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Profile Overview


Romulan Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Tallera


Tactical Officer
USS Shepard



January 7th, 2377

Novok, Romulus


A Romulus-born former refugee and citizen of the Romulan Republic, Tallera (“Tallie” to her friends) is a young Romulan tactical officer chosen to take part in a junior officer exchange program with Starfleet. Assigned to the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 93, she is currently a crewmember of the Reliant-class frigate USS Shepard.


Tallera stands 5’3, is of average build, and has a light olive complexion with a splash of freckles across her nose. Her eyes are dark blue, and her nose is sharp and upturned. Her brown hair is kept short, and styled in a rather retro mid-2200’s fashion.


Growing up largely in refugee flotillas and poor settlements that were frequently harassed by all manners of individuals (ex-Imperial and otherwise), Tallera is acutely aware of how valuable the democracy she now hails from is, and how important it is to defend. By Starfleet standards, she is considered rather gruff and something of an uptight militarist. Conversely, she has many misgivings about Starfleet and the Federation as a whole, but does understand how important it is for the Republic to be in good standing with them. As such, her assignment to participate in an officer exchange program was received with more than a little trepidation, but Tallera is eager to do her part to help the Republic in whatever way it calls her to do so.

Compared to her new Starfleet comrades, Tallera is in some ways highly idealistic, and in others brutally cynical. For example, her belief in the inherent value of galactic cooperation is more deeply-held than many of the (comparatively) more xenophobic crewmembers that currently make up today’s Starfleet, but she also considers Starfleet’s aversion to identifying itself as foremost a military force to be blindingly naïve. Additionally, her history of living in quite poor camps and colonies has caused her to go through something of a culture-shock upon being exposed to the post-scarcity reality of Federation life. On one hand she is overjoyed to have access to such luxuries; on the other, it fills her with intense guilt to have such a higher standard of living than her countrymen.

Overall, Tallera is a fiercely determined officer with an intense dedication towards ‘doing her part’ to keep her people and the galaxy safe. She is still quite young and more than a little rough around the edges, but her passion towards service has already served her well in her career.


Tallera was born in early 2377 to a pair of Dominion War veterans on Romulus. When she was ten years old, the Romulan system was annihilated by the its star’s unexpected supernova. Tallera was lucky enough to have been evacuated alongside her grandfather, but almost the entirety of the rest of her family was not.

After evacuation, Tallera spent nearly three years in cramped, uncomfortable conditions on a refugee flotilla. While her standard of living was low, the shared experience and loss bonded the refugee crew together into a tight-knit found family. The fleet eventually found its way to the Tau Dewa cluster, and became part of the nascent Romulan Republic. She and her grandfather would settle on the world that eventually became New Romulus, and while conditions were only marginally better than those on the flotilla, the sense of community thrived. The people eked out a difficult existence and were often at risk of attacks by pirates or Klingon raiders, but they faced their tribulations together.

By the time Tallera was 18, the Republic had firmly established itself as a prominent Romulan state, one with a functioning government and Navy. A naval academy had been established, and Tallera was more than eager to join up to do her part to protect her home. She excelled within the program, with her relentless determination and coolness-under-fire earning her the respect of her superiors.

Tallera graduated in 2399 as a tactical officer with a specialization in starship gunnery and weapons. To her surprise, she was given a a very unique assignment: to participate in a junior officer exchange program with the UFP’s Starfleet. Tallera was both honored and crushed. She understood how important such an assignment was and how much faith was being placed upon her, but was also massively disappointed to not be serving with her people on the fleet that had protected her for years.

After six months of Starfleet acclimatization and training, the conflicted young ensign was briefly assigned to the Raven-class corvette USS Achana before getting a full-size assignment in the form of the USS Shepard, Reliant-class frigate.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2395 - 2399 Cadet Romulan Republic Military Academy
2399 - 2400 Exchange officer trainee Starfleet Academy Mellstoxx III
2400 Tactical Officer USS Achana
2400 - Present Tactical Officer USS Shepard