Task Force 93 Report #1

October 30, 2022

Hello, fellow members of Bravo Fleet!

Since the last Task Force 93 report, a lot has happened with activity from our fantastic group of members. Below is a celebration of everything that they have been up to until now. Well done to all the members of Task Force 93 for such an impressive amount of activity over these last few months. 

Task Force Updates

  • As announced recently, we recently appointed a new Task Force Executive Officer! Another round of congratulations to Captain Rook on their appointment.
  • And in case you missed it, we have updated the biography for Commodore Ethysaan Ch’chirrit (Devron Fleet Yards‘ Commanding Officer) on the BF Wiki! Check it out today, and remember you could use him if you visit Devron!

Fiction Updates

  • USS Eagle – the crew of the Eagle, are starting to assemble as they prepare to launch on their new ship!
  • USS Thyanis – The crew of the Thyanis are on their way to assist some of the Romulan independent worlds still recovering after the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire. Lieutenant Cimozjen Kurios must adjust from being a doctor to being a captain. Along their route, Kurios and his new crew come across some Orions trying to bring them into a local conflict with some bribery. 
  • USS Shepard – After some R&R on the holodeck, the crew of the Achana are being reassigned to a brand new ship straight off the assembly line: the Reliant-class starship USS Shepard. With promotions awarded to the commanding officer, Jimena Zelenko, and executive officer, S’Geras, the crew are ready for their new journey together! The Shepard has left dry-dock and is prepared to take on the galaxy that awaits them. 
  • SS Viridian Expanse – when Captain Keren tr’Serov finds his work interrupted by an out-of-the-blue message, what lies ahead for the Viridian Expanse crew is another opportunity. However, this one comes wrapped up from the Romulan Free State, where they are asked to investigate a kidnapping on Freecloud.  

Task Force Recognition

Congratulations to our members on receiving these medals of merit and to the following members for their promotions!

https://bravofleet.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Medal-of-Achievement.png Medal of Achievement

Meritorious Service Cross

Star for Distinguished Service

Star Cross

Promotion to Cadet Sophmore Grade

Promotion to Cadet Junior Grade

Promotion to Cadet Senior Grade

Promotion to Ensign

Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Promotion to Lieutenant

Promotion to Lieutenant Commander


The last couple of months has certainly been busy in Task Force 93, so a big well done to everyone who has been recognised in this report. We are confident that there will be more to share by the time the Blood Dilithium Campaign comes to an end in December! Now let’s get campaigning!!!!