cancao and Thaustin are going to be an interesting blend with their interesting power dynamic and relationship. It feels so interesting, like there is a depth we're just getting a glimpse of and I can't wait to see more. Especially as the student grows and becomes a master, though from the sounds of it that might be something to be seen in Cancao and McCallister as things develop.

    April 11, 2023
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