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Part of USS Triton: Order To Choas and USS Odyssey: Order To Chaos

Order To Chaos – 9

USS Odyssey NCC-80000, Gradin Belt, Delta Quadrant
Stardate: 77999.5
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Standing and listening to the music played by the house band, Commander Belire Kazlaf sipped on her Risan mai-tai as she focused on the lyrics. Unable to work out where the music was from, she inclined her head to the left. Triton’s Second Officer and Chief Science Officer liked how soft and giddy the song was, especially the lyrics. Noticing the others near her enjoying the music by dancing all in lines and clapping their hands, the Elaysian woman was surprised by the sudden kicks in the air after the floor scuffing. 

“It’s called country,” Captain Canção stated as she moved to stand beside her science officer. “It’s from Earth.”

“I expected it to be Human,” Kazlaf replied before taking another sip. “I believe the drummer is Fleet Captain McCallister’s son?”

Canção nodded. “Yes, that’s Theo. From what JP tells me, he is quite the musician. He can play many instruments and is quite the singer.”

“Interesting,” Kazlaf said before sighing and turning to her captain. “How much longer must we remain at this….” She gestured to the large room the fleet captain was hosting them all in with a long pause, “this gathering of the squadron?”

“Now, now, Bel, you know my rules. We play nice with others.” Canção said with a tutting noise. The two of them had a strong relationship and could be informal when needed to be. 

Kazlaf was a very by-the-book type of officer. She took most things seriously and was efficient like a Borg drone. She didn’t allow anyone under her command to cut corners and had a penchant for reminding people about Starfleet regulations. A mission briefing wouldn’t go past without her reciting at least one, and if she wasn’t doing that, then she was expressing her professional view on the matter with the full might of science behind her. With multiple degrees in various fields of study, she knew her stuff and more. Like all Elaysians that lived beyond their homeworld, she wore a skeleton frame to support her in the Earth-like gravity. Though her time in Starfleet had changed from needing always to be bound in a wheelchair, her determination to show just how strong she was beyond her physical strength had been one that had impressed so many who served with her. 

“I’ve met with my others, and it would appear that our lead, Commander Banfield, is highly experienced and is a formidable science officer,” Kazlaf shared. 

“That’s high praise from you,” Canção countered back swiftly. 

Kazlaf agreed with the comment. “Indeed, though I hope my demonstration of knowledge was not too overbearing for the others.”

“Isn’t one of them Banfield’s former deputy from the Odyssey?” Canção checked.

Nodding, Kazlaf confirmed her captain’s question before sharing what she thought of the Bellerophon’s lead scientist. “That said, I have to say having to work with a child as an almost equal, is quite…” she paused so she could carefully consider the rest of her sentence. She wanted to avoid another sharp reminder from her superior about being nice. “Interesting,” she paused. “A recent Academy graduate, I am surprised he has a senior role even though his qualifications are impressive.”

Canção chuckled before letting out a sigh, “Oh, Bel, when will you ever learn to give people a chance to prove what they can achieve?”

“Unlike you, ma’am, my career does not include several stints at Starfleet Academy, so the teacher within me is not as developed as it is with you!” Kazlaf responded. 

“Let’s see if we can change that for this mission!” Canção suggested before leaving the company of her science officer.

Ensign Andar slithered across the room quietly as they took in the experience that was happening around them. Andar had only been on the Triton for a year now but was starting to become more accustomed to the multi-alien crew. Being the only Phylosian on the ship (and now the only one in the squadron), they were curious to learn more about the others that were his equals. Seeing a moving plant enjoying the music that was being played was quite the sight, Andar had never heard the type of music that the band from the Odyssey was playing but found it quite amusing. Moving their entirely flora-based body, Andar was fascinated by everyone making a noise when they slapped their hands together. Asking someone nearby what they were doing, a young human male informed him it was called clapping. Trying to imitate the sound and movement with their nine vine extensions, Andar discovered the noise he made sounded more like a ruffling sound than a clap. Disappointed with that, they moved their four motive trunks to the music.

“Are you enjoying yourself, Andar?” Lieutenant Lonar asked as she made her way over to her colleague. 

Turning around so his jumbo fuzzy artichoke-shaped head was looking at her, Andar’s scarlet-eye stems moved to show they were responding. “Lieutenant,” They said greeting their Cardassian colleague. “I am sorry, what do you mean?”

Lieutenant (junior grade) Natima Lonar was a young Cardassian woman who had served Starfleet for almost five years now, serving as the Triton’s chief security and tactical officer. Her short bobbed black and dark brown hair sat just under her chin while her distinguished Cardassian neck was almost covered up by her Starfleet uniform. A petit woman, she was only a few centimetres smaller than her Phylosian friend. “You’re dancing,” She expressed. “I didn’t know you liked human music?”

“This version seems very expressive,” Andar answered. 

“Indeed it is,” She replied with a slight giggle and placed her hand in front of her mouth. “Have you met with the other pilots in the squadron?” She asked. 

Nodding their leafy head, Andar responded. “I have, though they have more experience than myself, I am quite intrigued to try out the new starfighters assigned to the Themis,” They looked around the room and back to Lonar. “I believe Lieutenant Commander T’Rani offered us all an opportunity to take them out for a test run. I have been challenged by Lieutenant Jarata to a race. Apparently, he and Captain McCallister have recently won a tournament here in the Delta Quadrant.”

“Which McCallister?” Lonar questioned. 

“The captain of the Bellerophon,” Andar replied. “He is quite the pilot, from what I am told.”

“Well at least you’ll have a new toy to play with,” Lonar stated. 

“How was your meeting with the other security chiefs?” The Phylosian asked. 

“I like them all,” She shared with a confirmation nod. “Lieutenant Commander Lenjir knows his stuff, Lieutenant Keli is sweet, but Lieutenant Commander Jirani was most impressive.”

Andar crossed four vines in front of their body, trying to appear casual. “Which ship does she serve on?”

“The Bellerophon,” She answered. “I was worried about her being a Bajoran that she would have an issue with me, but she was born at the end of the occupation.”

“I am curious to understand why after so much time has passed between your races, there is still some resentment between them,” Andar quizzed as they scratched the top of their fauna head with an uncrossed vine. 

  Lorna shrugged her shoulders. “Though our people have endured a couple of decades of peace since the end of the occupation and the war, there are some that still find it difficult on both sides.”

“I hope you and the commander have a productive relationship with one another,” Andar offered.

“Thank you, Andar, that is sweet.” 

Uncrossing their vines, Andar extended two of them out towards her. “Would you like to dance, lieutenant?”

“I’d love to,” She replied before taking a sip from her kanar and placing it down on a nearby table before taking the leafy extensions in both hands and moving to the centre of the room where a dance floor had been set up. 

Feeling quite proud of himself for being approached by Odyssey’s handsome operations manager, Commander Thaustin had promised to see Lieutenant Commander Lukiz Jen again. Picking up the drinks he got from the bar, the first officer took the tray the holographic waiter had given him and proceeded to the table his colleagues were sitting at.

Talking among themselves now, the smaller group of officers from the Triton were trying their best to mingle with others from the newly assembled squadron, but they had naturally returned to those they knew better. 

“Darmok and Jalad on the ocean or Picard and Dathon at El-Adrel?” Lieutenant Commander Jayshon asked as Thaustin placed the tray on the table.

 Chuckling at the Tamarian’s use of his metaphorical language, Thaustin had come to appreciate the humour that Triton’s chief security and tactical officer had when using words and phrases from his culture. Shaking his head, Thaustin replied. “More like Bazminiti and Kimarnt, their arms and hearts wide open.”

Jayshon laughed in response as he picked up his drink from the tray and took a sip.

Doctor Kamra Uknare, the ship’s Haliian chief medical officer joined in with a snigger. “Oh, Thaustin, I do hope you’re not after a possible heartstopper.”

“Hey, my last romantic interest was a genuine one,” The first officer said in defence as he took his drink and sat down in one of the empty chairs. “It’s not my fault they didn’t tell me they were a hologram.”

“Who was being hunted by a Hirogen!” Uknare quickly added. “She certainly made that point when we rescued her program.”

“Well, I genuinely thought she was nice,” Thaustin replied. 

“And what about the others?” Jayshon inquired, the universal translator working perfectly in translating his original expression from his native tongue. 

“Which one?” Uknare interjected. “The Talaxian pilot, the Romulan spy, or the Annari prince?” 

“Hey, my romantic life is not to become squadron gossip!” Thaustin said in defence, he turned to look towards the Trill man he had just met. “But that said, Commander Jen, is pretty cute.”

“And you do know that our captain, his captain and the captain of the Themis all taught him at the Academy?” Uknare checked. 

Thaustin returned back to the Haliian doctor and shrugged his shoulders. “And?”

“Romeo and Juliet on the balcony in Verona,” Jayshon mentioned to the group with a smirk before drinking. 

“Jayshon may be right, Thaustin,” Uknare stated. “The captain and our squadron captain may not appreciate such relationships across ships.”

“I promise to be a gentleman,” Thaustin added. “Plus, who knows, we may end up getting married and being the first couple of the Odyssey Squadron!”

Both his colleagues chuckled and shared the same expression of giving up at how much Thaustin would fall in love with someone every time they got a new mission or set of orders. 

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