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Profile Overview

Nichelle Trova

Bajoran female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Trova


Chief Medical Officer
USS Cupertino


Nichelle Trova




After a turbulent few years following an an incident aboard the USS Trianon and the resulting pause of her Starfleet career, Nichelle has only recently returned to active duty and is in the process of finding her footing once again.


Nichelle’s most distinctive trait is her natural red hair, a vibrant and fiery hue that would set her apart in a crowd if she didn’t dye it, opting for brown or blonde shades. Her hair reaches down to her shoulder blades, and is usually kept in a low ponytail that keeps it out of the way.

Nichelle’s eyes are a warm shade of brown, and  her gaze can be both inviting and enigmatic, depending on her mood and the circumstances.

In terms of her physique, Nichelle maintains the figure of someone who takes good care of her health but doesn’t necessarily enthusiastic about regular exercise.

Her off-duty choice of clothing doesn’t vary much from her on-duty uniform, and tends follow the same colour-patterns or combines black with black.


Nichelle is a no-nonsense individual who prefers to navigate the world with a straightforward and pragmatic approach. Social interactions often stress her out, making her somewhat reserved in social situations.

Her communication style is characterized by a concise and direct manner, which can sometimes come across as brusque to those who don’t understand her intentions. That said, Nichelle is unwavering in her commitment to standing behind people, championing their causes, and offering her support whenever and wherever she can. She’s fiercely protective of those she cares about, making her a reliable and trustworthy confidante.


Nichelle Trova’s early life was shaped by the tumultuous history of her home planet, Bajor. As the youngest of three siblings, she grew up during a period of significant change on the planet. Her formative years were marked by the end of the brutal Cardassian Occupation, the trials of the Dominion War, and Bajor’s eventual entry into the United Federation of Planets. These turbulent times instilled resilience in Nichelle and molded her into a proactive individual who refused to stand by and let events unfold without taking ownership and action.

Nichelle’s parents were not formally trained doctors but became de facto physicians out of necessity. Growing up, she learned invaluable medical skills from them. After completing her education on Bajor, she decided to follow her calling and pursue a career as a Starfleet Officer and a physician. Her determination led her to embark on an arduous journey of intense studying and preparation, eventually culminating in her acceptance into Starfleet Academy.

Upon graduation, Nichelle quickly distinguished herself as a reliable and highly competent officer. She climbed the ranks at an impressive pace, showcasing her medical expertise and dedication to her duties. However, her promising career hit an unexpected roadblock during her service on the USS Trianon.

During a harrowing attack on the ship, Nichelle, who had risen to the rank of Chief Medical Officer, devised a daring plan that involved capturing several of the attackers within a force field. As the situation became increasingly dire and life support systems began to fail, she made the difficult decision to prioritize the evacuation of the crew and leave the attackers behind, a move that ultimately led to their deaths. This controversial decision resulted in a court-martial, and Nichelle was temporarily suspended from Starfleet.

In the years that followed, Nichelle embarked on a journey of personal healing and growth. She underwent intensive therapy and sought opportunities in the private medical sector to further hone her skills and knowledge. After enduring the hardships of her temporary exile from Starfleet, she was determined to prove herself once again.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 - Present Medical Officer USS Cupertino
2397 - 2401 Leave of Absence n/a
2397 - 2396 Chief Medical Officer USS Trianon
Lieutenant Commander
2395 - 2397 Medical Officer USS Trianon
2393 - 2395 Medical Officer USS Trianon
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2389 - 2393 Medical Student Starfleet Medical Academy
2389 - 2385 Life Sciences Cadet Starfleet Academy