Task Force 86 Report #1

January 9, 2023

Happy New Year to our fellow members from everyone in Task Force 86. The Golden Trident group have certainly been busy since our last report in November 2022. The fun and enjoyment of the Blood Dilithium Campaign were greatly received by many of our members, especially with the competitions. Here’s to another successful year for this fantastic group!

Task Force Updates

As announced recently, our latest and newest Priority Mission has been launched. Troubles are arising in The Triangle and it is down to Task Force 86 to sort out those pesky raiders from the Orion Syndicate who are making trouble near the Azure Nebula. Another update has been our wiki page, which includes a revision of the Task Force’s history and current assets. A big thank you to our Task Force Executive Officer who worked on the Task Force composition and created pages for those ships that didn’t have one yet.  

Fiction Updates

  • USS Erigone – The Erigone heads to the Triangle to start its first mission, but is there something in its leader’s past that may be difficult for them to deal with first?
  • USS Liris – Out on a mission with the Fourth Fleet, the Liris is in the middle to get a probe ready to solve their problems. But will it solve their problem?
  • USS Crazy Horse – With the damage being too severe, the Crazy Horse crew is split into different assignments. Will this be the end of the Crazy Horse? Or will the crew come back someday?
  • USS Damascus – Captain Praugol stands on trial for the bombing of Avalon Fleet Yards. The main question is, did she do it on purpose or was she under the influence of someone or something else?
  • USS Xenius – The crew have discovered that there is a new serum that could be used, but first it needs to be tested. What will the results be of this new serum?
  • USS Jaxartes – The crew of the Jaxartes is gathering together, getting to know each other and ready to ship out into the unknown of space. What stories await this crew?

Task Force Recognition




Task Force 86’s activity has been fantastic and it is amazing to see so many new faces join us! Well done everyone for your achievements over the last month and a half!