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Part of USS Themis: Order To Choas and USS Odyssey: Order To Chaos

Order To Chaos – 19

USS Themis (NCC-76554), System VDQ-505, Gradin Belt, Delta Quadrant
Stardate: 78004.8
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Entering her shared quarters, Lieutenant Commander T’Rani looked around the dark room and instructed the computer to activate the lights. Though it was a large room, it wasn’t as big as what she had become accustomed to on the Odyssey. Nevertheless, it was acceptable. 

Gracefully she glided across the room towards her room and undid her uniform jacket. Then, inclined to meditate before meeting Samris for dinner, she disrobed herself and wore her appropriate comfortable attire. Returning to the main living area, she lit several candles and knelt on a cushion she had used since she had joined Starfleet. Closing her eyes and concentrating on her breathing, T’Rani started to feel her head feel less loaded with thoughts distracting from her time to rejuvenate. Feeling a slight twinge in her abdomen, she took a deeper breath to suppress it. However, she was unsuccessful when it reappeared several more times. 

It was the baby. She conceived the baby with Samris after she thought she would never carry a child for so long. Their last mission with the Odyssey, the enormous space-dwelling telepathic bioplasmic organism that had taken control of her and many other telepathic crewmembers, had somehow made it possible for her to have a child. Doctor Slyvexs had called it a miracle. T’Rani was unable to comprehend it all. It was scientifically impossible. Regardless, the data proved otherwise. 

Adjusting her posture, she sat straighter and changed her tactic. Instead, she focussed on the stars she could see glaring in through the windows of her quarters. Each one she considered a thought. 

The computer then interrupted her with an announcement. “You have an incoming datastream message.” 

Standing up, she walked over to the desk in the corner and asked who the message was from. When the computer announced it was from her mother, T’Giter, who resided on Vulcan, she was intrigued to view the message.

“Greetings, daughter. I hope this communique finds you well. I understand that Starfleet allows compressed data streams to your ship while exploring the Delta Quadrant. Therefore, I thought it was necessary to reply to your last message.” Her mother paused. T’Rani had determined that her mother had recorded the message while sitting in the garden of her home on Vulcan. “I bring salutations from your father. He and I are both well. We were astonished to hear the news that you are pregnant. Congratulations. We understand that your relationship with Counsellor Samris continues to advance. We both agree that we desire this new relationship to be successful and bring satisfaction to your life. We are pleased to become grandparents. Upon your return to Federation territory, unless you make other arrangements, we are prepared to organise for you and Samris to make your relationship formal among your family. We hope your mission in the Delta Quadrant does not keep you away for too long. Regardless, we hope your new assignment brings you contentment in the difference you are marking. Live long and prosper, my daughter.” 

Satisfied with the message from her parents, T’Rani was intrigued by her mother’s comments about her and Samris formalising their relationship. She knew what she meant. Marriage. Since S’Tefe’s death, her mother had shared some concern over T’Rani being alone. Now that she was with Samris, especially with them having a child, she knew her mother would strongly encourage her to marry. 

The doors to the room emptied, and Samris walked in. He was wearing his usual workout gear and was covered in sweat. His typical high-flicked styled hair was now flat, and the odour from his armpits was potent. 

“Hey,” He said as he kicked off his sports shoes and started to pull his vest off. “You, okay?”

“I am well, thank you,” T’Rani asked. “Yourself?”

 His vest was stuck to his chest, so he nodded as he tried to pull his top off. “Yeah, I just spent the last couple of hours playing doubles velocity with Remi, Abbej and Decter on the holodeck.” After getting his vest off, he looked at her. “Remi needed some cooldown time after spending almost the entire day on the surgery on those ex-Bs. I must admit, I’m feeling a bit cautious about starting their counselling.”

“That is understandable,” T’Rani replied. “Are we still having dinner with Cline?”

“Yes,” Samris replied as he sniffed his armpit and realised how bad he stunk. “Let me hit the sonic shower. Anything of interest happen to you today?”

“No, I ran a level three diagnostic on the helm controls, assisted Lieutenant Commander Brashlen in increasing impulse efficiency and worked with Commander Hunsen to create a search pattern for tomorrow’s next phase of mapping this star system,” T’Rani answered. “Oh, and my mother sent me a message.”

Samris was halfway to their bedroom and paused after hearing that. He turned around to look at her. “Your mother?” He repeated. “Is she and your father well?”

“They are,” T’Rani answered.

Feeling that was it, Samris smiled and turned around on his bare heel but couldn’t step forward as T’Rani shared what else her mother had expressed.

“She suggests we get married.”

Hearing that, Samris looked over his shoulder at T’Rani. “Marriage?”

“Yes,” T’Rani acknowledged. 

“Oh, okay.” He wiped his face and pushed his damp hair back as he stepped back towards her. “And what do you think?

“Of her suggestion?” 


T’Rani considered her answer carefully. “It intrigues me.” She paused again. “I can perceive us being together, especially with us having a child. We would make a stable family unit.”

Samris smirked. “T’Rani, are you proposing to me?”

T’Rani was a bit startled by that question. She reflected on it and then nodded. “I believe I am.” Her eyebrow rose. “Do you accept?”

Rushing across the rest of the gap between them, Samris’ smile grew as he pulled her into his arms. “A hundred per cent, yes!”

The two kissed for a moment before T’Rani lightly pushed him off.

“If we are to be married, then I believe it would be appropriate for you to take that sonic shower sooner rather than later. However much I enjoy your closeness, I would prefer it without-”

“Me smelling so bad?” He finished.


“I’ll go get cleaned up, and then we can go and celebrate,” Samris stated.

T’Rani hesitated and then pulled on his hand. “I did not state I wanted our closeness to end.” She then led him to the sonic shower.

Samris had the biggest surprised expression across his face with how T’Rani wanted to celebrate their engagement. However, he wasn’t complaining.