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Task Force 93 Report #1

January 15, 2023

Just wanted to say Happy New Year to all of our members in Task Force 93, things have been busy since our last report back in October 2022. It was great to see that quite a few members got involved in the most recent Blood Dilithium Campaign. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring for us here in 93!

Task Force Updates

As was previously announced Task Force 93’s Priority Mission has officially launched! An outbreak of the Terrellian Plague has started to affect many worlds within Romulan space. Many of the worlds are still trying to recover from the fall of the Star Empire. In other news, we have done an update to 93’s wiki page to expand its history as well as redo the asset listings. We also rearranged members within the Task Groups to make things a bit more even.

Fiction Updates

  • USS Saratoga: After assisting the distant Monean Colony within the Delta Quadrant after being annexed by the Devore. Saratoga found themselves being chased by a Devore ship after they had beamed up the blood dilithium from the planet. If that wasn’t all, the ship was being hunted by the Hirogen which caused the Devore to back off. After the situation was dealt with, after receiving heavy damage as well as some losses the Hirogen eventually backs off. They finished their mission within the Delta Quadrant and began their journey back to the Alpha Quadrant. While the Saratoga heads for Starbase 93 for repairs the Captain and her family head home to Trill on board the Oneida.
    • USS Gagarin: The Gagarin is currently docked at Starbase 93 taking on crew while waiting for their first set of orders to arrive.
  • USS Eagle: As the crew of the USS Eagle travel to the Delta Quadrant to investigate a strange anomaly. They begin to investigate the facility where Blood Dilithium was being researched, the crew finds the facility mysteriously abandoned.  As the true nature of the experiments came to light, it was revealed that time travel experiments had caused a dangerously-growing temporal field. To prevent this temporal field from wreaking further havoc with space-time, Captain Kirby ordered the destruction of the facility, correcting the timeline. After returning to the Alpha Quadrant, two of the Eagles crew are sent on an undercover mission on Lextis III.
  • USS Corax: Assigned to a supply run in the Delta Quadrant amid the Blood Dilithium crisis, the USS Corax encountered a lonely hail signal. Being asked to assist a survey team with dwindling power reserves, suspicions and unease run high amongst the crew. Shortly after arrival, it is discovered that the ship has been lured in by a Telepathic Pitcher Plant. Through the use of cortical stimulators and their wits, the crew manages to escape the danger, and the Delta Quadrant intact with a stranded Federation officer in tow. Upon arrival back in the Alpha Quadrant, the Corax is ordered to return to Starbase 93 to get supplies and new crewmembers before setting out to assist with the new crisis within Romulan space.
  • USS Shepard: While the USS Shepherd begins escorting a convoy headed towards Virinat, they become under attack by what was thought to be Romulans but ended up being the Hazari. The crew of the Shepard used different means to fend off their attackers causing several phaser burnouts. After 48 hours of conflict, the crew managed to calibrate their defense after discovering a way to predict where the Hazari was likely to be. After destroying most of their attackers they were assisted by a Republic ship the Demorax which would take out the remaining ship. The Demorax towed the Shepard the rest of the way to Virinat where repairs get underway. Now on Virinat, a meeting takes place to discuss the current situation and how to boost morale and strengthen relations between the Federation and Republic.
  • USS Thyanis: The USS Thyanis, still operating in the former Romulan Neutral Zone found itself embroiled in a local conflict. Faced with ongoing supply issues, and an outbreak of illness, the captain sought to bargain with the locals to the benefit of all. However, A pirate element near the  Rho Omega system had seized control of a settlement receiving aid from Task Force 93, forcing the crew of the Thyanis to intervene. The trick was doing so without resorting to violence. The crew’s hesitance leads to the death of a crew member. What followed was an unauthorized guerilla operation by First Officer D’Mhiri Etan to aid the locals against the threat of Orion incursion. Though facing a soft reprimand by her captain, it appears that the Romulan’s haphazard actions had at least disarmed the situation in the Rho Omega system, for now.

Task Force Recognition


  • Lieutenant Commander Roger Allen – Silver Palm
  • Lieutenant Commander Tallera – Silver Palm
  • Lieutenant Commander Gregorian Rook – Silver Palm
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Aris Suin – Medal of Achievement


  • Imya Jori – Commodore
  • Aris Suin – Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade, Midshipman, Ensign, & Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • J.C. – Cadet Sophomore Grade & Cadet Junior Grade
  • Jack – Cadet Sophomore Grade


It’s been wonderful to see all the activity going on within Task Force 93 since my return with many new faces. Great work everyone over the past couple of months and can’t wait to see what this year brings us.