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New Task Force 93 Executive Officer

October 26, 2022

Hello, fellow members of Bravo Fleet!

Since Fleet Admiral Teylas Remar’s announcement of his asking me to double up as both Operations Officer and Task Force 93 CO, we have some news to share with everyone. With great pleasure, we get to announce that Task Force 93 has a new Executive Officer—introducing Captain Rook, aka Cimozjen Kurios/Bentre, as Task Force 93’s newest deputy! Bentre has lots of experience working within similar communities like Bravo Fleet and has shown a natural eagerness to want to contribute to Bravo Fleet and a deep understanding of what this role means in making the Bravo Fleet experience a positive one for fellow members. 

I look forward to working with him in the coming days and weeks as Bravo Fleet hits the ground running with its next campaign!