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Profile Overview

Roger Allen

Human/Vulcan male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Allen


USS Eagle


Roger Allen


USS Delaware


Roger is age 30. He is 6′ 3″ tall and weighs 200 pounds. He has brown hair and gray eyes.


Roger is outgoing, confident, can be brash, and knows what he wants in life. He is completely loyal to the Federation, Starfleet, his ship, his crew, and his friends. He usually goes by the book, but has no problems overlooking it, or just plain ignoring it, when he feels it’s warranted. Away from duty, Roger is friendly and personable. He enjoys humor, is often cynical, and loves puns. Roger appears Human. Because of his Vulcan DNA, he is stronger, quicker, has better reflexes and endurance, than the Human norm. He can do the Vulcan nerve pinch, but cannot initiate a mind meld.

Roger enjoys reading, studying history, especially Earth’s World War II, sports, hiking, and camping. He speaks English, German, and Vulcan.


Roger was born on the USS Delaware, to parents that were Starfleet engineers. His father, Thomas Allen, was Human, and his mother, T’Pen, was Vulcan. When Roger was four-years-old, his parents were killed in the Dominion War. Having no other relatives, he was sent to Earth and raised in a home for children of orphaned Starfleet officers. He barely remembers his parents. Roger was a strong boy, brash and aggressive. The other children were intimidated by him, but he was also well-liked. He was a B average student, but excelled in sports and showed the ability to wrestle and box. He then switched to learning martial arts. When Roger was old enough to understand what had happened to his parents, and in order to deal with missing them and desiring to know what they were like, he would sometimes sneak away from the home and go into the nearby woods. He found a large rock by a stream, and would often sit there for hours, just thinking. He called it, Roger’s Rock. One time, when he had stayed home from school because of the flu, Roger sat down at the piano that was in the basement of the group home. Plinking on the keyboard, he learned that he could play simple tunes he had heard. One of the adult supervisors of the home heard him and contacted the music teacher at school. Having him audition for her, the music teacher determined that Roger had the talent to play. Over the years at school, he learned the instrument well enough to be good at it. As a teenager, Roger decided at one of his trips to Roger’s Rock, that he was going to follow his parents and join Starfleet, desiring to accomplish what they were prevented from doing. Applying and being accepted, he originally chose engineering, but didn’t have the aptitude for it. Because he was athletic and versed in various fighting disciplines, he switched to security.