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A mission of mercy. This is the primary mission of the crew of the USS Thyanis. To serve as an aid to the former Romulan Neutral Zone and worlds affected by the fall of the Romulan Star Empire, the Thyanis brings medical care and much-needed materials to help worlds rebuild in these trying times.

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4 November 2022

Rho Omega II: ...For Better Or Worse

USS Thyanis: Acts of Mercy

USS Thyanis tranporter room     “So, let’s just assume that I am confused.” The dark-haired officer waved a hand in the air with a faux whimsical air. “How do you expect this to go down?” The man glanced around the transporter room. Next, he looked around at each of his [...]

15 October 2022

Rho Omega II: We Play Our Parts

USS Thyanis: Acts of Mercy

“We are on approach to Rho Omega II, sir.” The Trill helmsman paused, looking back from his console towards his captain. It wasn’t as though the bridge, if it truly warranted the name, were all that large to begin with. There was little room to maneuver, and really most of the stations [...]

28 September 2022

Act: The Second

USS Thyanis: Acts of Mercy

The door chimed. Ensign Kurios looked up, drawing a breath slowly through his nose before placing his PADD on the desk. He did not even bother to look at the door. “Enter.” The door opened to reveal the usually stiff form of his Romulan second in command. The other ensign looked between her [...]

16 September 2022

Prelude to Aid: Etan

USS Thyanis: Acts of Mercy

USS Thyanis Ready Room “Cadet.” Kurios lifted his mug in greeting as he studied the PADD on his desk. “Good morning, sir.” The Romulan gave a nod before placing her own PADD upon the desk in front of her. “I have reports from engineering and from the helmsman for you to sign off on, [...]