USS Cupertino (NCC-87079)

The USS Cupertino is a California Class Starship assigned to Task Force 93. The California Class vessel is primarily assigned routine missions, so nothing hazardous, risky, or scientific ever happens. Right?


California-class • NCC-87079 • Task Force 93

The USS Cupertino proudly serves as a California-class utility cruiser, specializing in secondary and emergency humanitarian missions. Its responsibilities extend from swift responses to planetary search-and-rescue and environmental disasters to upholding Federation laws related to non-sentient lifeforms. Beyond its standard fleet-tender and patrol duties, the Cupertino is a reliable resource for addressing various medical, environmental, and ecological challenges faced by Federation worlds and colonies. Often working in collaboration with dedicated science vessels, it stands as a steadfast support in times of need.

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21 May 2024

A Helping Hand

USS Cupertino: Change It Up

Finally a little peace and quiet, Saffyia thought as she slumped down on the chair in front of her desk. She had spent the day trying to prepare for Hina’s arrival, and stooped to sweet-talking the computer into making her a cup of the chai tea she craved ever since arriving aboard the [...]

15 May 2024

Re-establishing connection... please hold.

USS Cupertino: Change It Up

There was something really strange about having to ask for help, and it didn’t sit right with Saffiya at all. During her career as Engineering Officer, she had learned to figure things out on her own, and if she had needed help from a more senior officer, there was no shame in it since it was [...]

7 May 2024

Friendly Face

USS Cupertino: Change It Up

Saffiya let out a long, pent up sigh. She was glad to have been able to leave the bridge, and that Starfleet Command had postponed sending them on an assignment until she got this mess sorted. The request had been a necessary step, but didn’t reflect well on her as a first-time captain.  She [...]

4 May 2024


USS Cupertino: Change It Up

“Captain on the bridge.”, quirked a petite-looking trill in teal uniform as Saffiya Nassar left the turbolift and for the first time set foot on what was going to be her new home. She had reached the rank of Captain only a few weeks prior, and since the USS Saint Raphael already was in capable [...]